Sayak Paul

Machine Learning Engineer

Sayak Paul works on the Diffusers team at Hugging Face. He takes an interest in semi-supervision, self-supervision, and model robustness. Sayak enjoys implementing research ideas and sharing his implementation details through articles. He believes in highly readable and self-contained code and uses Python for programming. Sayak is proficient in TensorFlow and an intermediate learner in PyTorch. Sayak has contributed to several open-source initiatives, including Keras, KerasCV, Transformers, and TensorFlow Addons. In addition to his work, Sayak enjoys writing technical articles, working on applied machine-learning ideas, and speaking at developer meetups and conferences.

Session: Democratizing Diffusion Models with Diffusers

Generative AI Democratizing Diffusion Models with Diffusers
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm-Audi 1

Day 3

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