Advanced analytics certifications in India

Kunal Jain 07 Jan, 2019 • 3 min read

One question a lot of MIS professionals face day to day is:

“How do I shift my career to work in Advanced Analytics?”

A lot of people have asked this question to me. While there was no clear path for this around 3 years back, the scenario has changed today. Currently, professionals in MIS industry can undertake various certifications in advanced analytics to jump start their analytics career. This article summarizes various certifications available to people in India and rank orders them based on their merits.

Consideration set

This analysis is aimed for people with work experience. I plan to write a similar article for freshers some time later. Further, I have only considered courses from educational institutes well known across India. I have excluded certifications from Software companies (as they tend to focus on software training rather than the concepts behind) and other smaller training institutes.

Following table summarizes various certification options available as of today:


Note: There are courses running currently in IIM Bangalore and IIM Lucknow as well, but I am not sure whether they will continue as there is no information on websites of these institutes.

Following are details for each of the courses with link to their websites:

Certificate Programme in Business Analytics (CBA), ISB

The program is a combination of classroom and Technology aided learning platform. Participants will typically be on campus for a 5 day schedule of classroom learning every alternate month for a span of 12 months, which would ideally be planned to include a weekend.
In the month of no classroom connect, the classes will be conducted over a technology aided learning platform. The contact hours in this platform would be 24 hours a month and every alternate month. One more highlight of the programme is the Action learning project whose runs for 3- 6 months and asks students to solve a real business problem from an organization. For more information, go to:

Advanced Certificate Program in Business Analytics (ACPBA), SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

Jointly designed by the Shailesh J Mehta School Of Management at IIT Bombay, and HughesNet Global Education, the program is spread over one year and covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline. Industry experts also contribute to the course by giving lectures and presenting real-life consultancy projects. Towards the end of the course, there is 3 day on campus interaction between students and experts. For more information, go to:

Executive Program in Business Analytics, IIM Calcutta

Again designed with HughesNet Global education, this executive long distance program is designed to expose participants to state of the art tools and techniques of analytics. The program coverage would include discussion on topics such as Data Mining, Design of Experiments, Survey Sampling, Statistical Inference, Investment Management, Financial Modeling, Advanced marketing Research etc.

There are 2 sessions of 3 hour interaction every week (Thursday and Saturday). For more information, go to:

Advanced Business Analytics & Optimization Program (Two Certifications), CEP, IIT Delhi

This program is designed by Ivory education along with DMS, IIT Delhi. It is designed to build Advanced Skills in Business Analytics and Optimization and is divided in two parts. It follows a step-by-step approach where theoretical concepts will be followed by case studies and practical implementations.



 So what would I do if I was a MIS professional?

If I had 4 – 5 years of experience and the resources, I would go for the course offered by ISB. There are some clear benefits of this course:

  • You get ISB brand on your CV
  • Method of teaching is mostly classroom, there by giving a lot better learning experience
  • They require higher work experience than most other courses, so you can expect to learn lot more

If I had lesser work experience (resources could still be figured through education loans), I would go for the course run by IIM Calcutta because of more time spent to cover similar course material. Hopefully, this would mean that you have more time for interaction and hands on experience.

So, following is the summary of my recommendations for advanced analytics certification:


Which one would you join if you were a MIS professional? Also, If you are aware of any certification programmes, which could be helpful, please feel free to mention in comments or to write to me.

P.S. All views mentioned here are my own and are in no way biased or influenced by any of the institutes above.

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Kunal Jain 07 Jan 2019

Kunal is a post graduate from IIT Bombay in Aerospace Engineering. He has spent more than 10 years in field of Data Science. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India. During this period he has lead teams of various sizes and has worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Python and Matlab.

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Deepak Rai
Deepak Rai 24 Jul, 2013

Hi Kunal, IIM Ranchi has also launched Executive Programme in Business Analytics & Business Intelligence, its a full day class room training spread over few weekends and 5 days training in IIM Ranchi. The course fee is only Rs. 1,50,000. The link is : - Regards, Deepak Rai

Harun Murugavel
Harun Murugavel 30 Jul, 2013

Kunal , MICA also offers Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Market Research and Data Analytics through Ivory education for 1,00,000.

Swati 29 Aug, 2013

I have two years of experience in a reputed MNC in Software Testing. I am selected for the Certification in Business Analytics from ISB. I do not have any experience in Analytics just that I started working with the Digital Analytics team few months back in one of projects. Should I go for this course considering the huge investment that needs to be done? How's ROI ? Job prospects if I want to switch my company after this course?

vishwash 10 Sep, 2013

Hello sir, I have been selected for the 3-month Executive Programme in Business Analytics & Business Intelligence (EPBABI) in Bengaluru by IIM Ranchi. I want to know the career opportunities after completing this course as i am a fresher, BE (telecom), passed out 2013. Will it be useful as a fresher and can i get job as a business analyst after completing this program. thanks.

Shammi 11 Sep, 2013

HI Kunal, My wife did M.B.A. in International Business, worked with maspar on their loyalty program & data scrutiny for 2.5 years. Later she joined Body shop and worked on their loyalty program for a year. Then she left her job due to personal issues. She worked as guest faculty in couple of institutes. She is got selected in IIM ranchi 3 month executive program in business analytics. I want to know about career opportunities after completing this course. Thanks

indranil dasgupta
indranil dasgupta 15 Sep, 2013

Y I woul like to open my data analytics company. Have been a director in change management in a large mnc bank. So wanted to do the course considering that aspect. Which course would be appropriate?

Kumar 16 Sep, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am working in a IT company.I want to shift to analytics side.I got selected for IIMRanchi EPBABI course,Later i got to know that IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi are also conducting Business analytics courses.Can you suggest me the good one among the three. IIMR is teaching tool like R,SAS etc.. where are IIT's course in more of theory oriented i feel.Also pl are saying IIT's wont concentrate much on practical application of the it true? Some suggestions pls..!!! Regards, Kumar

Rajdeep 21 Sep, 2013

Hi ALL, I was reading through all the above posts, and it was quite useful. I'm having similar type of queries, and need your expert advice. I did my Engg graduation from NIT and having around 7+ yrs of IT Exp (Employers: Accenture and Verizon).My current Role is System Architect and involving in Big Data Technologies (with few certification done on Apache Hadoop).And having good understanding on Data Science (just theoritical) and little comfortness with Statistical Analysis Tools Like 'R'. I would like to take up a course which will help me to gain knowledge about whole spectrum of Business Intelligence/Analytics/Data Science. Considering my current exp. which course would be most valuable(as per knowledge) and will help me to get better opportunity/role. Thanks in advance! As I'm currently located in Chennai, is there any center too available for attending the Lectures for any specific course? Regards, Rajdeep

Nishant Jain
Nishant Jain 26 Sep, 2013

Praxis Business School Kolkata is also offering a very good Program in business analytics. 2 batches are already out. They have a very good industry connect as ICICI, PwC, Target Corporation, Spencer and a few others are the knowledge partners. They impart education on the in depth study of the business processes, Statistical techniques, Predictive modelling, SAS,R etc. People from last two batches are working in reputed analytics organisations. I also did the same course from there more that an year back. I found that a very well structured and relevant program if anyone is seeking opportunities in the field of analytics. This is an honest review not doing any promotion for that college as I was also was very much confused when I Joined 2 years back.

Debajyoti Pal
Debajyoti Pal 15 Oct, 2013

Hi All, I am also interested to take this course conducted by IIM Ranchi. Is there anybody who has already taken this course? And how much productive this course would be for fresheres in data analytics ? Thanks, Deb

Vikesh 22 Oct, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am interested to know ,how is the opportunities for business analytics in European countries such as Ireland(Dublin). I am a computer science grad with about 3 yrs of exp in typical software development roles,keen to make a move into the field of analytics through a masters degree from outside of india. US is off course the best choice but high fee makes me to think , need your thoughts on alternate options (other than us) Thank You

Ankit BIsht
Ankit BIsht 28 Oct, 2013

Hi Kunal, I have been selected for EPBABI course. It would be great if you could give me the contact of the person who did the same course as i want a feedback on the course or if you have already discussed with him about the course then please let me know. Thanks, Ankit

Raghav 30 Oct, 2013

Hey Kunal, Since you have this site and heading an analytics division in a reputed co. thought of taking your guidance. I am a hotelier, did my diploma and am doing analytics in one of the firms in Banglore. I am a self learned guy and in recent time lot of things have started making sense to me. Still i was thinking if i should pursue a course in analytics. I am have been working for 11 years now and the career path seems to be fine. Please advise of what should be the right way to know more on analytics. Thanks, Raghav

sorav verma
sorav verma 09 Nov, 2013

Hi Can you please tell about course offered by ISB. About the placements after completion of this program. I have 3 years of experience in Business Intelligence. Also suggest some others institutes for this course and its there admission procedures. Thanks in advance.

Apurv 12 Nov, 2013

Hello Kunal, I have been shortlisted for the IIM-R EPBABI programme but im kinda confused because of two reasons: 1. The course is relatively new and fee is a lil high. 2. Iv heard they focus more on theory and a lil less of software exposure which I think is crucial in landing a job in this industry. I have 2 years of exp in supply chain mgt, and my job focuses on reporting using Ms Excel. I live in Bangalore and have heard a lot about an institute named Jigsaw Academy , their course content rocks good and faculty exp is rock solid. I actually had planned on taking up a basic foundation course in analystics from Jigsaw. In the men while I applied for IIM-R and got selected, Im all confused now which course to take up since the fee in Jigsaw is around 46K only. The founder and the faculty of Jigsaw have been roped by Great lakes Institute of Mgt for the 1 year programme in Analytics they have recently started, which indicates that they are definitely good . I have asked a couple of people who had taken up the course from Jigsaw, they all said course is really good as they deal with optimum amount of theory and more on case studies using tools that they teach. So now the big question for me is which among the two do i select JIGSAW ACADEMY or IIM-R ( Honestly specking i wanna go for IIM-R because of the brand name, although m skeptic about software tool exposure) Experts please help asap.....coz I have like only 14 days left to make the payment for IIM-R if I wanna take up analytics there. Please kindly help me....

Hari 12 Nov, 2013

Hi I have gone through the BA posts here, and like to have your guidance. I am software engineer with 10 years of exp(Application development) none of them are in Analytic field. will the Analytic certification course form ISB or IIT have any advantage in my current career ( it does not seem) what if i switch my career to analytic fields, will it be beneficial

Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 13 Nov, 2013

Hello Kunal I am B.E.(Computer Science) and MBA( Marketing& Systems).I have around 4 years of Sales & Marketing experience in world's biggest battery manufacturing company.I want to shift my career to Business Analytics. I have following queries. 1.Since i have sales and marketing experience and don't have any software and programming experience.If i switch my career to analytic fields, will it be beneficial? 2.ISB or Great Lakes Gurgaon for business analytics course (I live in delhi)? 3.As i am planning to do this course next year. In the meantime should i try to learn SAS? 4.What are my chances of getting job as a business analyst after completing course? Thanks Abhishek

Raj 20 Nov, 2013

Hii Kunal I want to know that isb certificate course in business analytics will be beneficial for me or not I am a fresher completed my graduation in engineering(Computer Science) and don with MBA in marketing

Lovin 21 Nov, 2013

HI,,, Great Lakes Institute of Management,Gurgaon is also offering Post Graduate programme in Business Analytics for 11 months for working professional. Its a very good private college and the curriculum offered is also good. I am planning for it.

Tanay 22 Nov, 2013

Hi Sir, I did MBA specialized in marketing and working with e-comm/telecom company completed almost 2 yrs. I am using some simple technique in excel for data analysis, but i want to move to the analytical side properly. I do not belong to technical background, I say it so because I think it contain some programing language(not sure). Please guide me and suggest best institute for this course around Delhi/ncr. Thanks

namrata 26 Nov, 2013

Dear Kunal I have done B.E. and after that I have done M.B.A. in HR and I have two years of Experience in Sales. I want to move to business analyst side.Please suggest me best institute in mumbai, which offer this course. Thanks

Anuj Agarwal
Anuj Agarwal 26 Nov, 2013

Hi Kunal, Thanks for the detailed article. ISB admission is open for second batch, do you have any experince with their admission procedure, is it too difficult to get into this course? IIM Banglore and Luknow also have courses on Data Analytics, will they be better option than ISB? Thanks & Rgds Anuj Agarwal

Mahesh Kumar
Mahesh Kumar 27 Nov, 2013

Hi Kunal, Thanks for the wonderful details about Business Analytics. I am a Sr. Data Warehousing / BI Professional based out of Singapore (with 4 yrs. in banking). I have handled the role of a Business Analyst as well. While planning for a career shift into Financial Risk Management (stuffs such as Basel III ), I came across Financial Risk Analytics as an option. Found it interesting as well....I would like your guidance on how to proceed further. Thanks, Mahesh

Vikesh 27 Nov, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am a computer science grad with about 3 yrs of experience as software analyst,currently undergoing business analytics course by jigsaw to get in to analytics. I wanted to know if its advisable for me to go for FRM to look for risk analytics jobs. Is MBA mandatory for FRM?? Thanks Vikesh

arun 02 Dec, 2013

What books would I need to refer to crack isb online entrance exam for business analytics

Bhupendra 04 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, This is Bhupendra, done MBA in Marketing & Finance and have 6 year of experience in Sales and 1 year in market research. I am looking to switch my career from sales to Market Research. Does Business Analyst course from ISB is a good option. As I have done MBA-Marketing so I think it will be great combination of marketing and business analyst. I can work for some market research firm as businee analyst. PLZ reply ASAP.

Ganesh 10 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal This is Ganesh here. I hope you will be able to give me good guidance and clear some of my doubts. I am a B. Pharm grad working as a Quality Analyst in a BPO (medical transcription, billing, coding). I have a total experience of 13 years in this field. I am thinking about a career shift to Analytics and have joined the foundation course at Jigsaw. I have two questions to ask you. #1) At age 36, is it too late to contemplate a career change to Analytics. Is it worth trying for me. #2) If I can, what other courses will help me to have a good entry into this career. I have good clinical/medical domain knowledge with my 13 years of experience. Please reply and thanks in advance.

Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma 10 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, I have done BE in IT and post that I have 4+ years of experience in IT industry 1.5 Years in Java,PHP programming and 2.8+ Years in BI,Analytics and Data warehousing field using Microsoft BI tool. Currently I am working in East Africa for a multi-million dollar telecom company as Data warehousing consultant. I am fascinated by the term Data Scientist and want to become one in near future. I am planning to pursue MS in Data Science course from university in US. I scored 308 in GRE recently. Could you please suggest if ISB would be better option than US university for me? Also could you please suggest me some great courses in US that fits my profile? I am also concerned about the jobs after MS in Data Science, Are there enough jobs in India and US for Data Scientist in present and in future? Thanks in advance.

ARVIND 11 Dec, 2013

Hello Sir, I have been working as system analyst in an IT company for the last 2 years. Is Business Analytics course good for my career? If yes, than also suggest me some good institute in delhi/NCR .

ARVIND 12 Dec, 2013

Thanks Kunal sir, i can attend part time course only. As i seen IIT D's course, they divided it into two parts basic and advance. Tools are also required to learn to grow in this field. Fees for the institutes are very high as i m from middle class family. Suggest me something sir.

Amitkumar Jha
Amitkumar Jha 12 Dec, 2013

Hello.. Kunal, I have checked on website of IIT-B & SJMSOM, but none of them has details about BA 1 year course offered in association with Hughes education. Also, requested info on Hughes education website. But no response. Need your assistance for contact details. Thanking you in anticipation!! Warm regards, AKJ

Debajyoti pal
Debajyoti pal 19 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, Do you have any information when the IIM Ranchi data analytics 3 months course will be started in Kolkata? I am eagerly waiting for that. It will be really helpful if anybody can provide any information regarding this. Thanks, Debajyoti

Dinesh M V
Dinesh M V 23 Dec, 2013

Dear friends, Can someone suggest which certification in Business Analytics is better among the following 1) IIM Lucknow CPBAE 2) ISB CBA Please reply asap as i am in a dilemma as i got selected for IIM and I am awaiting result from ISB. The issue being the clash of dates for confirmation. Please advice

Abhishek 24 Dec, 2013

Hello Kunal, Thank you for this wonderful post. I'm having 6+ Years of experience in Data-warehouse and Business Intelligence (Working on dimensional modelling, ETL and reporting) and I want to move myself into Analytics. Can you please advice on the path which I should be taking to achieve this. I'm planning to take some basic to advance level analytical course/certifications but not too sure which one I should be opting for. Also, if you could throw some light on the job prospects after undergoing these courses/certifications. Thanks in Advance!!! Regards, Abhishek

Kumar 25 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, Can you through some light on ISB interviews for business analytic's program, like what they r looking for?..etc.. I am currently wrking in IT. No analytics experience. thanks, kumar

Samarth 26 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am having 2(1+1) years experience in Telecom n IT industry and now I am willing to move myself to analytics field as I feel I can use my skills more efficiently in this field. Could you please suggest me any good institute in Mumbai, as I can't afford to leave my job and wanted to learn in weekends. I researched and find out a course "advanced certificate program in business analytics - iit mumbai", but when I contacted them they told now the course is not in practice. Please suggest me some good option. Thanks in Advance!!! Samarth

srihari 27 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, I have 6 years of experience in software testing(qa domain). Planning to switch career into analytics. Will joining a MIS program in US,which has concentration in business analytics a good option to be considered. Like for example Oklahoma state university has a SAS collabration and certificate courses. Or join ISB(tougher to get an admit,as the competetion has grown leaps and bounds) as it is a favored destination by many indians. Thanks, Srihari

Gautam Choudhury
Gautam Choudhury 28 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, I have about 14 years of experience out of which 12 years as a hardcore Business Analyst in the Insurance domain. Am in my late thirties now and want to switch over to Analytics. Basically a B Com and MBA (Finance). I haven't worked for any BI projects though. My area of interest is insurance analytics since there are many areas in insurance where analytics is gaining momentum. I myself am driving an analytics initiative in my company as a requirement analyst, the actual stuff will be done by the BI/Analytics team. My question is whether it would mak sense now to switch over to analytics at this stage of my career. Which course can I go for and what ype of roles/designations can I expect with my industry experience ? Any idea about the analytics course started by NIIT ? Would hughly appreciate your suggestion.

Abhishek 31 Dec, 2013

Hey Kunal, Thanks for the post. I have few questions for you. 1. Which software tools are used in "Advance Certificate Program in Business Analytics - IIT Bombay" ? (R or Python or any other ?) 2. Which sector they focus on while teaching ? (Is it capital markets or any other?) 3. How is their study material (Notes and other things)? Do they provide Video lectures ? 4. How many faculties teach this entire course? What are the faculty names? Thanks in advance. Regards, Abhishek

Abhishek 01 Jan, 2014

Hi Kunal, One more question. what is the difference between "econometrics" and "data science" ? Because IIT course seems more on econometrics side than data science. Thanks in advance. Regards, Abhishek

rupesh 04 Jan, 2014

Dear kunal, I have 6 years of work exp in financial services n currently working in leading home finance company - credit deptt. After putting in so many years now I am seriously looking for a career shift and what better than analytics to go for .The isb course is very expensive n wants full time involvement. Kindly suggest me three options which r better in terms of placements ,fees. I am MBA in finance n stay in delhi. Thanks

Harish 07 Jan, 2014

Hi Kunal, Need your guidance and advise to clear some of my doubts. I am a B Sc (Life Science) grad working as a Team Leader in a BPO (Health, Life Insurance). I have a total experience of 8 years in this field. I am thinking about a career shift to Analytics and planning to join NIIT Post Graduate program in Business Analytics. My thoughts/questions: > I think doing this PG will atleast add the higher edcucation in my resume (now its B.Sc) will this help ? > Will it be good to jump into Analytics field post BPO experience for 8 years > Is the course in NIIT worth trying (Fees: 1,40,000/-) Thanks Harish

kunal 14 Jan, 2014

Hi I am a fresher and want to start a career in BA. I've heard a lot about jigsaw academy, but I'm curious as to how much value these online courses hold ? Are there any other institutes that offer instructor led courses along with placement assistance ? And also I've heard about IIM-R collaborating with IBM to offer a course on BA. What is the eligibility criteria for that course ? Does it require work ex ?

kunal 14 Jan, 2014

Sorry by instructor led I meant classroom Interactions ?

Kumar 17 Jan, 2014

Hi, I have three plus years of experience in a reputed MNC in Software Testing.I am selected for the Certification in Business Analytics from ISB.I do not have any previous experience in Analytics. Should I go for this course considering the huge investment that needs to be done? How’s ROI ? Job prospects if I want to switch my company after this course?

Surya 19 Jan, 2014

Hi Kunal, I am currently working for an MNC , I have got selected for ISB CBA program . I am really confused as i am new to analytics. I need your suggestion regarding ISB CBA program , analytics Opportunities and ROI . I request you to reply as soon as possible because i need to make payment before 22nd Jan to confirm the seat. I am eagerly waiting for your reply

Rohith 23 Jan, 2014

Hi, Im currently working for an MNC as infrastructure management associate and i want to shift into analytics and I'm a fresher right so i wont be leaving this current job untill another year so, i want to utilize this time gap and complete some of the certifications in analytics and if possible SAS also .... so how do i start off or which training would be help full ..... plz help me out.

Neeraj 24 Jan, 2014

Hi Kunal, I have around 11 years of IT experience. 5 Years in Database technology and rest 6 years in business intelligence (MSBI). I have been with premier organizations (Syntel, Microsoft, CSC). I am also an EMC certified data science associate professional. I am also a part of Big data analytics group run by CSC. I have got an offer for doing (CBA) Analytics course from ISB. After having such enritched IT experiecne, whether I should go ahead and do this course (considering such a huge investment at this stage of life). or I should try some other mean to gain the knowledge. Is it necessary to have analytics certificate to become a data scientist or a person can become a data scientist based on his passion after learning data science by itself. Please suggest.

Prashant 27 Jan, 2014

Hi Anyone selected for ISB CBA program Batch 2 in this group? Even I'm selected and looking for some suggestions/inputs on joining. None from Batch 1 seem to be available and responding. Regards PK

Shrikant 28 Jan, 2014

Hi Kunal I have around 9 years of experience in IT. I have worked mostly with database technology in all these years. I want to shift to analytics.Can you please suggest the best analytics course? Regds SK

Vishnu 09 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, I have an overall exp of 12-13 yrs in the IT services industry. I am currently working as an engagement manager in the pharma research industry and am looking to gain analytics skills so as to take up similar roles in the analytics space which i think will help to leverage my current skills + gain analytics skills which i am interested in. Could you provide me your inputs on the courses that i should consider doing, to gain these skills sets to look for such roles. Would the courses from ISB/IIMs or insitutes like jigsaw, help me with this. Thanks, Vishnu

Anjali 11 Feb, 2014

Hi, I have been looking for a reputed course in business analytics. Particularly, web analytics. I have come across an online course offered by University of British Columbia. Is this course recognised by companies in India? Also, how does NIIT Imperia business analytics course rank? Regards, Anjali.

Yogini 13 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, I am Commerce Grad with exp in MIS. Being an MIS professional I am willing to shift to Business Analytics. Which of these courses would you recommend to me? I want to decide if I should go for MBA in Finance + BA Certification OR only BA Certification? In both the cases what sort of career opportunities are available in India? Please guide..

Anshul Saxena
Anshul Saxena 17 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, We have started a very comprehensive MBA course for Buisness Analytics.You can have alook at the course.

Satya 17 Feb, 2014

HI Kunal, I am having 7+ yrs of IT experience as a Build & Release engineer. Tools & Technology i worked in are - Perl,Shell scripting, ANT,Maven, Linux, Jenkins, Weblogic. I am already earning a good package of about 14 LPA. I am interested in entering into Business Analytics but confused that after doing this course for 1 yr will i be getting a similar package. Even if it is close to it i am fine as i know that can covered once i have working experience in this field and there a huge demand for candidates having good knowledge. I live in Gurgaon and looking for Great lakes. Kindly guide me to right direction.

vibin balan
vibin balan 19 Feb, 2014

Hi, presently I am working with hdfcbank with 5+ years of experience in retail banking. I am interested for a career in analytics, also I am pursuing an online course in analytics from jigsaw academy. However, I am not able to concentrate on it as my job is very much hectic

Nitesh 19 Feb, 2014

Hi Vibin , I am also interested in Business Analytics . Presently i am working in one of NBFC as an AM and i want to switch my career as BA .As i am confused about how to enter in this domain .So,how is online course of jigsaw academy .How is the course material provided by jigsaw . is it beneficial and will it be useful in getting job ? Please do contact with me .

Vishal S
Vishal S 19 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, I have >18 yrs of work ex with last 10 yrs in financial services. I have headed sales analytics department for 5 yrs during this period. While I strong analytical abilities I have mostly worked on ms office tools and have little exposure to sas etc. I am planning to take this isb course and make a shift to advanced analytics world. What kind of jobs can I get post these course? Does salaries in this field equsl or beeter than bfsi Pls help

Aritra 20 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, I am an IT Business Analyst with 3+ years of professional exp. Prior to this I have a bachelors degree in Elect Engg. I've worked with TCS and ING Life. My domain specialization lies in Insurance, Superannuation and Banking. I enrolled with an institute for a course in Business Analytics last year. Although I got some hands-on in SAS, SPSS and some statistical techniques , but the course & learning was insufficient for further carrer opportunities. I appeared for some interviews but most of the roles were around data analysis, consulting. I am looking for something into pure analytics with domain exposure. 1. Can you help me by suggesting some courses which will prepare me for the role I am looking for? 2. Is an MS degree required for getting a job in the role I am looking for? 3. Also, let me know if my profile is suitable for acceptance to MS degree programs in US, given the fact I have little or no technical work-ex? Requesting guidance from your side...

Chandra Sekhar
Chandra Sekhar 20 Feb, 2014

Dear friends , I observed all your comments . I suggest you few points those who are in IT development or functional rolls are in career transition into Business analytics -- Business analytics is not for freshers but it’s for experienced techno functional candidates Companies recruit only IIS or ISI or MSc stats graduates from premier schools only Some fake training institutes misguide even freshers are also eligible can join .. don’t trust them . -It not only needs technical skills but also needs management subjects like business, economic , statistics, finance, HR ,marketing, operations management and SCM If you have MBA or MSc statistics that would be great --must have excellent communication skills You need to give presentations to stake holders or C level managers --do market survey on salary, designation, experience on BA before join the course . If your years of experience is not fulfilling market salary you won’t able to get rich salary in short duration by doing new course, you will again start new salary and new career . It just enhance those who are in similar field . My Profile : Since 8 years I have been recruiting plethora of technical candidates for US and Canada locations for fortune clients

Chandra Sekhar
Chandra Sekhar 20 Feb, 2014

Hi Satya, You have very good experience in IT and getting handsome salary. you will get good offers if you concentrate more on current job . Your current technical skills won’t match to Business analytics skills .Your current salary indicated your demand in the industry . I suggest you, you should stick your current job only .

Avishek 22 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, I am from Gurgaon presently working in KPO sector.I am B.Tech and MBA(Finance). I want to switch my career in BA profile. Apart from Great lakes, can you please provide some of the good training institutes based in Gurgaon or Delhi. I heard about Jigsaw, but it is mainly based in Hyderabad.I an looking for a classroom training. Thanks Avishek

Abhishek 22 Feb, 2014

Hi Everyone, Could some one who has pursued Jigsaw Academy- Data Scientist Certification, share their log in details through email so that I can access their videos library ?? Regard, Abhishek

Punit 23 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, Thanks for this very detailed & informative write-up and Q&As. I am a sales professional in real estate industry in Delhi-NCR having 8 years of experience with B.Tech . & M.B.A. Marketing as edu. qualifications. I have few queries: 1. Moving to any other vertical / JR, would this be right course as i am having interest in stats. but apprehensive about the post program job offers. 2. Though class room training is the best way to learn, is online program has similar advantage. 3. Given a choice, which course is preferred over i. 1 year MICA course on Research ii. IIM Ranchi 3 months weekend program on Business Research iii. Any other online program Sincerely Thanks Punit

Navin 23 Feb, 2014

Hi, I've done Pgdbm (finance) in2010 n workin in family business of civil works n transport for past 11 years. Since business is not doing good for some time now I wish to take a jo. Will a course in analytics be of any help? Any other suggestions that you find better.

vibin balan
vibin balan 24 Feb, 2014

Hi, presently I am working with hdfcbank with 5+ years of experience in retail banking. I am a graduate in Bsc computer science. I am interested for a career in analytics, also I am pursuing an online course in analytics from jigsaw academy. However, I am not able to concentrate on it as my job is very much hectic. I am planning to leave my job and do some regular certification from institute like niit analytics.Can I expect better prospects in terms of job profile and salary after doing this course. Please suggest. Thanks and regards, Vibin

Shobhit Garg
Shobhit Garg 26 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, Nice to get insights about the Analytic Industry through your blog. I am also looking for a good Analytic course, in past I had considered IIM Calcutta Distance Learning Course but they were unable to provide me any Alumni contacts through which I can get any feedback. I am now looking forward to IIM Ranchi course (as I am in Mumbai). But their website doesn't show next admission schedule. Any Idea bout the same? I am working as Analyst in Pharma Industry for past 7 yrs. I am looking forward to switching in core Analytic company & hence looking for certifications. Any suggestions..

Nitesh 26 Feb, 2014

Hi kunal , Thanks for writing such a insightful article .I Am working in one of finance company in sales and marketing unit with 2.3 yrs of exp .i am B Tech in ECE .Now i want to shift my career in BA industry .So, I have some query for which i want your advice . Below are some points : 1. Some of institutions are providing online certification courses in BA like JIGSAW /EDVANCER ,IMARTICUS provide classroom programme .are these acceptable in market . 2. If i get certification from these institutions will it help me in getting a job as most of the openings in market are for experienced candidate . 3.How BA & BI are related .Which one will be suitable for my profile . Thanks , Nitesh

Ken 27 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, In my current job i manage an MIS + Planning team for a Call Centre that looks after the performance reporting / analysis, forecasting call volumes and hiring requirements for multiple lines of business. However all of this is done on excel. My current role puts me into the senior management category (10+ years of experience) that looks after a team of 50+. I wanted to upgrade my skillset in Analytics for future growth prospects. For that i was considering doing one of the below courses. 1) Executive Program in Business Analytics from IIM-C 2) Advanced Certificate Program in Business Analytics - IIM-B Can you advice keeping in mind my professional experience what sort of jobs can i expect to fit in / should aim for in the Big Data / Analytics field and are the courses above ideal for those jobs. From an education point of view i have done my BCOM however don't have any specific experience in IT/software language neither have any knowledge of tools like R, SAS etc. Thanks, Ken

parindsheel singh
parindsheel singh 27 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal thanks for sharing great thoughts on this subject. You seems to have quite a lot of knowledge about this field of BA. I have few questions which i am sure you can help me with that. As few of the guys like me asking about little economical and short courses run by various institutes such as JIGSAW, EDVANCER ,EDUREKA, International School of engineering, Analytics Training Institute, Academy for Decision Science & Analytics, IMARTICUS & few more. courses run by these institutes start from approx Rs 20000 upto Rs 50000 etc Which of the course is best among all listed above (economical & short duration) 1. In terms of course content 2. Recognition of course by analytics industry 3. Analytics industry collaboration/contacts for placement assistance from institute listed above I am sure answers will help who wants to enter in this industry with lowest possible cost, good recognition & strong knowledge

parindsheel singh
parindsheel singh 02 Mar, 2014

Thanks Kunal for the response. i finally decided to do something in this industry and joined a course with jigsaw. Moreover i am focusing on self study as internet has vast stuff on this subject. lets see where my career will take me.....fingers crossed. thanks again

Abhishek 03 Mar, 2014

Hi Kunal, Which course of Jigsaw academy to opt for - Foundation course (use SAS) OR Data Scientist Certification course (use R)? Also video or instructor-led ? I think R has bright future as compared to SAS. Welcome your view. Regards, Abhishek

Chandra 03 Mar, 2014

I have 16 years of work experience in Banking & 6 years with IT companies (Process Consulting and Program Management). I am a more of a functional person - providing consulting services around BFSI. I have done my PMP Certification as well. If I had a do a course in Analytics which will help me to ride the wave which course would fit me well - will it be the IIM Bangalore or IIM Lucknow course. I cannot do too many classroom sessions since I am working in a leadership role. I want to enrol into a course that is locally and globally recognized. What would be the best course to join ? regards Chandra

Anshuman Gupta
Anshuman Gupta 03 Mar, 2014

Hi Kunal, I really appreciate the guidance you have been providing to all the aspirants and it provides a lot of information on Analytics after reading all the above comments from you. My question is simple, I am into IT industry for almost 7 years now but I am not into software coding like C, C++ or Java. How much coding background is required for these analytics courses ? and will there be a large part of curriculum where I have to learn coding concepts.. Regards, Anshuman

Arun 06 Mar, 2014

Hi Kunal, I have IT industry experience of 10 years in business intelligence technologies. of that, i have been on customer facing role for 6 years in US. I have done a bit of analytics and customer insights based work, apart from my technical contributions. I am very eager to switch to BA as i want to make direct impact to costumers daily business operations. Kindly let me know which BA course would be better. As i am in chennai, i prefer Great Lakes. Please let me know how many batches have Great Lakes coached this. Does Great Lakes offer placements? What is their placement rate? Also, what would be the package offered for 10 yrs experienced professional. Is it worth spending 5L on this course or if i move to any big data start-up with my BI experience, would it pay off better? Please let me know.

sangeeta 11 Mar, 2014

Hi Kunal, I am Mba finance and have 1 year exp in MIS and 3 years experience in corporate banking in Bank of America. I am planning to shift my career in analytics. I have gone through the course offered by NIIT on business analytics, it looks good. I am planning to take up the course in Bangalore. Can you suggest me other options ?

Shivi 17 Mar, 2014

Hi Kunal, I am Shivi Bhatia & currently working in Bangalore for Analytics firm (basically from Delhi). I have total of 8.1 years of exp of which 4.5 years is into Analytics and working on platforms such as SAS Developer, SAS EG, SAS Add in, Tableau, Qlikview, Cognos. I am a SAS Certified resource (Advanced) & PMP certified as well. I am currently in the process of short listing the course & have short listed IIM - Calcutta due to the brand name. (& the money which suits my pocket) Currently i also do a lot of self study on statisitical techniques such as ANNOVA, regression, clustering & have lead a project on modelling as well where I was leading it on the functional aspect & had Statisitcans & Modeller reporting to me. So my reason for attending the course is that first, I have have a brand name on my CV and further understanding on statisitcs relevant to market. ( I could be able to interpret statisitical results) Please advice. Also I cannot opt for ISB as the fee structure is way too high & furthermore none of these offer a placement. Looking forward to your exert advice.