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Top 5 Analytics Programs in India (2014 – 15)

We created our first set of rankings of analytics programmes about 18 months back. We didn’t expect the roaring response those rankings received. The rankings still continue to be one of the most visited page on our website – a way to connect with people who probably need help the most!

However, a lot has changed in these 18 months. A lot of new courses have come up, A few courses which were there, at that time are no longer available. We have also become wiser with time! Hence, it was time that we refreshed our rankings and did a more holistic job at ranking various institutes running analytics programmes in India.

Latest Rankings 2015 -16 : Top Business Analytics Programs in India

top 5 analytics programs in india


Which programmes are covered in these rankings?

As part of these rankings, we are covering only long duration courses (more than 9 months). We are not covering short term certification courses here. Those will be done in a separate article shortly. Also, we have excluded MOOCs from the rankings as they would form a different consideration.


 So, here are the rankings:

1.  Certified Program in Business Analytics (CBA) – Indian School of Business:

The offering from Indian School of Business (ISB) continues to retain the top spot in this year rankings as well. The course covers several topics and is run in a format where the students have to attend class rooms every alternate month. The course uses technology aided platform during the months of no classroom. There is ample industry interaction and a 3 – 6 month project at the end of the course. With the ISB brand and tie-up with SAS, the course provides almost everything a person would have wished for!

I say almost because the only thing which goes against the course is considerably higher fees compared to other courses. Add the expense of travelling to Hyderabad every alternate month and you might end up thinking twice, even if you get selected for the program.


2.  PGPBA – Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai and Gurgaon

Great Lakes arrived with its analytics programme slightly late into the game, but when it came – it came in style! It comes closest to challenge ISB with its focus on structured thinking and business application. The format is again a mix of classroom and tech aided platform. Significant industry interaction, tie-up with Jigsaw Academy to deliver online content and option to choose from 2 destination are some of the reasons why this course makes it to this spot.

My discontent with this course is mainly the lack of focus on a particular tool. While tool is only a means to an end, depth on at least one tool would make the offering very compelling. You can read detailed review about the program here.


3.  Certificate program in business analytics for executives (CPBAE)- IIM Lucknow

This course is taught jointly by faculty from IIM Lucknow and Kelley School of Business. The course is divided in 4 modules and requires a residency in each module. In addition, there is a tie-up with SAS for E-Miner training at the end. The positives for the course include 2 (or 3 if you take up SAS training) big brands backing it up with a wide range of topics.

The main discontent with the past participants of the programme has been the gap between what is taught in the classroom and what is required on the job. As per discussions with one of past participants (with 6 years of experience in IT before taking this course) “The focus on practical aspects and applications needs to be higher.”


4.  Executive Programme in Business Analytics – IIM Kolkata

The course is spread over a year and is divided in 10 modules. With only 2 visits on the campus, majority of the course is delivered through Hughes Education. While the programme has lower work experience requirement compared to some of the counter parts, relatively lower class room interactions make it a less desired choice. Again, the focus is on covering a range of topics and the theory behind them as opposed to practical applications on the job.


5.  Business analytics and Intelligence – IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore was probably the pioneer in starting the one year executive programme in Analytics. This course is again a mix of classroom and online platform, with an optional module to cover SAS E-Miner at the end. The positives include a course which covers wide range of algorithms and topics and is backed by the brand of an IIM.


Analytics and Big Data Salary Report


Special mentions

I have not ranked these courses in the list because of different nature of offering they have to offer:

Post Graduate Programme, Praxis Business School, Kolkata

Praxis gets brownie points for taking a different approach to solving the talent gap. A full time programme which is open to freshers as well as professionals with experience and is probably the only one which takes ownership to solve for placements of students by its industry tie-ups. So, if you have relatively low work experience and can afford to take a break, this might be a good choice.


CPEE- Big Data Analytics & Optimization-International School of Engineering (INSOFE)

INSOFE has not only crafted a niche by focusing on Big Data and Optimization. It also has tie-ups with universities in the United States. A few students are sent to these universities as part of their tie-up. So, if you want to learn Big Data Analytics or aim to settle down in the US, this might be the preferred route.

Note – How have we ranked these programs?

We have used the similar framework, which we use to rank all the programs on our trainings page. It is based on 4 parameters:

  • Coverage of the course: Coverage refers to the breadth of material covered during the program. Do the programmes cover aspects like structured thinking? Advanced topics like Big Data? Data Visualization tools and methods. The broader the coverage, the higher the score on this attribute.
  • Quality of the content: Quality of content refers to depth of the core topics in the program. In takes into account factors like industry interaction, pedigree of the faculty, time spent on class room interaction etc.
  • Industry Recognition: This refers to the recognition a program has earned in the analytics industry – it is somewhat synonymous with the brand value of the course. Since we are looking at long duration courses, this recognition would reflect in placements of the candidates
  • Value for money

Once we have the score on all these parameters, we weigh them up and compute overall score:

Program effectiveness score = a x Coverage score + b x Quality score + c x Brand score + d x Value score

In the current version of ratings, we have used following weights: a = 0.2; b = 0.4; c = 0.2; d = 0.2. Once we have the overall scores, we rank order the programs.

End Notes:

Hope these rankings and information would help our readers in making the right choices about their career. If you have been part of any of these courses or want to add further information, please feel free to add it through comments below or on the individual course pages.

Disclaimer: I take guest lectures in Great Lakes Institute of Management, but that has not affected any of the views presented in the article. These views are completely ours, which we have formulated by our own research and interaction with people undergoing these courses.

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  • Manish Mahajan says:

    Hi Kunal
    Very informative article. I am a regular reader of Analytics Vidya and always look forward to your posts.
    I am a current student of IIMC Executive Program of Business Analytics 2014-15. I more or less agree with your rankings too. However a few points
    1. Starting this year, based on the request from the students, IIMC has introduced a course on Data Analytics with R. Although it remains to be seen to what depth does the module go into, but its fair to assume that it is a encouraging step in the right direction. R will be taught by a faculty from the US.
    2. To your point on low experience requirement, on the contrary, the average work ex of the batch is around 5-7years. with almost 30% >10Yrs. We even have 20, 25 years work ex people. So although the criteria appears relaxed, the selection process seems to favour more experienced people.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Kunal Jain says:

      Thanks Manish for the info. Do let me know how the course evolves.


        Dear Kunal,

        Am Ranjithkumar from hyderabad, working in healthcare industry from past 3 and half years. Is it good to get the training on Data analytics and what are the opportunities in on data analytics in healthcare industry.



  • siva says:

    let me know the process for getting into ISB.I had experience as storage admin for 2 years will this help me.Do I need to learn SQL for entering into this.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      The admission to ISB programme is dependent on many parameters rather than just the number of years of experience. On itself, 2 years looks to be on the lower side.

      You don’t need SQL to enter, but it might be an added advantage if you do. In any case, if you want to build a career in analytics, knowledge of SQL is a good thing.


  • Jyotirmoy says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Great post once again!

    I could notice much effort is given this time on formatting of the topics and categorization, one can easily get the relevant information out of it and compare various choices.

    I have joined the 2014-15 PGBA in Greatlakes and I have found your earlier posts on Advance Analytics to be great help.

    I would like add a point, that while choosing the campus I specifically asked for the Chennai campus as it will have 5 days continuous session.
    Also, there are differences in fees and schedule for the two campus’.


    • BALAJI SR says:


      I am also a student of PGPBA at Great Lakes, your previous batch (First batch in Chennai)..

      Course is very good as you get exposure to various areas like SCM, Finance, Marketing etc… in addition to Analytics. The program is rigorous. Commitment and Persistence is paramount to get full value out of the program. Ensure that you put at least 1.5 – 2 hours everyday.

      Wish you all the best.

      Balaji S.R

      • Kalpesh says:


        Congratts to you.
        1)what is the job opportunity after completing your course in INDIA or abroad
        2)do we get the job easily or have to struggle a lot …currently i am working with software company and i am BE IT with 3.5 years of work ex in IT industry.

        Thanks in advance,

        • Kunal Jain says:

          Hi Kaplesh,


          1. Globally, It is expected to be one of the sectors which will see the highest growth in next 5 years. According to the McKinsey Global Institute “By 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions”. I would expect that you will have good job prospects after this course.

          2. Some of your past experience would be considered. But you will consider as a complete fresher in Analytics. Recruitment policies vary from company to company and there is a preference for people with hands on experience. I would suggest you to gain hands-on experience in the course to be done. If you have hands-on experience, you need not to struggle hard to get a good job.


  • Ganesh says:

    Hi Kunal, I have 5 years experience in MIS reporting using excel and tableau visualization tool in telecom industry. I have completed my B.Com and Diploma in Financial Management. I don’t have any technical background. Pls suggest me which course is suitable for me to build my carrier in Business Analytics.


    • Kunal Jain says:


      If you are good at Excel and Tableau, that is a good starting point for any of these courses. You can aim for the top 3 courses and see how it goes.


  • Dinesh says:

    Hi Kunal
    I have been following your the blog quite regularly. I have joined the PGPBA course in Great Lakes Chennai for 2014-2015. I amn’t sure whether they have revised the syllabus or not but from the Great Lakes webinar session which I attended they seems to give enough focus and attention on SAS and R. The course will start in a week from now. Will comment further after joining the course. Thanks for your hard work and the time which you spend to make this blog lively. May god bless your family.


  • Mayur P says:

    Dear Kunal, how about NMIMS Business Analytics Course (Mumbai) in collaboration with SAS (Enterprise Guide & Miner) – for someone new to Business Analytics like me ???

    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Mayur,

      Certificate Program in Business Analytics (Predictive Modelling) – NMIMS-School of Science is an Intermediate course for a Business Analytics expert. This course is not for beginners. This course is for executives working in the domain of Business Analytics with 0-2 years of industry experience.

      For complete beginners, you can look at the SAS learning path to start with


  • Kirankumar chikka says:

    helloo kunal….
    I am a SAS programmer since the last 2years….I am a postgraduate in MS(Pharm.)…I would like to know whether I am eligible for the CBA at ISB,Hyderabad.

    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Kiran,

      For pursuing CBA course from ISB Hyderabad, the applicant should possess 4-6 year of full-time experience. You don’t meet the eligibility criteria, you would not consider as an eligible candidate to enroll for this course.


  • Reshma says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I am looking to join one of the institutes for course in Business Analytics. Can you give more insights about Great Lakes, Chennai and Praxis Business School, Kolkata. Are the courses affiliated to UGC?
    Thank You

    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Reshma,

      For Insights about both the courses, you can read this article for details: Top 5 Analytics Programs in India (2014 – 15).
      You can also visit our training listing platform for the course details.

      Great Lakes programme is approved by AICTE but not by UGC.


      • abhishek says:

        Hi Kunal,

        Actually on the Great Lakes Site itself , it is mentioned dat this course in nt AICTE approved. Can u kindly confirm on dis.

  • Amit says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have 15 years of work exp in software development in telecom domain.
    I read in another blog of yours, I do have a thing for numbers, the car number plates.
    I am not able to decide the right entry point in Analytics Industry and the right path to achieve it.
    Need advise on which role shall I aim for, Data scientist, analyst or something else.


    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Amit,

      Making a career shift after a long experience can be a difficult experience. Hence, I do not recommend making a shift if you have long experience. You will be considered as a fresher.

      An alternate way could be to learn about machine learning used in softwares you are working no and then integrating them without making a compromise on your work experience.


  • Anurag says:

    Hi Kunal ,

    Thanks for providing all the information about Analytics courses. Can you please provide me some information about how to prepare of entrance of these course, I don’t have any CAT and GMAT score with me. I am applying for the ISB course. They have a online test and and a interview. As per their sample test paper Online Test would have 4 sections on LR, Data Interpretation, Probability and Statistics. I am preparing for it with some online websites , But haven’t got any good material for Probability/Statistics. Do you know any good website/Book to prepare for these tests. How to prepare for the interviews of these course.

    I have close to 10 years of experience out of which 5.5 years in US in Data warehousing especially in Reporting(Microstrategy/Tableau). Is my profile good enough to be selected in these courses.


  • Gopal says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have asked this question few days back, however didnt hear back, hencc checking again. I am working as Finance Manager in MNC IT Company and have 10 years of experience.

    I’m interested to shift into Analytics area, however have couple of questions for which I need your advice:

    – I’m from MBA Finance and ICWAI background – Does this suffice for making a shift into Analytics industry which is dominated by people with Stats/Math background.
    – As my background is in Finance area, and I already have 10 yrs of experience, I would like to go into Analytics Manager role, however if I do any of these courses will it give me enough credentials for applying for such jobs.
    – Also I need to make sure that this shift doesnt affect my earning capacity as I’m sole earning member of my family, hence any course i undertake should give me enough knowledge to go for a job with simillar or better pay – which course or steps would you recommend in my case.

    Appreciate your advise on above.


    • Kunal Jain says:


      Please post your questions on the discussion platform which we have launched. The discussions here should be specific to the article.

      Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. It does. MBA + ICWAI can be a good background as well. However, you would need to cover a lot of ground on tech side
      2. This would be difficult. Also, until and unless you work hands on a few problems, you will not be able to appreciate the efforts and challenges to be an effective manager.
      3. It depends on your current salary. Typically salary for analytics freshers varies between 5L – 12L. You might get some benefit for the experience.
      4. Given your experience, you might give ISb a try. That can also be your best bet at getting the job. But it could be a bit difficult.


  • myt says:

    How is the M.Mgmt program at iisc which focuses on Business Analytics.Placements look decent.Could you share your opinion.

  • sandeep says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Thank you so much for valuable inputs. I have come across Executive Program in Business Analytics from Jigsaw. Can you please let me know is it better to opt for that program. Do you only recommend the above mentioned ones.


  • Skidztr says:


    I have done my graduation in Chemistry, but have since moved into the content and analysis. I would like to build a career in Business Analytics. Would this be possible for me? Also, are the courses mentioned above all full-time or are they part time?

  • K.Bangar Raju says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am an MBA(Marketing) graduate with 5 years of experience in sales and marketing in Hyderabad. I am confused between CPEE program from INSOFE and analytics course from JIGSAW Academy . Please suggest which one is better in terms of course curriculum.


    • Kunal Jain says:


      You are comparing Apple to Orange here. Jigsaw provides 2 – 6 month online courses while INSOFE provides year long class room based courses. For short term courses, I would recommend Jigsaw.

      For longer duration course, you can also look at ISB. As you are based at Hyderabad and possess 5 years of working experience, ISB is the best option to go with.


  • Nirmal Pant says:

    Hello Kunal Sir,

    Thanks for giving these vital information regarding Business Analytic in your blogs.

    I am a credit risk analyst & having 3 years of work experience but now i want to move into business analytic field.

    Pls suggest me, am I eligible for the IIM C program EPBA (executive Program in Business Analytic).

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nirmal Pant

  • Sainath Reddy says:

    Hi Kunal sir

    Now I am writing degree final year exams with specification BSc (computer science&Statistics). Actually the point is I am under confusion to selecting software course am I eligible to do SAS course if I did it may I get job. If I am not eligible would you please suggest me sir which software course I have to do and please mail me list of software courses which have more job opportunities I hope u will help me

    Thanks & Regards
    Sainath Reddy
    [email protected]

  • Sainath Reddy says:

    Hi Kunal sir

    I am writing degree final year exams which are completes at 15.04.2015 with the specification Bsc ( maths,Statistics &Computer science) I am interested in software ware course am I eligible to do SAS course if I am not eligible would you please suggest me sir which software course is better and more job opportunities and I hope u will help me kindly please help me kunal sir.
    Sainath Reddy

  • Shilpa katira says:

    I am a faculty of statistics , OR,OM. I am interested in doing a business analytics course online…hows manipal global for an online course or any other if you could suggest….

  • wasim says:

    hi kunal i completed my graduation (computer science.).i am fresher in the field of analytics..is praxis bussiness school is good for me..give me some info about paraxis b school

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Praxis can be a good fit for a fresher. You can learn a lot through a full time programme and their is good placement support as well.


  • Rishi says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am having 9+ years of experience in Software Quality Assurance profile with Knowledge & flair for Six sigma, can you please suggest me which course will be better for me PGPBA from Great Lakes or BAI- IIM Bangalore?
    I got an offer for admission in Great Lakes, but since I am staying in Bangalore, I am confused.
    & even in your ranking Great lakes is most promising institute after ISB & IIM Bangalore is least ranked in top 5 institute.

    • Prabhat says:

      I also have the same situation.

      • Kunal Jain says:

        Rishi / Prabhat,

        The consistent feedback I have received from students at IIM Bangalore is that the course is theoretical in nature and hence the rating of GL over IIM Bangalore.

        If you are in Bangalore, you can think of joining the Chennai campus. If you want, I can put you in touch with a few students who just passed out from GL

        Hope this helps.


  • Rishi says:

    Hi Kunal,

    thanks for the reply.

    it will be really helpful if you can really share the details of recent passed out students.


    • Venu gopal says:

      Hi Kunal, I have couple of years of work ex in business intelligence field on etl development side so should I take an option of taking MBA in nmims in analytics?

  • Rishi says:

    hi Prabhat,

    can we connect ?
    mail me at [email protected]


  • Bhaskar says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I am having 8+ Years of experience in Software Dev. and Maint. projects on mainframe technology.Can you please suggest that which course would be better for me to excel my career in analytic. I am currently based in Pune so location would be bit of concern. Please suggest on this.


  • Manjunatha says:

    Hi Kunal, thanks for your guidance to needy people of Analytics & I am reading this blog since 1 year.

    I am 12+ years in IT development
    – worked on mainframe, SAS.
    – Also trained on R from (Learned from one week boot camp training from Jigsaw academy).
    – and I also I learned Hadoop & executed on POC.

    Currently trying on Hadoop but not getting any jobs as they expect more JAVA people in India. So planning to do 1 year Analytics course from IIM-B or Great Lakes. But for this year IIM-B admission date is over.

    My Questions:
    1. I know Great Lakes is very good from your blog but when it comes to brand IIM_B comes first right?
    2. I have applied for Great lakes, is this institute good option to join? Will this enrich my profile?
    3. or Shall I wait & join next year batch in IIM-B? Please advice.

    I am working in Bangalore now.

    Thank you.

  • Anuhya says:

    Hi Kunal

    Is it possible to get an admission in INSOFE with one year of relevant experience in big data?

  • rajat says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I have more than 9 years of IT experience in programming field. Now i am planning to switch to analytics industry which seems to have significant growth in future. I recently enrolled my self with JIGSAW academy with their analytical 99k course. i am planning to do simultaneously EPBA from MISB bocconi or PGPBA from Great lakes. which course would give me an edge in terms of career prospectus?? Would you recommend for this option or shall i stay focused with JIGSAW course.??


  • Selvam says:

    I have an opinion to join in INSOFE this month, kindly give your suggestions about
    1. this institute,
    2. the course (Big data analytics & optimization) offered here &
    3. career placements

    I have 8yrs of exp in Retail & a PGDBM graduate, Iam looking for a shift in my career towards analytics, esp RETAIL ANALYTICS. I learnt SAS & tableau also.

    • Reddy says:

      hello selvam
      even i am planning to join insofe. but my i am from electrical background . will i suffer after joining course. can u review about insofe and i am fresher, will i have scope in this

  • Akankshya says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have a total of 8 years of experience in IT and keen to work on Business Analytics. Requesting you to guide me on how one can proceed into this and which would be right way. I reside in Mumbai and keen to learn the necessary fundamentals/ tools through classroom programs. Please suggest some good institutions in Mumbai for this.

    Akankshya Prusty

  • abhinav says:

    Dear Kunal I had a ten year exp. In power industry, I want to switch is there any part time course in business analytics in delhi.

  • sundar says:

    i am sundaram.i am finished m.e cse and working assistant professor in engineering college.my friend told me “In future Big data analysis” field make in more employment .i decide to shift my job in big data analytics.please suggest best institute offer that course.now my age is 28.can u tell me after finishing big data analysis.?

  • Indranil Mukherjee says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have 12 years of experience in Sales and Business Development in the IT/Consulting space and am considering doing the PGD course from either Great Lakes (Gurgaon) or Aegis Institute of Business & Telecommunication, Mumbai? Which one should I choose and why? Can you help?

  • Sagar Rakhonde says:

    Hi Kunal
    That you so much for helping out people here.
    I m currently working with telecom MNC
    in sales and distribution after my MBA n
    Engg entc
    Total work ex 4 years
    Do not have any technical skills
    How can BA program help me to advance or shift my career to analytics part

  • Madhu says:

    Hello Kunal

    Aegis school of business is also offering EPGP in business analytics and big data. How would you rate this programme?

    Thank you

  • RKumar says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I want to know about the online course provided by jigsawacademy.

    Is it worth of doing course from jigsaw.

    What is you view?

  • Ashish says:

    Dear Kunal

    I need a suggestion as i have planned to switch career from sales to business analytic.
    I did base sas from some individual and i am looking for job in to that but i need to do some analytic course as i am not getting openings.
    i do have 6 years of experience in brokerage house and now i am 35 years old and is it right to move.
    i have done mba in finance from isbm bangalore in 2008.
    so please suggest me some courses which can support me to move ahead and also suggest if any certification is needed.

  • Vignesh C says:

    Dear kunal,
    Can you please tell me the prerequisites for a career in business analytics. The educational requirement and experience in which industry would be helpful, etc.
    Thanks in advance.

  • srinu.chimata says:

    • Hi Kunal,
    I have a total 3 years of experience in Finance as a Financial Analyst and I am from MBA background, and keen to work on Business Analytics. Requesting you to guide me on how one can I proceed into this and which would be right way. I reside in Hyderabad and keen to learn the necessary fundamentals/ tools through classroom programs. Please suggest some good courses and institutions in Hyderabad for this.


  • Abhi jadeja says:

    Hello kunal,

    I am currently pursuing my BE and i want to be in the field of data analysis. What do i need to do at this stage? ??

  • navneet says:

    hi kunal,
    can you plz guide me b/w great lakes and bridge school of management (gurgaon center for both), which is btter?
    Greatlakes seems to be better but bridge school is giving placement assurance ? is it worth going bridge?

  • Rajeev says:

    Hi Kunal,
    Can you please let me know how is the program “Executive Diploma in Business Analytics” in LIBA (Loyola Institute of Business Administration) in Chennai…Is that course in worth?

  • lakshmi says:

    I am interested in distance learning MBA programs on Bigdata and analytics. Please guide me

  • vishwanath says:

    Hi kunal
    i have 1+year of experience in the field of finance am completed BE with MBA (fin),now i am interested to learn about the business analytic, so please tell me any good institute in Bangalore which teaches the BA well.

  • aashish says:

    i have 6 years of work ex in telco.

    I am planning to persue my PGP from Aegis school of telecommunication ( Hybrid modle).
    Please suggest if this is good.

    My expectations are:

    1: good understanding of data analytics with practical knowledge of tools.
    2: placement assistance

  • Arun Prasath Santhanam says:

    Where do I register for the online test for 2015 batch

  • Arun Prasath Santhanam says:

    Where do I register for the 2015 batch online test

  • Alisha Dsilva says:

    Dear Kunal

    I am posting this on behalf of a friend of mine. He has 7 years of work experience in the digital marketing domain mainly into SEO. He is now looking forward to make a shift in web analytic area wholly.

    Can you guide here as to how he can proceed ahead at this juncture of his career?Also, he lives in Mumbai. Please suggest something in the same area.

    Any help with regards to training institutes or material will be helpful

    Awaiting a positive response


  • Kamal T says:

    There is a course by S.P. Jain Global Management which will start in the third quarter of this year. The difference in this course is that it will be full time (part time available) and it provides placement “assistance”. Would really love to know how it would be ranked.

  • Sumit says:

    Hi Kunal, I have 11 years IT experience both hands on and management and would like to further my career in analytics. Is it advisable to go for this course from placement perspective keeping in mind my 11 yrs exp? I am looking for part time course in SP Jain.

  • Tushar D says:

    Hello Kunal sir,
    I am big fan of analyticsvidhya.com
    I am final year student of BE Informaion Technology from Mumbai. I am very excited about big data. I learned R course from Coursera, also doing final year project on big data and cloud. What will be best career path for me after my graduation?. Do I need to do any course? Are there any opportunities for freshers in India? Please reply. Thanks in advance.

  • Arun Prakaash V G says:

    Great info Kunal! I always have a keen interest towards Data.
    I have 6+ years of experience and currently working as a social media lead (3 years) and prior to this i was working as a market research analyst (secondary) and learning digital (complete cycle starting from SEO) out of my own interest.
    Should I give a try in Analytics because Social/Web (Digital) is a part of this course?

  • Meenakshi says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I have 8 yrs of experience in Software testing (automation and manual). Can you please advice if switching to data analytics would be a good option at this point? Also it would be great if you can help in advising a good institute to pursue the course.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • pavan says:

    Hello Kunal,

    I am a commerce post graduate with 12 years of F&A experience currently working with Accenture.
    Please guide me on enrolling to finance analytics course.


  • Prabaharan says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have 5 years of work experience in Programming (Java and PL/SQL) . At present i am working on a analytics engagement using “R” . I learned “R” through the Coursera courses. I wanted to do a course to improve the concepts of data analytics . Please suggest a course for me .

    Thanks ,

  • Manish says:

    S P Jain Global Management is Starting a Program in Big Data and Analytic. Any idea as how it would be ? Duration is 6 months for regular courses and 12 months for part time. I am a working individual looking to make career into Analytics. My Past experience is into IT on Telecom BSS/OSS Functional testing.

  • Rishi says:


    I have got Admission offer for ISB Certificate in Business Analytics Sep 2015 batch? is anybody else from Bangalore.


  • Tina says:

    Is predictive analytics a part of business analytics or a different program? As I have been told by IMS Proschool that their business analytics course contains a module of predictive analytics with R. I wanted to know about the predictive analytics and how it is helpful in business analytics?

  • dadamchand says:

    I am BE (computer science)final year student .how I can do analytic course after BE

  • Roopesh says:

    Hi Kunal,
    Thank You for such a comprehensive site for information on everything Analytics. I am looking to begin a long term course/degree on Data Analytics or Data Scientist.
    I have recently come across the work integrated M Tech course from BITS Pilani with a specialization in Data Analytics. It is a 4 semester course with few mandatory core courses in addition to the core courses.
    The Program Brochure is here:
    The course list is here:

    I was wondering if you have heard about it and have any reviews. BITS Pilani is a reputed institution and I am curious to hear any feedback before I seriously consider it. Thank You for your input.

  • Debarpita says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Thanks so much all the great articles on Business / Data Analytics. I came across this post while searching for Data Analytics courses available in India. I have also come across this course from IIMC : https://programslive.iimcal.ac.in/pgdba-about-programme . Can you let me know the review of this course and whether it is better to go for a 2 year course or 1 year courses mentioned in your article.

    I am also looking for courses which I can attend online and self learn, because it would be best for me to not quitting my current job to learn a new trade 🙂

  • Bhushan says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I have 11 yrs of experience in Software testing ( manual). Can you please advice if switching to data analytics would be a good option at this point? Also it would be great if you can help in advising a good institute to pursue the course in physical class room mode?
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Srihari says:

    Hi Kunal,
    Thanks for the great insights. I have a query:

    I am a software professional with 6 years of experience in testing domain. I want to make a move into analytics and make a career in the same.I am good in the basics of R programming tool and basic stats concepts of mean, median and mode. I am thinking of joining Insofe CPEE program go further my concepts, as I am based in Hyderabad. Will this be a good move.Does Insofe has good placement record for experienced profiles with non – analytics back ground? I am ready to put in the hard work to learn the concepts.

  • Karan Ahuja says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have 5 years of experience in software development and my education background is B.E(Comps).. However i am more interested to make my carrier in Data science or analytics. I am unable to decide on next steps to start with data science learning or courses. Could you please help me with your recommendation to attend courses or training ?

    Would be great if i get to learn in mumbai only, As i am mumbai resident and working here with product firm.

    Thanks very much!

    • Kiran Tanna says:

      You can look at institutes like Edvancer which is based in Mumbai and provides online classes. I found their course to be very good.

  • abhishek says:

    I’m planning to persue mba in business analyst course from Alliance university or BMJ Munjal university…but fee is very high 16 lakh for Allaince univ and 9 lakh for Munjal univ…is it worth it ? plz reply

  • Abhishek Chauhan says:

    Hi Kunal

    Hope you are doing great.

    Like all the people above, I would like to have some advice from you on business analytics. I am currently working in an e-commerce start-up in Franchise management &Operations. It’s been more than 2 years and now I have taken another job as research analyst and by side doing MOOC on coursera (Specialisation in business analytics). It’s clear that from my recent actions that I want to build my career in Business analytics. As from my understanding it is a very vast term and I am unable to identify from where to start or which certifications I can do (Considering that I am a fresher in analytics and have no prior experience) I am ready to do masters in it as well but again I am not sure from India or Outside. (or from which institute ), or if I should learn some software first.

    Please provide your thoughts on what should be my next step in order to kickstart my career in Business analytics. (I am a mechanical engineer).

    Thanks & regards
    Abhishek Chauhan

  • Shrikant says:

    Hi Kunal,
    First of all thanks for the efforts.
    Like others I like to know whether this course will make any difference to my career prospects and whether I am eligible for it. U can judge by my details as:
    Work experience 4 years in e-commerce giant
    Profile: Business analyst including research based work & reporting
    Hand on:excel, financial statements, Capex, apex workings & framework
    Qualification :CA final
    Area of interest:Have a deep interest in sas software
    Weakness :no experience regarding statistical terms although have theoretical knowledge to some extent.

    Please even guide me which Institute should I go


  • Amir says:

    Hi Kunal Sir.

    I have recently started working at Mu Sigma as a Trainee Decision Scientist. I did engineering in Computer Science. I am considering joining the 2 year Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics programme by IIM-C, ISI Kolkata and IIT Kharagpur next year. Since I am already working in the analytics field, I wanted to know which option would be better for me: Gaining 2 year experience in Mu Sigma or joining the PGDBA programme.

    I request you to please help me decide what to do next.

    Thanks very much!

  • Anshula says:

    Hi Kunal,
    Thanks for such great information.

    I have 3 years of work experience in IT sector and has been working on SAS from the last one year.
    I have also cleared SAS Base certification. I want to pursue 1 year executive program in Business Analytics.
    Can you please tell me which course offered by these institutes would be best for me and also what are my chances of getting selected in them with this profile.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Raghavendra says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I am a software tester , planning to do Pharmaceutical Data Analytics to change my career abroad, do you have any suggestions for SAS or Data Analytics training courses suitabe to me in Hyderabad the best ones please ?.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Ravinder says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I want to make a career in business analytics. I have done B.Sc in Physics Hons and have worked in ITES set up in MIS reporting and quality assurance roles. I called ISB for the CBA but they said I have to know coding to understand the course. BA is such a vast subject, how does one start ? Please advise. I would highly appreciate your response.

    Ravinder Kaur

  • B. Ashish Kumar says:

    Just if you could add to the list:
    Business Analytics from Indian Institute of Science

  • sourav says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am engineering graduate with specialization in IT and also MBA in Finance.I am presently working with ICICI Bank,Delhi NCR for last 5 years in trade forex department.
    Please if you can guide whether the course provided GLIBM,Gurgaon will be a good option or it can help me in shifting my career to analytics.
    After completion of the course can I get good opportunities in the market.


  • Priyanka says:

    I am a medical doctor with Post graduation in Epidemiology. I want to pursue carrier in Healthcare Analytic.Kindly guide me on which shall be the right course and institute for me.


  • Beena says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have @10+ years of experience and working as a technical architect in a IT Firm. I an planning to join Great Lakes Advanced Analytics Online program. Could you please let me know if there is any better option in Bangalore available for me to consider.
    I am looking at my self as Data scientist in next 2 years.


  • seshadri says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am Business Analyst with +1 year of experience.There are various Business Analytics courses available abroad such as in MS.. Are the courses mentioned above are really good enough on par to the courses offered abroad.What would be the fee structure for the courses available in India ?

  • Richlyn says:

    Hi Kunal,
    Please guide me for classroom course in Mumbai.

  • jaideep says:

    Hi Kunal,

    This blog has helped me to take decision on PGPBA.

    I have an offer from GL,can you help me to get in touch with few passed out students..

    Thanks in adavance

  • Sanjay says:

    Aegis is offering a Business Analytics course (Post Graduate program in Business Analytics & Big Data) in partnership with IBM.
    Wanted your specific inputs on
    1>the quality of teaching at Aegis
    2> how attuned is it to the market requirement?
    3> how does the market perceive its output (job prospects)?
    4> How strong is IBM in the Analytics space? What is its market share globally and India specifically and future outlook on IBM technologies..

    Would you advise that people take up this course?


  • Ajit says:

    Dear Kunal

    Thanks for your sincere efforts and kind guidance for fresh entrants into this domain.

    Would like to know your opinion how are the chances for a person like me with 18+ years exp in IT dev and delivery managment to consider for this new area. My academic background is mathematics and I like this subject of Predictive Analytics. Would just doing Self Study, reading books to understand stastistics concepts can ensure me to get opportunity in this area? Also looking to get hands on exp on the tools like SAS, R. Or do I necessarity need to have some certification in this area from one of the management schools.



  • Nagraj Nabar says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have around 20+ years of IT experience into Project Management and would like to know which would be good course to do for getting into Analytics.

    I have background of Powerbuilder, ASP, .NET, Java etc

  • Pooja says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am a btech graduate working with Oracle as web analyst… have 4yrs of experience… worked on tools like omniture, data ware housing, Adobe report builder, Google analytics…

    I want to build my career in the web analytics and also want to learn the data analytics. Could you please let me know aiming to the above mba colleges u have mentioned will build my career..


  • Anil says:

    I am planning to take BigData specialization course(self paced), from jigsaw. How do you rate the content and the course

  • Molishree says:

    Hi!! Kunal

    I am a beginner in the field of Analytics. Its been almost 7months working as business analyst in a healthcare organization. I would like to know which would be the best course for me in data analytics. Moreover, I am from non- IT background so want some specific inputs regarding courses available that I can do along with my job.



  • Mahender says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I am a Science Graduate(BSc,Mathematics& Phy.) with oracle & MSSQL dba experience of around 5 years and overall 14 yrs in Geographic informations systems.
    Recently our organization has decided to explore the Spatial & Data Analytics with Big Data & Hadoop infrastructure on internal private Cloud.
    As it is completely new technology,and want to know what can be the prospects for me in this area considering my profile. Any suggestions for Courses would be appreciated.Are online courses in BigData and Hadoop are helpful?


  • Kaushik Bhattacharjee says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I am a graduate in Bio. Sc. and having 10+Yrs of experience in sales in Pharmaceuticals company. If I am trying to do online certificate business analytics course how it will help me to shift from sales job to others analytics job.
    Hoping for your reply.

  • rohan says:

    Hi Kunal

    I have done my B.E. in Textile Technology with five years of business experience in same field. Now I want to switch my career and i want to do job of business analytic. Please guide me in this.

  • Rajesh says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am working as an ETL developer with 4 plus years of experience. I work with Oracle, Informatica and Tableau.

    I would like to know suitable course for me in analytics/ data science field.

    I need some inputs regarding the courses so that I can pursue along with my job.

    Thank You in advance.

  • Jatin says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am from commerce back ground and did my Masters in Finance from mumbai university. I have total of 5 + years of experience in Finance domain. Could you please suggest me a course to begin my career in Analytic,


  • Shakuntala Das says:

    Hello Kunal,
    I have completed M.Sc in Economics ( as specilization subjects I had International Economics of Trade and Indian Economics ) . At Graduation level along with Economics I had Statistics and Mathematics as optional subjects. I have 1 + year work experience as Project Management Office Analyst. Please suggest me a course to start a carrer in Analytics .

  • Sanjay Desai says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I’m a chartered accountant with 3+ experience with Big 4 firms in risk practice. I want to know how this course can help me and would it be recommended for me to join data analysis with my education background and work profile. Would appreciate your views. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • Paras Kalra says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Just started following the article and found quite informative.
    I am a commerce graduate with 10 years exp in Supply Chain Management with know how on Budgeting, Costing & Project management but didn’t have any experience in IT. Would like to pursue career in Business Analysis. Could you suggest the starting point & course to pursue further. I understand often the BA has a technical background but i would like to move into a BA role from a business role, more of a strategy or planning role. Which can later be expanded into Project, Finance or Marketing rolls. I understand for that analytical skills may help. Please suggest.


  • android says:

    I just wanna thank you for sharing your information and your site or blog this is simple but nice article I’ve ever seen i like it i learn something today.

  • Tauseef says:

    hi kunal

    currently i am doing B.E final year i want to make carreer in big data and hadoop . …..please tell
    me what are the best opportuinity for me.

    suggest me the best course i have to do

  • kaustav das says:

    i am Btech Computer Science Background and i have 4 years experience in SAP ABAP Developer(Programmer).
    so i am thinking about business analytics program in any of IIM.
    which IIM will be the best and which Course also suits my Profile

  • Anant Saxena says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Can I please have a quick advice?

    Thank you for this extremely informative article.. I have always thought of building my career in this field. I have about 5 years of experience in Sales and marketing in IT services and Products with niche in different domains where I have also accounted for Product Management and Market development mainly in US and Europe AND I am a BBA (so without a “technical background”). I have three questions:

    A. Is it possible for me to build my career as a business Analyst with a BBA and no technical background?
    B. If yes, what kind of companies and opportunities am I looking at?
    C. What is it like if I were to at all begin as a freshers and How do I start?

    Thanking you in advance

  • Mehul Kukreti says:

    Hi Kunal!

    Can You Also Give Some Brief Regarding the Business Analytic Program at SCMHRD Pune, there 1st Batch Placements are Going on, so Much Information regarding the same is Not Available.
    The Companies Visiting, Salaries Offered, etc.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Nidhi says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am working in aerospace field from last 2 years.I want to change my domain to business analysis.I want full time classroom programme. Which is the best?And Can I change my field now?

  • Prabhuram says:

    Hi Kunal,
    Is there any place in Bangalore, where i can learn analytics as part time. I am working as a Risk Analyst as of now, so need to look in to part time learning. I have heard about Jigsaw and ATI , Please suggest some places if you know any. Many thanks in advance.

  • Sumit Malviya says:

    Hi Kunal. I am HR graduate from XLRI with 5 years of experience. Want to pursue HR predictive analytics from scratch. Can you suggest how should I take this ahead. An based in Mumbai, hence Mumbai based courses would suit me. Rgds

  • Jamir Shaikh says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have working in a IT support for last 5 year, currently I am leading a team in IT support, please suggest if i am eligible for this course.

  • Ron says:

    How is aegis pgp ba and bd in comparison to praxis and great lakes in terms of curriculum, hands on exposure,fee, worth, market and industry recognitions, etc.

    Many similar queries havenot been yet answered. Hence, request you to please throw some light on this asap.

  • Ravi Kumar says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I was currently working on SAP SD Consultant and want to know how far this program going to help in improving my career.I have an experience of %= in Marketing and SAP ..Kindly suggest a good path.

    Thanks in advance

  • manoj kumar sharma says:

    i am 35 years old and m.Tech .B.Tech in mechanical engineering with 5+ year of academic experience . will companies allow me to if i switch my career to business analyst job

  • Arun says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am working in healthcare industry since last 5 years. Majority of my work is related to MS Excel. However I want to specialize in Analytics through quality part time courses. Can you please guide me which course should I opt for? I have no statistical experience.

  • Ankit Singhal says:

    Hello SIr,
    I am the first time user of your website. As far as my education is concerned, I have done M.Sc in maths and MBA (finance). I am keenly interested in learning data analytics. Please do refer me the courses in this regard and enlighten me.

    With regards

  • Amod kankekar says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have done mba in marketing with 6 yrs of experience in business development and sales experience in airline and travel industry.
    Is data analytics will be suitable for me.. i am interested in data mining and analysis on excel.

  • Varun says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I am working as a Marine Engineer in Merchant Navy with 12 years experience, Now I wish to make a career switch into Business Analytics . Am I eligible to get into this field. Also which path would you recommend for a profile like mine to follow from here. Highly appreciate your advice and guidance into the matter.

  • akhil says:

    Hello kunal,

    I am a Third year EXTC student. …I’m interested in Data analytics as i see huge scope in this field..but i have no knowledge about excel and programming languages..What are the steps I need to take in order to build myself up for this field… How should i go about it. Please guide..
    thank you 🙂

  • Saushthav says:

    IIIT banglore PG in data analytics Vs certification in Big data analytics from INSOFE

  • Manikanth says:

    Hi Kunal,
    This is Manikanth and I have completed my B.Sc in 2001. I am having around 9 years of experience in ERP as a Techno-Functional consultant and working as a Sr.Associate in a reputed company in Chennai.
    I am pretty much interested in doing a distance/part-time Post Graduate Program in Business/Data Analytics. Could you please suggest a good program/university.

    Appreciate your advise on above.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Anjali says:

    I’m doing bba from ipu cllg
    It’s my first year .
    Im planning to do some additional courses like data anytical , languages ( Japanese)
    Can u tell me wht all courses should I go for and from where

  • Amitav Banerjee says:

    I have done my graduation in ECE,I have a work exp of 2 years in electronics.But i am looking to change my field to business analytic,could you help me to figure out how do i go about it!
    I have shortlisted 2 institutes namely GREAT LAKES and PRAXCIS.
    which one is preferable in terms of faculty and placement facilities.

    Please reply ASAP.
    Thanks in advance

  • g says:

    Which is best online course / PG program for business analytics ?

  • Varun says:

    Hi Kumar, is there any institute in Pune I can consider for this course?

  • Akash Garg says:

    Hi Kunal,

    This is my first reading of your article and I liked it, However i am looking for a guidance from you. I have around 6.5 years of experience in Business Intelligence with OBIEE tool. I am looking for a course in Analytics as an Executive program where I need to break my service. please help me.


  • Pawan says:

    Dear Kunal
    There is one more college in India where Data Science is being tough namely “NMIMS” Mumbai..

  • G says:

    Hi Kunal ,
    Any feedback on pg BA program of IBM n Aegis?

  • Harshil says:

    Hi Kunal,

    although it’s almost 2 years later, I still find this blog really helpful. One query though: i’m just finishing my M.Sc. in Ops & Supply Chain Mgmt. Do you know of any good data analytics course for beginners in Supply Chain?


  • Vineet says:

    Hi Kunal

    I follow Analytics Vidhya quite frequently. Really good work you & your team is doing.
    I would like to know your view points on the PGDBA program offered jointly by ISI, IIM C & IIT-K.
    I am currently working & looking forward joining the program this year.

  • awani patil says:

    Very informative article, I am planning to take admission for online MBA program. i shortlist IGNOU,IMT for same but i recently got some information that welingkar institite is now providing Online PGDM program. can i go for that please suggest.