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10 Must Watch Movies on Data Science and Machine Learning


Some members of our team (including me) live by just 2 passions in life – Data Science & Movies! For us, slicing and dicing movies over Monday morning coffee is part of warming up ritual.

So, we decided to do a poll among ourselves on the best movies related to data science and machine learning. We also thought that we would release the outcome of the results in form of an infographic.

Needless to say there were heated debates and a few disappointed faces in our office! But I think the list we got to is a fairly representative of the thoughts of the group.

While we debated on movies, we deliberately kept a few movies out. These were movies which showed the use of Data Science, but did not have a good scientific backing to them. Now, I understand that this could be highly subjective and if you think we have missed out on any movie, which should be part of this list, feel free to suggest them through comments below.

Here are our top 10 movies on data science / machine learning. Enjoy!

infographic movies machine learning

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  • Clarence Wong says:

    Nice post! Movies that could make the list are Chappie and Automata.

    A similar list of TV serials would be nice as well. Top of my head Numbers, Scorpion, Person of Interest and Mr. Robot come to mind.

    Now coming to Ex-Machina, there are two instances where they show the computer screen; first in the beginning when Caleb is submitting his competition entry and second when he is trying to disarm the security systems. In both instances the programming Language used is Python.Here is the code snippet used for one of the scenes:

    #BlueBook code decryption
    import sys
    def sieve(n):
    x = [1] * n
    x[1] = 0
    for i in range(2,n/2):
    j = 2 * i
    while j < n:
    j = j+i
    return x

    def prime(n,x):
    i = 1
    j = 1
    while j <= n:
    if x[i] == 1:
    j = j + 1
    i = i + 1
    return i – 1
    code = [1206,301,384,5]
    key =[1,1,2,2,]

    sys.stdout.write("".join(chr(i) for i in [73,83,66,78,32,61,32]))
    for i in range (0,4):


    When you run this with Python 2.7 you will get ISBN = 9780199226559 which is this book:- Embodiment and the inner life: Cognition and Consciousness in the Space of Possible Minds. Try it for yourself!

    • Analytics Vidhya Content Team says:

      Hi Clarence

      I admire your attention to detail. It’s amazing.
      We thought of adding Chappie and Terminator 2 to this list, but later decided to go the other way. The plots of chappie and terminator are like a typical heroic movie where, the hero in the end either dies in order to save someone or kills the traitors.


    • Warren van Niekerk says:

      brilliant! Thank you Clarence for sharing!

  • Raza says:

    Wow!! This is good list. Is there any article where we can read about Billy Beanes model in Moneyball? Also a good addition to the list might be Apollo 13.

  • Sanjay says:

    Excellent !!!

  • Zach says:

    You forgot Roadhouse

  • Katka says:

    I think the basis is Short Circuit, athought it’s a little bit retro 🙂

  • Eludium says:

    Nice list! But surely this is not an infographic.

  • Eros says:

    I think “I robot” is a very good movie too !

  • VV says:

    The Matrix is from 1999, not 1991. Just sayin’…

  • Janmejai says:

    I have seen most of the movies listed here.

  • Ratul Ghosh says:

    I Robot should also be include