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Infographic: 16 Genius Minds Whose Inventions Made Data Science Easier For Us


Did you know that the concept of Regression was invented almost 2 centuries ago ?

Neither did I, until I decided to step into the glorious history of analytics. Yes! some of the concepts which we use today were invented centuries ago. In my journey of looking at the past, I came across people who were true genius. Their innate desire to share knowledge and challenge concepts has shaped the future for rest of the world.

After reading their life stories, there is one thing I found common in all these souls. That is, all these people were driven by the power of questioning. i.e. they never settled with that they had. Instead, they showed interested in knowing ‘why does something happen as it happen?’ Probably, this intense curiosity made them invent things.

I’ve listed these 16 genius minds whose inventions hold immense importance in the 21st century. Be it Python, R, SQL or Hadoop, their inventions has given livelihood / jobs to million of people around the world. If you are inspired by their work, may be you can send them a tweet if they exist.

Note: This isn’t an exhaustive list. If you’ve been inspired by the great work of other people, please share about them in comments.

16 genius minds data science

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