AV DataFest 2017 – The Panel discussion, Knowledge Intensive Webinars and Prize details!

Kunal Jain 30 Mar, 2017 • 5 min read


If something is important to you, you will try it even when the odds are against you.

 – Elon Musk

As we rush and make finishing touches to the contests and events during AV DataFest 2017, I can’t help recall our journey till this point. From a blog being run from a small room to one of the largest community of Analytics and Data Science – the journey has been phenomenal. At times, the impact of Analytics Vidhya overwhelms us.

We feel proud every time we come across some one who says how Analytics Vidhya has helped them learn Data Science and Analytics. We feel the energy in our volunteers and see the excitement in their eyes. We believe that we provide an unbiased, top quality content to our community and the knowledge seekers across the globe.

We have seen an idea become reality, A reality turn into an obsession. An obsession that how do we provide the best learning platform to our followers. DataFest is just a celebration of this journey. It is a celebration to thank all the supporting hands which have helped us build Analytics Vidhya. It is a celebration to tell the world that passion trumps all the hurdles an unconventional startup might face!


Let the Party begin – Launch Party & Panel Discussion

Date: 1 April 2017

As we toast to 4 spectacular years of Analytics Vidhya on 1 April, we want to provide you a remarkable experience throughout the month of April. And what better way than start this event with a thought provoking discussion with top data scientists, leaders and academicians. We are conducting a Panel Discussion on 1 April at 8 PM (IST). The agenda for the panel discussion is Best Ways to Learn Data Science: Training Courses Vs Projects.

The panelists are:

1. Sudalai Rajkumar, Lead Data Scientist, FreshDesk

2. Bishwarup Bhattacharjee, Senior Data Scientist, VMware

3. Shekhar Jadhav, Lead Solutions Architecture -Big Data & Advanced Analytics, IBM

4. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay, Professor, Economics and Finance, Great Lakes Institute of Management

Your host for the evening would be none other than me 🙂

Join us for an intriguing discussion and find out what is their take on it. You will be able to post your questions to the panelists. We will pick up the best questions and present it to the panel.


The Knowledge Intensive Webinars

We are bringing together leaders, data science evangelists & academicians from the industry to share their experience & expertise in their respective fields.

Following is just a glimpse of the webinars coming your way:


Webinar : Use of Analytics in Telecom Industry 

Date: 5 April 2017

This webinar is being conducted by Amit Kumar, Director of Analytics at Positive Integers. Amit has a rich experience of 12+ years in analytics & data science. He has previously worked with Aviva, GE & Vodafone to name a few. Amit has extensive knowledge in use of analytics to solve several problems faced by telecom companies and he will discuss the same in this webinar.


Webinar: Use of Analytics in Healthcare and Pharma

Date: 25 April 2017

This webinar is being conducted by Satish Patil, Founder & Chief Data Scientist at Lemoxo Technologies. Satish has 10+ years of experience in the field of drug discovery and development. Find out how healthcare & pharma industry is reaching new heights by using analytics.


In addition to these, there are other webinars coming up from various experts in the industry. These include Ajay Lavakare – Angel Investor, Durga Gadiraju – Founder of IT Versity, Dipyaman Sanyal – Program Head and Faculty at Bridge School of Management, Vatsal Agarwal, Subject Matter Expert at Innoplexus Consulting Services

These details would be coming up soon on DataFest page, so stay tuned!


AV DataFest 2017 Prize Money & Leaderboard

A lot of you have been asking about the points for the overall ranking. Here are the details you all have been waiting for. The overall ranking on the DataFest leaderboard will be based on cumulative scores of all the competitions.

The table below summarizes the maximum number of points available for various competitions:

Contest Name Max Points Start Date End Date
Machine Learning Hackathon 1000 20-Apr-17 23-Apr-17
Rampaging DataHulk 400 02-Apr-17 02-Apr-17
The QuickSolver 400 30-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
SkillPower: Probability 300 08-Apr-17 08-Apr-17
SkillPower: Time Series 300 09-Apr-17 09-Apr-17
SkillPower: Deep Learning 300 16-Apr-17 16-Apr-17
SkillPower: Machine Learning 300 29-Apr-17 29-Apr-17
The Strategic Thor 400 15-Apr-17 15-Apr-17
Rise of the Hero 200 01-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
The Mightiest Pen 200 01-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
PowerTool – R 0 01-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
PowerTool – Python 0 01-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
PowerTool – SQL 0 01-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
PowerTool – Statistics 0 01-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
DataHack Hour 0 16-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
Webinar 0 05-Apr-17 26-Apr-17
Panel Discussion 0 01-Apr-17 01-Apr-17
Total 3800 01-Apr-17 30-Apr-17


How are the points calculated?

For each event, points are calculated using the following formula:

Points = { [Total Points / SQRT(Number of Team members)) / (log(Rank)+1)} * (Percentile ^ 4)


Total points = maximum points assigned to each competition (mentioned in the table above)

SQRT (Number of team members) = The total points are divided by the square root of the number of team members in each team.

Rank = Your rank on the private leaderboard.

Percentile = Gives the relative ranking of the participant with the total number of people participated in the competition.
Please note, in case of individual participation the SQRT (number of team members) = 1

Using the formula above, individual points for each competition are calculated.


AV DataFest 2017 Leaderboard

To amplify your competitive streak, we have introduced a special DATAFEST leaderboard. The ranking on this leaderboard is decided by the cumulative sum of all the points of all events.

This means to top the DATAFEST leaderboard you would have to maintain a relative score across all events. These points would decide the top 3 winners of DATAFEST.

These 3 winners will be the ultimate champions of DATAFEST and will take away additional cash prizes of INR 1,80,000 (~$2750). 

This is your chance to prove your mettle among the top data scientists from all over the world.


Make sure you compete in all!

Participate in all the above events and be prepared for loads of fun. Let us know if you have any doubts or confusion. Make sure you subscribe for DATAFEST for all the updates & notifications.

If you have questions post them in the comments sections below. See you at the battle ground for Datavengers!

Kunal Jain 30 Mar 2017

Kunal is a post graduate from IIT Bombay in Aerospace Engineering. He has spent more than 10 years in field of Data Science. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India. During this period he has lead teams of various sizes and has worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Python and Matlab.

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