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avcontentteam 19 Jul, 2020
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A situation has been described below. Has it ever happened to you?

I wanted to learn Python for Data Science, so I googled ‘I want to learn Python for data science’. Google, effortlessly, provided you the link of all resources to learn Python. Then, you get bemused by the innumerable links available to learn Python. Eventually, you end up contemplating, ‘From where should I begin now?’

Yes ? Don’t worry. Because you will never again face such situations.

There are plethora of resources available to learn programming and data science in Python. It is difficult to find a structured approach to master this language. To solve these problems, we launched learning path for data science in Python.

Today, we take this once step forward and provide you with an infographic for the same. Feel free to circulate this to your friends or take a print out and keep it on your pin-board!

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Download the PDF Version of this infographic and save it in your computer by clicking here –> Data Science in Python.pdf

To view the comprehensive version of this learning path, click here: Python learning path resources


Additional Information:

Once you complete the Beginner Level, read this baby steps guides below and proceed to the next level:

1. Baby Steps to Learn Python for Data Analysis

2. Baby Steps in Python – Libraries and Data Structures


Once you reach step 4, follow the baby steps guide shared below:

1. Baby Steps in Python – Exploratory Analysis in Python(Using Pandas)

2. Baby Steps in Python – How to do data munging in Python (Using Pandas)

After this, proceed as per the Infographic.


Incase, you feel any difficulty in learning python, feel free to ask us here.

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avcontentteam 19 Jul, 2020

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Responses From Readers


R. Righart
R. Righart 19 May, 2015

Thank you very much for providing a clear step-by-step infographic for learning Python data analysis. I have a question about Step 6. Isn't the Machine Learning course given by Dr. Andrew Ng done using Octave GNU? At least this was the case when I finished this course myself. I think it would be good to make this explicit.

Sumita 10 Jul, 2015

iPython is another option to learn python quickly.

Ridham 05 Aug, 2015

Amazing Infographic Manish. Really helpful for a beginner like me.

Venu 24 Jan, 2016

Good One

Sudheer Rao
Sudheer Rao 25 May, 2016

I am unable to get link for the two harward courses that are mentioned here (Vis and CS109). Could you please share the URL for these two courses? Thank you

vic 03 Apr, 2018

At the beginning of the data analysis, I have a clear understanding of the learning path, and thank you for your unselfish sharing.