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Data Mining Information Security Intermediate R


API Access — API Key

API Access — API Key

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Finding Data Sets

Finding datasets

EAI API data details

Obtaining the Series ID

API query browser

Source: EIA

Source: EIA

Pulling in Data Using R

#Import libraries
install.packages(c("httr", "jsonlite"))library(httr)
# API Key from EIA
key <- 'PASTE YOUR API KEY HERE'# Paste your Series IDs in the list, separated by commas
padd_key <- list('PET.MCRRIP12.M','PET.MCRRIP22.M',
                 'PET.MCRRIP52.M')# Choose the start and end dates
startdate <- "2010-01-01" #YYYY-MM-DD
enddate <- "2020-01-01" #YYYY-MM-DD

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j = 0
for (i in padd_key) {url <- paste('',key,'&series_id=',i,sep="")  # Make the call to the EIA's API
  res <- GET(url)
  json_data <- fromJSON(rawToChar(res$content))
  data <- data.frame(json_data$series$data)
  data$Year <- substr(data$X1,1,4)
  data$Month <- substr(data$X1,5,6)
  data$Day <- 1# Create date format
  data$Date <- as.Date(paste(data$Year, data$Month, data$Day,    sep='')) # Rename the column to its given name from the EIA
  colnames(data)[2]  <- json_data$series$name # Drop the unnecessary date columns
  data <- data[-c(1,3,4,5)]
  if (j == 0){
    data_final <- data
    data_final <- merge(data_final,data,by="Date")
  j = j + 1
}# Splice the data between the start and end dates
data_final <- subset(data_final, Date >= startdate & Date <= enddate)
Data frame in R of EIA’s API pull

Data frame in R of EIA’s API pull


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