Opera Ads AI Sidepanel to Compete with Edge

Yana Khare 25 May, 2023 • 2 min read
Opera Ads introduces AI side panel called Aria which is set to compete with Microsoft's Edge

As the world gravitates towards a more digital era, users always seek more innovative advanced technology. Opera Software has taken notice of this trend and decided to step up its game by introducing an AI side panel to its browser. The new feature is designed to compete with Microsoft Edge’s existing AI side panel and is known as Aria.

What Is The AI Side Panel?

The AI side panel is a new feature that Opera Software has added to its browser. ChatGPT, an OpenAI-powered chatbot, powers it. ChatGPT can perform various tasks such as generating text, writing code, answering questions, and more.

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How Does It Work?

Aria | AI Side Panel | Opera

The AI sidebar, called Aria, is located on the left side of the screen and can be accessed by clicking on the Aria icon. Once opened, you can interact with Aria, ask it questions, or give it commands. Unlike other chatbots, Aria can surface up-to-date information from across the web. It is also knowledgeable about the whole database of support documentation for the Opera browser.

What Are The Benefits?

The introduction of Aria builds upon some of the AI features that Opera already had. In February 2023, Opera added ChatGPT to its sidebar. This lets you generate summaries of the webpage or article you’re visiting. The browser also rolled out AI prompts, a feature that offers a shortcut to various AI tools that change depending on the page you’re on or the text you highlight.


The AI sidebar, Aria, is only available on the latest developer version of Opera One on desktop or the latest Opera beta on Android. Users must sign up for an account and wait for a notification when they can access the tool.

Our Say

Opera | AI Side Panel | Aria

In conclusion, adding the AI side panel shows Opera’s determination to compete with other browsers already implementing similar features. The Aria AI sidebar significantly upgrades Opera’s previous features, making the browsing experience smoother and more efficient. This new feature allows Opera users to access the latest information and perform various tasks without leaving their browsers, and it can definitely compete with Microsoft’s Edge. 

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Yana Khare 25 May 2023

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