RBI Embraces Conversational AI and Offline Payments Using UPI

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 10 Aug, 2023 • 3 min read

Breaking new ground in digital payments, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has unveiled plans to introduce advanced Unified Payments Interface (UPI) features. RBI’s initiative to integrate conversational AI and offline payments aims at enhancing the accessibility, convenience, and inclusivity of digital transactions.

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The Reserve Bank of India embraces conversational AI to promote offline payments, making UPI features and digital payments more accessible.

Empowering Offline Transactions with NFC Technology

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das proposed incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to cater to places with limited or no internet connectivity. This groundbreaking move is set to revolutionize the landscape of UPI transactions, ensuring seamless payments even in areas with weak or no internet connectivity.

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UPI-Lite Takes Center Stage

Building on the success of the UPI-Lite on-device wallet, introduced in September 2022, RBI’s recent policy statement highlights the robust growth of this feature. With over ten million monthly transactions processed, the RBI envisions further advancement by facilitating offline transactions through NFC technology. This novel approach addresses connectivity challenges and promises swift and secure transactions, significantly reducing transaction failures.

RBI enhances UPI features and digital payments with AI.

A Vision of Inclusion and Accessibility

Industry experts and leaders laud the RBI’s forward-thinking initiatives. Prashant A Bhonsle, CEO of Kuhoo, applauds the move for its potential to enhance financial inclusion and accessibility. The introduction of NFC-enabled offline transactions is expected to open new avenues for commerce, especially in underserved regions. Amit Nigam, COO & Executive Director of BANKIT, emphasizes the transformative impact on rural and remote areas where internet connectivity remains unreliable.

The Future of Conversational Payments

The RBI’s visionary approach extends to Conversational Payments, an innovative concept poised to reshape the UPI landscape. With the integration of AI-powered systems, users will engage in secure conversations to initiate and complete transactions seamlessly. This feature, available across smartphone and feature phone-based UPI channels, aims to deepen digital penetration in the country. Initially offered in Hindi and English, the service will eventually encompass more Indian languages.

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AI’s Transformative Potential

Conversational AI holds immense potential to enhance user experience and drive the adoption of digital payments, particularly among senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. Adhil Shetty, CEO of BankBazaar.com, notes that the proposed AI-based interface can simplify interactions, making UPI more accessible and user-friendly.

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Our Say

As RBI embraces Conversational AI and Offline Payments, the digital payment ecosystem in India stands on the cusp of transformation. These innovative features underscore the RBI’s commitment to enhancing digital inclusivity, accessibility, and security. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies like AI and NFC, UPI is set to become a beacon of convenience, simplicity, and empowerment for all.

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