Top 22 ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Try In 2023 (Free and Paid)

Yana Khare 08 Dec, 2023 • 9 min read

ChatGPT is the most famous and commonly used AI tool for various tasks. With numerous courses and educational materials on integrating and leveraging its potential to the maximum, regular users are familiar with its associated challenges. Lack of reliability and limited knowledge until 2021 compels individuals to seek alternatives. To end your search, here is a list of ChatGPT alternatives. Explore the options to find your new favorite AI to interact with.

ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing

1. Chatsonic (Writesonic) (Free and Paid)

The AI, similar to ChatGPT but with enhanced features in writing, is available with GPT-4 capabilities. It is a conversational AI with NLP and ML technology that offers customizable and easy-to-use features. It can incorporate current events and trending information through Google search training.

Prompt: Generate engaging content of 100 words informing about Aditya L-1  to explain to a class V kid. 

Response generated by Chatsonic | websites like chatGPT

Access here: Writesonic

2. Claude (Free and Paid)

It is a next-generation conversational AI by Anthropic. Claude is capable of taking multiple inputs simultaneously. It was developed with an emphasis on generating a harmless AI system that is helpful and honest towards its users. Claude AI is capable of creative writing, coding, and answering questions. Individuals can switch to different behaviors, personalities, and tones for better usage.

Prompt: Enlist the chronology that led to the British invasion of India. 

Response generated by Claude AI | websites like ChatGPT

Access here: Anthropic Claude

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3. Jasper Chat (Free Trial and Paid)

With multiple robust AI features, Jasper AI carries out natural conversation. It generates ideas, revises content, and can generate humorous emotions. The user accessibility and knowledge from billions of informative sources allow complex discussions with ease. It remembers the chats for better context and supports multiple languages. Jasper Chat boasts of enterprise-level security certifications and generates factual content.

Prompt: Write five ideas to sell Mercedes Benz this holiday season. 

Jasper| ChatGPT alternative | | websites like ChatGPT

Access here:

ChatGPT Alternatives By Google

4. Bard AI (Free)

It is another conversational chatbot that integrates with other Google apps and services. Providing short answers to the queries, it comes with concise information regardless of the question. Unlike ChatGPT, it does not change output formats depending on the conversation. Bard is known for its creativity, ability to accelerate productivity, and brainstorming ideas. It is powered by Google’s own LLM, PaLM 2.

Prompt: How should I approach someone after years? I want to interact with them for a specific purpose that benefits me?

Response generated by Bard AI | | websites like ChatGPT

Access here: Bard

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5. LaMDA (Not Available Yet)

It is a priorly launched conversational AI. LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications) is built on the neural network architecture ‘Transformer’ owned by Google. It was a breakthrough research from Google at the time of launch. It is capable of understanding the intent of the question.

Note: LaMDA is still under development, and Google has yet to release it to the public.

6. Socratic by Google

It is the ChatGPT alternative for school and university students. The AI can provide helpful educational resources obtained from websites for concept clarity for students. Google AI powers it and is available for both Android and Apple devices. The app allows students to type, upload pictures, or find the concepts through voice search.

Socratic App answering questions | | websites like ChatGPT
Source: Google Play

Access here: Socratic

ChatGPT Alternatives By Microsoft

7. Microsoft Bing AI (Free)

Incorporated in the search engine, Microsoft offers Bind AI for performing any query. The results are provided in two versions: search and chat. Chat offers a conversation with AI and addresses more questions individually, while search provides links to different sites that may serve the individuals seeking help. Chat can further be optimized to gain specific responses. There are three options: more creative, balanced, and precise.

Prompt: Give me easy-to-perform ideas on how to use a cylindrical ashtray for decoration while serving an efficient purpose. 

Response generated by Microsoft Bing AI | ChatGPT Alternative

Access here: Bing

8. DialoGPT (Free)

The AI is curated for human-mimicking conversation. It can perform engaging and natural conversation and encompasses information on various topics. Large-scale transformer-based pre-training methods power it. It also utilizes the publically available colloquial data to generate responses.

Conversation via the Telegram chatbot integration with DialoGPT | Similar to ChatGPT
Source: Medium

Access here: DialoGPT

9. Megatron-Natural Language Generation (Not Available Yet)

It is boasted to be the “world’s largest and most powerful generative language model.” It is trained using the DeepSpeed and Megatron through 530 billion parameters. The Megatron-NLG possesses key capabilities like reading comprehension, commonsense reading, natural language inferences, word sense disambiguation, and more. Using AI comes with the prime requirement of a powerful GPU cluster.

Note: It is currently not available to the public.

Learn more here: Megatron

ChatGPT Alternative For Coding

10. CoPilot (Paid)

Offered by Microsoft 365, CoPilot is a solution to programming problems. With the ability to aid in learning new programming languages, it can automate tasks and generate repetitive code tasks. The tool integrates with all Microsoft’s products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and even Teams. It also provides a Business Chat option integrated with various business data and apps.

Copilot | ChatGPT Alternative
Source: Copilot

Access here: Copilot

11. Amazon CodeWhisperer (Free)

Offered by Amazon, this ChatGPT alternative is a helping hand for faster application building and keeping the information and data secured. Individuals can leverage the AI tool for reference tracking and unlimited code suggestions. Additionally, it also offers 50 security scans per user per month. It is trained on billions of lines of code and can provide output in snippets or complete functions, depending on the query.

Codewhisper | ChatGPT Alternative
Source: Codewhisper

Access here: Codewhisperer

12. Tabnine (Free and Paid)

Tabnine is also an AI assistant that promises top-notch security of code. The fast-paced delivery of codes is associated with database adaptation and greater than 30% automation. It is available for both experts and developers’ usage. It supports multiple programming languages and auto-completes the code lines.

Tabnine | Alternatives to ChatGPT
Source: Tabnine

Access here: Tabnine

ChatGPT Alternatives For Translation

13. Elsa Speak (Free and paid)

ELSA, or English Language Speaking Assistant, is available in app format to aid learners in English speaking. The company’s AI-powered app mainly focuses on improving English pronunciation. It can recognize multiple accents of the English language, thus making it comfortable for non-native speakers to learn. With few free trials, subscription plans vary according to interested individuals. It is available for classroom, business, and personal use.

Elsa Speak | Alternatives to ChatGPT

Access here: Elsa Speak

14. Bloom(Paid)

Like ChatGPT, it is also an open-access AI supporting multiple languages for translation assistance. Offered as an API, it is fast, scalable, and flexible. It generates human-quality texts and is a Large Language Model built on Transformers. Trained on a vast dataset by a large team of scientists, it can handle complex classification and text extraction while supporting around 13 programming languages.

Bloom chat | Alternatives to ChatGPT
Source: analyticsindiamag

Access here: Bloom 

15. DeepL Write (Free and Paid)

The AI is focused on writing and improving the writing of individuals. Users get the freedom to enhance their writing style by the suggestion of synonyms and sentence rephrasing. With multiple languages and styles,  there is also the option to translate text and files. It can fix grammatical and punctuation mistakes while selecting the voice tone.

Prompt: Check the entire content curated by a writer for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Response generated by DeepL Write | Similar to ChatGPT

Access here: DeepL Write

ChatGPT Alternatives For Research

16. YouChat (Free)

YouChat is one of the preferred AI-based search engines supported by the Large Language Model. It is the first conversational search engine. With easy integration with browsers, it can be set as a default search engine. Users can switch between tabs such as All, Social, and Image. Alternatively, they can stick to the option of traditional search too.

Prompt: How are our emotions related to the gut?

Response generated by YouChat | Similar to ChatGPT

Access here: YouChat

17. Perplexity (Free and Paid)

It is a real-time search-performing AI available in both website and app format. The features make it an intriguing tool for research owing to updated information. The website can also provide citations, making the research reliable. It can be used to find answers to questions, get stepwise guides, and much more.

Prompt: Why do we feel confined sometimes without reason?

Response generated by Perplexity | Similar to ChatGPT

Access here: Perplexity 

18. Elicit (Free and Paid)

Research is made easy through the launch of research-specific AIs. These can analyze multiple research papers simultaneously and generate summaries for speedy insight into lengthy articles. The Elicit AI can extract and summarize data from the report in a line. Users can also look for related documents out of the database of 200 million published.

Prompt: What is the reason for sleep paralysis?

Response generated by Elicit | Similar to ChatGPT

Access here: Elicit 

ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Talk To

19. Chinchilla (Not Available Yet)

Offered by DeepMind, it is powered by GPT-3, similar to ChatGPT. The claims indicate better performance and speed than some of the largest generative AIs. It is still in its testing phase and, hence, unavailable. Chinchilla will act as the platform favoring the development of AI tools without coding. It also consumes less energy and provides higher accuracy.

20. Replika (Free and Paid)

AI to listen and talk to just like another human is currently needed for multiple people and even countries where the loneliness percentage is high. Replika is the AI that can serve the purpose of ‘empathizing’ with your conversations. It helps in exhibiting your mind, emotions, and daily life. It can also perform video calls and provides an option to share real-life experiences in AR.

Interaction with Replika | ChatGPT Alternatives

Access here: Replika

21. Character.AI (Free and Paid)

Want to meet a fictional character only present in your mind? It’s possible now with Character.AI. Depending on your requirements and passion, AI is available for any usage, like practicing a new language, gaining ideas, or planning a trip.

Prompt: The prompt was given to the fictional character ‘Ash Ketchum’ from ‘Pokemon’ that was already available on Character.AI. 

Response generated by Character.AI | ChatGPT Alternatives

Access here: Character.AI

ChatGPT Alternative For Social Media

22. Poe by Quora (Free and Paid)

Offered by a learning and interaction platform, Poe is an AI suitable for instant and interactive question-answer sessions.  It is powered by AI modes available from OpenAI and Anthropic. The AI is available to Android and Apple users through apps while providing website access.

Prompt: How should I tame a parrot who has never interacted physically with humans?

Response generated by Poe | ChatGPT Alternatives

Access here: Poe by Quora


ChatGPT is a famous tool, however, with limited capabilities. In the technological era, there are numerous alternatives to ponder over. Categorizing the commonly used options here, we provide more than 20 tools. Snapshots of some of the tool’s responses will help you filter out the right one. Feel free to visit the website and check out the details you are interested in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the latest version of ChatGPT?

Ans. Currently, the latest version of ChatGPT is GPT-4. It outperforms the freely accessible ChatGPT 3.5. The ChatGPT 4 is offered as Plus and promises faster response and beta features like plugins, advanced data analysis, and browsing. However, it has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours.

Q2. How do you choose the right ChatGPT alternative?

Ans. Choosing the suitable ChatGPT alternatives requires clarity in requirements. Understanding the exact need, such as the categories enlisted in the article, will help. Further, filter out the features of alternatives in that category to get the most personalized and best AI suited for your work.

Q3. Can I use ChatGPT or its alternatives to write a book?

Ans. Using AI, whether ChatGPT or any other model, is permissible and possible. They assist humans in their tasks and serve as a true friend in writing. However, relying solely or entirely on these is not recommended. Using expert guidance, mentorship from experienced individuals, and including one’s creativity tends to give better results.

Q4. How does ChatGPT work?

Ans. ChatGPT works through transformer neural network architecture, specifically GPT or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer model. It is trained using an extensive database of materials and can understand human prompts through Natural Language Processing (NLP). ChatGPT analyses the text for contextual, grammatical, and other related understanding and generates answers from its database, updated until September 2021.

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