30+ Custom GPTs to Simplify Your Work

Himanshi Singh 10 Apr, 2024
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Ever wished for a virtual assistant tailored precisely to your needs? Imagine a tool that not only understands but anticipates your requirements. Can technology be personalized to simplify our work? Custom GPTs are your personalized digital workforce. From drafting emails to coding assistance, these 30+ tailored language models are here to streamline your tasks. This article explores the world of CustomGPTs, unveiling how they transform mundane to monumental tasks.

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What are Custom GPTs?

Imagine an AI that’s not just smart, but also speaks your language, knows your field, and even gets your jokes. That’s what CustomGPTs are all about. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, jack-of-all-trades AI models. Unlike the general-purpose ChatGPT, which is designed to handle a wide range of topics and tasks, custom GPTs are tailored to specific needs, industries, or applications. These models are trained on particular datasets or fine-tuned with specific parameters to excel in certain areas. This customization allows for greater accuracy, relevancy, and efficiency in their responses and functionalities.

For instance, a custom GPT for legal services would be trained on legal documents, case studies, and law-specific language, making it more adept at understanding and generating content relevant to the legal field. Similarly, a customGPT for healthcare could be fine-tuned with medical journals, patient data, and healthcare policies, enhancing its ability to assist in medical inquiries or patient care.

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Custom GPT vs ChatGPT

FeatureCustom GPTChatGPT
Increased Accuracy in Niche Areas✔ Specialized training✖ General-purpose model
Efficiency in Task Execution✔ Task-specific fine-tuning✖ General-purpose approach
Adherence to Industry Standards and Regulations✔ Tailored compliance✖ Generic adherence
Data-Driven Decision Making✔ Industry-specific data analysis✖ Generalized data interpretation
Scalability and Flexibility✔ Adaptable to industry trends✖ Limited customization

Content Creation and Blogging

Now Let’s dive right into some amazing and creative Custom GPTs available:

1. Bloggy: Automated Blog Post Writer

  • Function: Specializes in generating high-quality blog content, offering suggestions for topics, SEO optimization, and engaging narratives. Includes tools for keyword analysis and audience targeting to enhance blog visibility. 
  • Ideal For: Bloggers, content creators, and digital marketers aiming to produce compelling, SEO-friendly blog posts with efficiency. 
  • Link

2. Creative Writing Coach

  • Function: Provides guidance on creative writing techniques, story development, character creation, and editing. Offers personalized feedback and prompts to stimulate creativity and improve writing skills. 
  • Ideal For: Novelists, short story writers, and anyone seeking to enhance their creative writing abilities or overcome writer’s block. 
  • Link

3. Voice/Style/Tone AI Prompt Snippet Generator 

  • Function: Assists in creating writing prompts tailored to specific voices, styles, and tones. Ideal for practicing and refining writing skills in various genres and narrative voices. 
  • Ideal For: Writers and students looking to diversify their writing styles and adapt to different writing tones and genres. 
  • Link

4. Book Creator Guide

  • Function: Offers comprehensive support in the book creation process, from conceptualization to publishing. Provides resources for plot development, character building, publishing advice, and marketing strategies. 
  • Ideal For: Aspiring authors, self-publishers, and experienced writers seeking structured guidance in the book creation and publishing journey. 
  • Link

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Academic and Professional Assistance

5. Consensus (AI Research Assistant)

  • Function: Searches through 200M+ academic papers, provides science-based answers, and assists in content drafting with accurate citations.
  • Ideal For: Academics, researchers, and students.
  • Link


  • Function: Manages and summarizes PDF documents up to 2GB, supporting thousands of uploads for free accounts.
  • Ideal For: Professionals dealing with extensive documentation, like lawyers and scholars.
  • Link

7. Academic Assistant Pro

  • Function: Offers advanced research tools, including comprehensive data analysis, trend identification, and academic writing support. Incorporates AI to suggest relevant literature and optimize research methodologies. 
  • Ideal For: Advanced academics, professional researchers, and graduate students seeking in-depth research assistance and sophisticated data handling capabilities.
  • Link

Technology and Design

8. Grimoire GPT

  • Function: Create a website (or anything) with a sentence. Specializes in generating and curating content for technology and design applications, including code snippets, UI/UX design suggestions, and tech-focused creative writing. Offers tools for rapid prototyping and brainstorming. 
  • Ideal For: Tech developers, UI/UX designers, and creative professionals in the technology sector seeking inspiration and practical solutions. 
  • Link

9. DesignerGPT

  • Function: Its primary function is to generate HTML web pages based on user requests. It creates structured HTML content, adhering to specific guidelines which include a particular stylesheet link and layout structure. The focus is on creating web pages that are visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Ideal For: Individuals or businesses needing quick, structured web page designs. This can include web developers, small business owners, bloggers, or anyone needing a simple yet effective web presence without delving into complex design processes.
  • Link

10. DALLE-3 with Parameters

  • Function: An advanced version of the image generation AI, DALLE-3, equipped with customizable parameters for more precise and controlled image creation. Allows users to fine-tune aspects like style, composition, and color palette. 
  • Ideal For: Artists, graphic designers, and creatives who require specific and detailed imagery for their projects or artistic explorations.
  • Link

11. Logo Creator

  • Function: Streamlines the process of logo design, offering AI-driven suggestions based on brand identity, industry standards, and aesthetic preferences. Includes a variety of templates and customization options. 
  • Ideal For: Business owners, marketers, and graphic designers seeking efficient and creative logo design solutions. 
  • Link

12. Image Copy Machine GPT

  • Function: Allows for the replication and modification of images through AI, enabling users to recreate existing images with variations or enhancements as needed.
  • Ideal For: Graphic designers, artists, and professionals in need of replicating or altering images for creative or commercial use. 
  • Link

Art & Image Generation & Design

13. Documentary Style Images

  • Function: Specializes in creating detailed prompts for documentary-style images, focusing on photorealism, high resolution, and cinematic quality to evoke narrative-driven visuals. These prompts are inspired by various themes, ensuring a wide range of creative possibilities.
  • Ideal For: Creative professionals, such as filmmakers, photographers, and digital artists, looking for inspiration to create visually compelling, documentary-style imagery. These prompts are particularly suited for projects that require a high level of detail and a realistic portrayal of subjects in diverse environments.
  • Link

14. Diffusion Prompt GPT

  • Function: The Diffusion Prompt GPT is specialized in crafting detailed and effective prompts specifically for Stable Diffusion models. Its aim is to optimize the creation of high-quality, potentially award-winning images. The prompts are meticulously structured to include elements like subject description, image type, art styles, inspirations, camera details, shot types, and render-related information, ensuring that each element enhances the overall quality of the generated image.
  • Ideal For: Artists, designers, and AI enthusiasts who use stable diffusion models for creative or professional image generation. 
  • Link

15. Art Style Explorer

  • Function: An AI-driven tool that helps explore and experiment with various art styles. Offers insights into different art movements, techniques, and assists in the creation of artworks in chosen styles. 
  • Ideal For: Artists, art students, and art enthusiasts interested in experimenting with different artistic styles and seeking inspiration for their work.
  • Link

16. Design Mentor

  • Function: Acts as a virtual mentor for design-related queries and projects, providing guidance on design principles, industry trends, and project-specific advice. Offers interactive feedback and learning resources. 
  • Ideal For: Design students, early-career designers, and anyone seeking personalized guidance and mentorship in the field of design. 
  • Link

Marketing & SEO

17. Quality Raters SEO Guide

  • Function: Provides comprehensive guidance on SEO strategies aligned with the criteria used by quality raters. Includes insights on enhancing website credibility, content relevance, and user experience for better search engine rankings. 
  • Ideal For: SEO specialists, digital marketers, and website owners looking to improve their website’s search engine performance based on quality rating standards. 
  • Link

18. Julian Goldie GPT

  • Function: Offers expert SEO advice and strategies tailored to individual business needs, drawing on the knowledge base of renowned SEO expert Julian Goldie. Includes tools for keyword research, link building, and competitive analysis. 
  • Ideal For: Businesses and SEO professionals seeking specialized and effective SEO strategies to enhance their online visibility and ranking. 
  • Link

19. Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer 

  • Function: Analyzes web content for SEO effectiveness, focusing on helpfulness and quality. Provides feedback on how to improve content for better engagement and search engine rankings. 
  • Ideal For: Content creators, webmasters, and SEO practitioners aiming to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content that resonates with audiences and search engines. 
  • Link

  • Function: Identifies trending hashtags on TikTok, aiding in content strategy and increasing visibility. Offers real-time data and analytics to maximize engagement and reach on the platform. 
  • Ideal For: TikTok creators, digital marketers, and brands looking to boost their presence and engagement on TikTok through strategic hashtag use. 
  • Link

Culinary and Health

21. Healthy Chef GPT

  • Function: Healthy Chef GPT is an AI culinary assistant, expert in formulating healthy and visually appealing recipes based on user-uploaded ingredient photos. It emphasizes nutritional balance in recipe suggestions and can provide detailed nutritional data. Additionally, Healthy Chef GPT generates photorealistic images of the proposed dishes using DALL-E, offering a comprehensive visual and nutritional culinary guide. 
  • Link

22. Sous Chef

  • Function: Acts as a virtual assistant in the kitchen, providing recipe suggestions, step-by-step cooking guidance, and tips for ingredient substitutions and culinary techniques. 
  • Link

23. Meal Planner

  • Function: Offers personalized meal planning solutions, including recipe selection, grocery lists, and scheduling meals according to dietary goals and lifestyle preferences. Ideal For: Individuals and families looking to organize their meal routines efficiently, with a focus on nutrition, convenience, or specific dietary needs. 
  • Link

24. Culinary Creator

  • Function: Aids in the creation and customization of unique recipes, allowing users to explore new culinary ideas and flavors. Includes features for recipe adaptation based on available ingredients.
  • Link

25. Where to Eat?

  • Function: Provides personalized restaurant recommendations based on user preferences, location, and dietary restrictions. Includes reviews and ratings to help make informed dining choices. 
  • Link

Fun and Games

  1. Simpsonize Me – Transform your photos into characters resembling the iconic style of “The Simpsons.” – Link
  2. I’m Offended Bot – A humorous bot that generates playful responses to pretend grievances. –  Link
  3. genz 4 meme – Helps you understand the lingo & the latest memes. – Link
  4. Quiz Master- Extracts MCQs from content and simulates tests. – Link
  5. Game Time- Quickly explains board games or card games to players of any age. – Link
  6. Sticker Whiz – Turns your wildest dreams into die-cut stickers. – Link
  7. The Negotiator – Helps you advocate for yourself and get better outcomes. Become a great negotiator. – Link

Other Amazing GPTs

  1. Tech Support Advisor – From setting up a printer to troubleshooting a device, it can help you step-by-step. – Link
  2. Laundry Buddy – You can ask anything about stains, settings, sorting and everything about laundry. – Link
  3. Boundaries GPT – Helps you say “no” politely in work and personal situations – Link
  4. GPT Finder- Search all public GPTs in one place. Find the best Custom ChatGPTs tailored to your needs. – Link


As we explore these 30+ Custom GPTs, it becomes evident that the era of personalized artificial intelligence has arrived, promising a future where AI understands and excels in meeting the unique demands of diverse industries.

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NOTE: Custom GPTs can be accessed through ChatGPT Plus only.

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