Meta Launches New AI Features on Facebook, Instagram

NISHANT TIWARI 07 Dec, 2023 • 3 min read

In a year filled with remarkable strides in artificial intelligence, Meta has undoubtedly taken the lead with groundbreaking advancements. From enhancing virtual assistants to revolutionizing content creation, the tech giant is poised to shape the AI landscape in the coming year, by releasing 20 new ways Generative AI can improve experiences across: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Messenger. In this article, we delve into the latest updates across AI experiences, spanning messaging apps, image generation, content discovery, and privacy measures.

Meta AI | Facebook | Instagram

Evolution of Meta AI

Meta AI, the virtual assistant, is now more intuitive, offering detailed responses on mobile and accurate search result summaries. Users can seamlessly interact with Meta AI by initiating an AI chat on messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, or using voice commands with the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Moreover, Meta AI extends its influence beyond chats, contributing to enriching product experiences on Facebook and Instagram. From suggesting post comments to enhancing product copy, Meta AI plays a pivotal role in making interactions more engaging.

Meta AI | Facebook | Instagram

Create and Riff on Images With Friends

Meta AI’s text-to-image feature receives an exciting addition called “reimagine.” This new feature allows users to collaboratively create and modify images within group chats on Messenger and Instagram. Users can generate an initial image, and friends can add their creative touch by suggesting text prompts, resulting in an entirely new image. This collaborative and entertaining feature adds a new dimension to image creation and sharing.

Discover New Experiences With Reels

Meta introduces Reels to Meta AI chats, offering users a dynamic way to explore content, connect with creators, and find inspiration. Whether planning a trip or discussing interests in a group chat, users can now request recommendations and view Reels to visualize suggestions. This integration signifies the commitment to creating more connected and personalized experiences within its suite of apps.

Enhancing Your Experience on Facebook

Meta AI’s influence extends to Facebook, where innovative features are being tested to simplify everyday experiences. From creating personalized birthday greetings and editing Feed posts to suggesting topics for new chats, Meta AI aims to make expression and discovery effortless. Additionally, AI enhances search capabilities on Marketplace, making it easier for users to find relevant information about products and discover alternatives.

Helping Creators Respond to Their Fans

Creators on Instagram are in for a treat as Meta AI introduces suggested replies in direct messages. This feature aims to streamline communication, allowing creators to engage with their audiences more efficiently. By analyzing tone and content, AI generates relevant replies, facilitating faster and more accessible interaction between creators and their fans.

Experience Imagine With Meta AI

Imagine, Meta AI’s text-to-image generation feature expands its reach beyond chats. The standalone experience, available at, empowers creative hobbyists in the US to freely create images using technology from Emu, Meta’s image foundation model. This move aligns with Meta’s goal of providing diverse platforms for users to explore and express their creativity.

Chatting With Our AI

Meta isn’t only evolving AI but also enhancing other AIs based on user feedback. Search functionality is extended to more AIs, providing users with a broader range of information. Select AIs are being equipped with long-term memory, allowing users to resume conversations seamlessly, and fostering deeper connections and extended conversational capabilities.

Invisible Watermarking

Meta remains committed to responsible AI development, emphasizing safety and transparency. Invisible watermarking is set to be introduced to AI-generated images, enhancing traceability and reducing the likelihood of confusion with human-generated content. The company also invests in red teaming, employing the Multi-round Automatic Red-Teaming framework to continuously improve the safety of its large language models.

Our Say

As Meta pushes the boundaries of what AI can achieve, these updates reflect a commitment to enhancing user experiences across platforms. The integration of advanced features, collaborative image creation, and a focus on safety measures demonstrate the dedication to shaping a more interactive and secure digital landscape. With the promise of more updates in the new year, the future of AI appears both exciting and transformative.


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