WhatsApp Testing AI Image Editing Feature Alongside Ask Meta Integration

Nitika Sharma 26 Mar, 2024 • 3 min read


WhatsApp is working on exciting new features that could change how we use the app. This includes an AI-powered image editor and integration with Ask Meta AI, a feature that lets you ask questions directly within WhatsApp. While specifics are still under wraps as the features are being tested, they have the potential to significantly improve how we interact and share information on WhatsApp.

Based on leaks and educated guesses, here’s a breakdown of what we know so far:

Exploring WhatsApp AI Image Editing Feature

WhatsApp’s forthcoming AI-powered image editor heralds a new era in image manipulation and sharing. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this tool aims to simplify the editing process by enhancing image quality, applying filters, and offering intuitive editing suggestions. It promises to democratize image editing, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Triggering the WhatsApp AI Image Editing

Look for a new icon, possibly green, that appears when you open an image to share on WhatsApp. This icon will likely signify the AI editing options.

Editing Modes

  • Backdrop: This mode is speculated to allow you to change the background of your image. Imagine replacing a busy background with a scenic landscape or a clean studio setting.
  • Restyle: This mode might offer the ability to apply artistic effects or filters to your image. It could be similar to existing photo editing apps where you can add a vintage feel, a black and white conversion, or a splash of color.
  • Expand: This mode’s purpose is less clear, but it’s theorized to help expand the size of your image. This could be useful if you have a photo that’s slightly cropped or needs a bit more breathing room in the composition.


There are two main possibilities for how these AI editing modes might work:

  • Pre-set options: The AI editor could offer a set of pre-defined backgrounds, effects, or expansion options. You might choose from a library of sky replacements, artistic filters, or different up-scaling techniques.
  • Prompt-based editing: This is a more advanced possibility where you could use text prompts to guide the AI. For example, you might type “change background to beach” or “apply a watercolor filter.”


  • Since it’s in beta testing, expect some bugs or limitations in the initial release.
  • Processing power for AI features can be demanding. There might be limitations on image size or editing complexity.

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Introducing the Ask Meta AI Feature

In addition to the image editor, WhatsApp is also set to introduce the Ask Meta AI feature, which will seamlessly integrate Meta’s AI capabilities into the messaging platform. This feature empowers users to pose queries and receive instant responses directly from the AI, akin to having a personal assistant at their fingertips.

Enhanced User Experience

These innovative features are poised to elevate the user experience on WhatsApp to unprecedented heights. The AI-powered image editor will streamline the process of editing and sharing images, while the Ask Meta AI feature will provide users with instant access to a wealth of information. Together, they transform WhatsApp from a mere messaging app into a multifaceted communication tool.

Future of WhatsApp

With these cutting-edge features on the horizon, WhatsApp solidifies its position as a frontrunner in AI integration within messaging applications. This strategic move underscores the app’s commitment to leveraging AI to enhance functionality and user engagement. As users anticipate the rollout of these features, they can expect a more immersive and interactive experience within the platform.

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Our Say

WhatsApp’s upcoming AI image editor and Ask Meta AI integration promise a massive upgrade in how we communicate. Even though details are scarce, these features have the potential to turn WhatsApp from a simple messaging app into a powerful communication hub. Imagine effortless image editing and instant access to information – the future of seamless interaction on WhatsApp is on the horizon!

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Nitika Sharma 26 Mar 2024

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