Meet Looi, the Adorable Desktop Robot

Nitika Sharma 03 Apr, 2024
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Ever wish your phone had a little more personality? Well, Looi has just made your wish come true with its latest desktop robot, which brings your smartphone to life. This isn’t just another accessory; Looi is a quirky little robot that magnetically connects to your phone, using the screen for expressive eyes and leveraging your phone’s hardware to sense its surroundings.

Meet Looi, the Adorable Desktop Robot

Let’s find out more about Looi!

Features of Looi Robot 

Thanks to ChatGPT integration, Looi develops a personality of its own. It expresses a range of emotions through animation and even generates original thoughts. One moment, it might be brimming with joy; the next, it might be playfully grumpy.

It serves as a wireless charger for your phone, a remote avatar for exploring your surroundings, and even a handy clock or notification display. You can even play games with it!

Equipped with sensors, Looi is surprisingly perceptive. It reacts naturally to touch, hand gestures, and even your presence in the room. It enjoys your company but also knows when to give you some space.

Review of Looi Robot

How to Get Looi Online?

You can pre-order your Looi for a surprisingly affordable price, with deliveries expected to begin later this year.

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What is the Future of Robotics?

Looi is making waves in the world of robotics, driven by advancements in technology like ChatGPT. With the support of powerful AI language models, robots are becoming increasingly advanced.

Consider Figure 01, a versatile robot developed by Figure AI. This robot possesses the remarkable ability to understand and respond to natural language commands. This enables it to assist you with a wide range of household tasks effortlessly.

Click here to know more about Figure 01.

Our Say

The future of technology is interactive, and Looi is at the forefront. It’s not just a phone accessory; it’s a way into a future where our devices become companions, not just tools.

As AI and robotics progress, Looi hints at a future where technology seamlessly merges with our daily routines, functioning as both practical tools and friendly, relatable companions. Looi provides a glimpse into this intriguing possibility, sparking curiosity about the innovations that lie ahead.

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Nitika Sharma 03 Apr, 2024

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