Call AI From Your Phone With Arc Search’s ‘Call Arc’ Feature

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 24 May, 2024
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News at a Glance

  • Arc Search introduces “Call Arc,” a new AI-powered voice search feature for iPhones.
  • Users can ask questions by holding their phone to their ear as if making a call.
  • The feature provides verbal answers, accompanied by an animated smiley face.
  • “Call Arc” plays hold music while searching for answers, enhancing user experience.
  • Arc Search continues to innovate in the competitive browser and AI assistant market.
Arc Search’s New 'Call Arc' Feature Brings AI Search Over a Phone Call

The Browser Company has rolled out a unique feature for its iPhone-only Arc Search app, named “Call Arc.” This novel feature lets users ask questions and receive verbal answers by holding their phone to their ear, just like a phone call. It stands out as an innovative twist on traditional voice search functionalities, making the search experience more conversational and intuitive.

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Arc Search, launched in January, has already made waves with its AI-driven browsing experience. The introduction of Call Arc elevates this experience by integrating a gesture-based search mechanism. Users simply open the Arc Search app, hold their phone to their ear, and ask a question. This action triggers the voice search, which then provides immediate verbal responses. The familiar gesture of making a phone call makes the feature feel natural and accessible, even for those who might be less tech-savvy.

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How Call Arc Works

Upon initiating a query with Call Arc, users hear hold music while the app searches for answers. This brief waiting period is designed to make the experience more engaging, much like waiting on a real phone call. Once the app finds the answer, it delivers it verbally, accompanied by an animated smiley face that mimics speaking. The interface also includes an end call button and a speaker option, adding to the phone call illusion.

iPhone users can now talk to AI through a phone call using Arc Search's new "Call Arc." feature.

Innovative Interface and Functionality

The Call Arc feature is more than just a gimmick. It leverages the AI capabilities of Arc Search to provide quick, accurate answers to user queries. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, with options to read more detailed responses if desired. This functionality is supported by Arc’s “Browse for Me” feature, which uses large language models from OpenAI to curate and summarize search results into an easy-to-read format. The “Pinch to Summarize” feature further makes it a versatile tool for users seeking concise information from webpages.

Competing in a Crowded Market

Arc Search is positioning itself as a strong competitor against established browsers like Safari and Chrome, as well as AI assistants like Siri. The Browser Company’s frequent and meaningful updates are a testament to its commitment to innovation. By introducing features like Call Arc, Arc Search aims to differentiate itself in a market dominated by giants. However, the competition is fierce, with Apple planning its own AI-driven enhancements for Safari and Siri.

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Our Say

Arc Search’s Call Arc feature is an exciting addition to mobile search. The simplicity of making a phone call to harness the power of AI promises a seamless and engaging user experience. As AI evolves further, features like Call Arc will integrate more naturally into our daily lives. While it remains to be seen how competitors will respond to this innovative approach, it certainly sets a new standard for voice-activated search functionalities.

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