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Ayushi Trivedi 21 May, 2024 • 4 min read

Microsoft announced a new generation of Windows PCs called Copilot+ PCs on May 20, 2024 at the Microsoft Event. These PCs boast superior performance, long battery life, and powerful built-in AI features, marking a significant leap in PC technology.

Satya Nadella announced that major manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, and Asus will offer Copilot+ PCs alongside new Surface models, the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5. AI integration extends across processors, including both Arm-based and traditional Intel and AMD CPUs. Let’s explore all about Copilot+ PCs!

Key Features of Copilot+ PCs

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

Copilot+ PCs are powered by a new system architecture that integrates CPU, GPU, and a new Neural Processing Unit (NPU). This combination allows for up to 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second). It makes these PCs up to 20x more powerful and 100x more efficient for AI tasks than previous models. They outperform the competition in sustained multithreaded performance. Additionally, they offer up to 22 hours of local video playback or 15 hours of web browsing on a single charge.


The integration of AI models like Recall, Cocreator, and Live Captions directly on the device changes how users interact with their PCs. Recall allows users to instantly find information across applications using their personal semantic index. Cocreator enables AI-powered image creation and editing in near real-time. Live Captions now includes live translations, turning any audio into English captions across all apps.


Leveraging powerful Neural Processing Units (NPUs) and local language models, Copilot+ PCs bring innovative image creation directly to your favorite software. Imagine describing your vision and seeing it come to life in real-time with Cocreator in Paint, or effortlessly transforming your photos into stunning works of art with Restyle Image in Photos.

Copilot+ PCs empower you to:

  • Describe your ideas with natural language and watch Cocreator translate them into beautiful visuals.
  • Experiment and iterate on your creations, adjusting details and styles with ease.
  • Restyle photos, generate unique artwork, and explore a world of creative possibilities, all powered by AI and accessible directly on your PC.

With Copilot+ PCs, create freely, explore new ideas faster, and unleash your inner artist – all without limitations.

Power-up Your Creativity Suite

Copilot+ PCs elevate creativity with popular apps! Edit photos faster in Photoshop and Lightroom (available now), or unlock exclusive AI features in djay Pro. More Adobe apps like Illustrator and Premiere Pro are coming this summer. Plus, enjoy NPU-powered performance boosts in DaVinci Resolve, CapCut, Cephable, and LiquidText.

Live Captions

Live Captions on Copilot+ PCs now translates audio from over 40 languages into real-time English subtitles across any app or platform, even offline. Whether you’re catching up on podcasts, watching international sports, or collaborating globally, understand and be understood with ease.

New and Enhanced Windows Studio Effects

Copilot+ PCs elevate your video calls with one-tap adjustments in Quick Settings, automatic lighting improvements with Portrait Light, fun artistic filters, and a teleprompter for maintaining eye contact. Plus, voice focus and portrait blur keep you looking and sounding sharp. And let’s not forget your personal AI assistant, Copilot, readily available with a dedicated key on your keyboard. Copilot provides a streamlined interface to access the latest AI models, including the upcoming GPT-4o from OpenAI for natural voice interactions.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Every Copilot+ PC is equipped with the Microsoft Pluton Security processor and enhanced privacy controls in Windows 11. This ensures that users can work and create securely.

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Partnership and Ecosystem

Microsoft teams up with major brands like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung to launch Copilot+ PCs. Available from June 18th at Microsoft Surface stores and other retailers, these PCs offer a variety of options for all types of users. This partnership highlights Microsoft’s focus on innovation and delivering powerful technology to both consumers and businesses.

BrandModelKey Features
AcerSwift 14 AI2.5K touchscreen, AI-enhanced features (PurifiedVoice, PurifiedView)
ASUSVivobook S 15Powerful performance, 40+ NPU TOPS, dual-fan cooling, AI camera features
DellXPS 13Premium design, Snapdragon X Elite processor
DellLatitude 7455QHD+ display, AI noise reduction speakers
HPOmniBook X AISlim design, long battery life, AI productivity tools
LenovoYoga Slim 7x3K touchscreen, optimized for creative work
LenovoThinkPad T14s Gen 6Enterprise-level features, AI performance, Wi-Fi 7
SamsungGalaxy Book4 EdgeUltra-thin, light, 3K AMOLED display, Wi-Fi 7, long battery life

Copilot+ PCs vs MacBook

Here’s how Copilot+ PCs compared to the latest MacBook Air 15″:

  • 20% More battery life that latest MacBook Air 15″
  • 23% Faster than MacBook Air M3 in peak multithreaded performance
  • 58% Faster than MacBook Air M3 in sustained multithreaded performance

Availability and Pricing

Pre-orders for Copilot+ PCs begin today, with availability starting on June 18. The devices are competitively priced, starting at $999, making them accessible for a wide range of users seeking powerful AI-driven computing solutions. This pricing strategy reflects Microsoft’s commitment to delivering exceptional value in the PC market. It ensures that users can experience the latest in AI technology without breaking the bank.

Checkout these Copilot+ PCs here.

End Note

Copilot+ PCs mark a significant milestone in Microsoft’s journey to integrate AI into everyday computing. With enhanced performance, innovative AI features, and a commitment to security and privacy, these devices are set to redefine what users expect from their PCs. Pre-orders are available starting today, with devices hitting the market on June 18. Learn more about Copilot+ PCs and pre-order yours at and through leading PC manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

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