Windows 11 and Microsoft Copilot Announce Latest AI Updates

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 23 Aug, 2023
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The technological landscape is shifting, and artificial intelligence (AI) is steering the wheel. Microsoft, a pioneer in the AI realm, is unleashing the power of AI in its latest creation, Windows 11. As the highly anticipated Copilot feature begins to take its maiden steps, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. With a slew of AI-powered enhancements set to grace Windows 11 & 12, users are in for a tech-savvy treat.

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Latest AI upgrades on Windows 11, Microsoft Copilot, and Windows 12.

Copilot Unleashed: A Glimpse into the Future

As Microsoft embraces the AI wave, the Copilot feature already creates ripples among Insiders. This glimpse into the AI-infused future of Windows 11 sets the stage for what’s to come. Copilot’s magic will dazzle in version 23H2, promising to streamline tasks and redefine user experience.

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Microsoft 365 Copilot gets AI upgrades.

Classic Paint: Awakening the Artist’s AI Muse

Prepare for an artistic revolution as even the beloved classic Paint gets a taste of AI magic on Windows 11. Microsoft’s internal tests hint at an AI upgrade, allowing users to generate images based on descriptions. This integration of generative AI, akin to Bing Image Creator, opens doors for quick edits and annotations, transforming your artistic vision into reality.

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OCR in Camera and Snipping Tool: Turning Images into Text

Optical character recognition (OCR) is set to be a game-changer in the Camera and Snipping Tool apps. Windows Central’s Zac Bowden reveals that this functionality empowers the Camera app to recognize image text. Imagine snapping a photo of a sign or document and effortlessly converting it into editable text. A feature reminiscent of Google Lens and Live Text on iOS, OCR adds a layer of convenience and efficiency to your daily tasks.

Unveiling Objects: Photos App’s AI Sleuth

The Photos app on Windows 11 takes into the AI arena a captivating ability to identify and select objects within pictures. Borrowing a page from platforms like iOS and Android, this feature brings objects to the forefront. Capture, copy, and paste these elements across apps to compose your visual masterpiece seamlessly.

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What Lies Ahead for Windows 11

While these AI-powered features are already igniting excitement, a broader horizon awaits. The integration of AI in Windows 11 apps marks the initial phase of a grander vision. As Microsoft gears up for its event, AI is poised to take center stage, complementing the unveiling of new devices such as the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop Studio 2.

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Artificial intelligence powers Windows 11 and Windows 12.

A Glimpse into Windows 12: The AI Revolution Continues

The journey of integrating artificial intelligence doesn’t halt at Windows 11. Windows 12, slated for release in 2024, is projected to immerse users in a deeper AI experience. While the current AI capabilities are laying the foundation, the next major platform release will seamlessly weave AI into the Windows fabric, providing richer and more immersive AI-driven interactions.

Our Say

As Microsoft orchestrates an AI symphony within Windows 11, users stand at the cusp of an exhilarating technological revolution. From Copilot’s efficiency enhancement to Paint’s artistic evolution and Photos’ object recognition, AI is shaping the future of user experience. With a tantalizing glimpse into Windows 12’s AI-forward approach, the tech giant’s dedication to innovation promises an exciting journey that fuses human ingenuity with the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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