8 Incredible Announcements at Microsoft Build 2024

Pankaj Singh 27 May, 2024 • 4 min read

After OpenAI and Google updates, Microsoft is now here with AI uprises!!

Have you followed the Microsoft Build 2024? 

As expected, Microsoft Build 2024 has been a memorable event, and I am sure the announcements there will change tech as we know it today. Microsoft said the updates will redefine how we engage with tech, focusing on AI and automation to improve performance. 

If you are new to the tech space, here is a quick brief: What is a Microsoft Build Event? 

It is one of the conferences held annually by Microsoft and has more emphasis on both web developers and software engineers. It is where Microsoft shows its latest tech and makes announcements about Windows, Azure, Microsoft Edge Teams, and more. As always, the event includes keynotes of important Microsoft executives, technical sessions, workshops, and labs to dive deep into related technologies offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft Phi 3 Mini: The Tiny Model That Runs on Your Phone

Key Takeaways From the Microsoft Build 2024

  1. During the Microsoft Build 2024 keynote, Microsoft highlighted its intent to infuse AI into its products. Key elements included innovation in Copilot AI, new AI models, and Microsoft Edge, Teams, and Windows updates.
  2. Microsoft is leveraging Copilot as virtual employees capable of tasks like email monitoring, automated workflows, employee onboarding, and data entry. Copilot Studio will become available later this year with these capabilities.
  3. Phi-3-Vision Microsoft also introduced Phi-3-vision, a tiny multimodal AI model for text and image analysis on mobile. It is a member of the Phi-3 family and is now available in Preview.
  4. Edge Video Translation: The Edge browser will have real-time video translation powered by AI that allows users to watch videos with dubbing in multiple languages, such as Spanish, English, German, Hindi, Italian, and Russian, at the beginning.
  5. Teams: Microsoft Teams will roll out custom emoji support, taking another swipe at one of Slack’s top features finally in July People are still noticing Ring devices firing back without people involved as the Sun rotates around Ancient galaxy identified from powerful laser beam eruptions Holes punched into clouds can make it rain more than ever imagined View Morerepositories Back to slideshow_restart Previous Nextcrib sheet privacy Fork me on GitHub Admis will able to select who can add emojis which they lock down to the organisation’s domain
  6. Snapdragon Dev Kit: Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows will be a $899 pocketable dev device. It includes a Snapdragon X Elite chip, 32GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD.
  7. You can now work with your files through Git from Windows File Explorer and upload 7-zip and TAR files.
  8. PowerToys Clipboard—Advanced Paste: A new PowerToy for Windows 11’s PowerToys allows you to paste your clipboard in various formats (plain text, markdown, or JSON) and uses an OpenAI API key to alter or summarize the text.

These updates showcase Microsoft’s focus on enhancing productivity and user experience through AI and other advanced technologies.

Here are 8 Incredible Announcements

Here are the announcements:

Copilot Studio

One of the standout announcements was Copilot Studio, a platform that empowers users to create their own copilots tailored to automate specific business processes. This tool is designed to simplify workflow automation, allowing businesses to enhance productivity and efficiency by creating bespoke AI solutions.

GitHub Copilot Extensions

GitHub Copilot received significant enhancements with the introduction of extensions. These extensions enable deeper customization and integration with various services such as Azure, Docker, and Sentry. This update makes GitHub Copilot a more versatile developer tool, facilitating seamless development processes and improved collaboration.

Copilot + PCs

Microsoft has announced a new class of hardware built on top of Neural Processing Units (NPUs) to deliver high performance and efficiency. Designed for>30W level power applications, etc., AI Inference Accelerator cards offer higher performance than T4s (peak throughput 77TOPS INT8), are scalable, and are pre-validated, saving time in the system development process. 

Phi-3 Vision and GPT-4o

Another important announcement was that of Phi-3 Vision, a multimodal model for visual reasoning tasks. This model can process text and image inputs and more complex visual data such as charts and tables. Furthermore, GPT-4o’s supported partners will now have access to features that allow them to combine text, vision, and audio processing capabilities. This makes it one of the first models to blend those three AI workloads from one technology stack as part of its generation experience.

Windows Copilot Runtime and Surface Devices(Surface Pro and Surface Laptop)

Windows Copilot Runtime takes AI capabilities into the Windows platform, providing developers with AI-infused layers and tools that can be used to create smarter applications. Microsoft also announced its most powerful versions of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, which use Snapdragon X for greater performance and AI capabilities.

Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric

One key announcement that will change how we work is the advancement in real-time intelligence into Microsoft Fabric. This feature helps analyze data faster and smarter so businesses can get real-time access to their relevant data and make decisions promptly.


Microsoft Build 2024 has captured a new phase in technology. The announcements from this event underline Microsoft’s commitment to breaking the limits of innovation and iterating user experiences across domains. Microsoft will play the vanguard regarding AI-powered tools, advanced hardware, real-time data analysis, and customization solutions. As this update permeates, we will see businesses and regular folk enabled with unprecedented efficiency, productivity, and intelligent decision-making.

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Pankaj Singh 27 May 2024

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