Meet India’s ChatGPT Rival – Hanooman GPT is Here!

Pankaj Singh 02 May, 2024
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It’s not Tuesday, but it’s still a Hanooman’s day. Finally, the SML-powered Hanooman GPT is here!

India now has its own indigenous alternative to OpenAI’s viral ChatGPT model. Hanooman GPT is a series of open-source Indic large language models developed by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay in partnership with healthcare AI firm Seetha Mahalakshmi Healthcare (SML).

The name ‘Hanooman’ is derived from the Hindu deity Hanuman, known for his strength, devotion, and commitment to the greater good. This reflects the model’s goals of developing powerful AI capabilities for the public benefit while celebrating India’s linguistic and cultural heritage.

Hanooman GPT

Some Key Details About Hanooman GPT

  • This version has 7 billion parameters and can be used in 7 Indian languages. However, it can understand and provide basic assistance in over 90 other languages.
  • SML founder Vishnu Vardhan has also committed to making it an open-source model, aligning to make the technology publicly available and not closed-source like ChatGPT.
  • Major Indian firms like Reliance Jio support the model, which aims to build the “BharatGPT ecosystem” that will cater to AI needs across sectors.
  • According to the last information, Multiple Indian states have expressed interest in collaborating on and utilizing the indian GPTs models. These states include Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Telangana.
  • It leverages India’s planned 10,000 GPU AI supercomputer under the National AI Mission to scale up model size and capabilities over time.

While still early, Hanooman represents India’s push to develop indigenous AI models aligned with its linguistic and cultural contexts. Compared to the alternatives, it could allow wider adoption and collaborative advancement of the technology within India.

Also, SML founder Vishnu Vardhan said the company is focused on specific use cases for Hanooman

We don’t want it to be like ChatGPT, which suffers from the ‘I’m God and I know everything’ syndrome. We don’t want to simply replicate its success [but be more than that] – Said

How to Use Hanooman GPT?

Here’s how you can use Hanooman GPT:

  1. Search for “Hanooman” on the any Browser

    Open your preferred web browser and type “Hanooman” into the search bar. Hit enter or click on the search button to initiate the search.Hanooman

  2. Go for the login process

    Once the search results for “Hanooman” appear, click on first result. Access the website or platform and look for the login option. You’ll typically have the choice to log in using your mobile number or Gmail account. Select the preferred option and proceed to enter the necessary login credentials.Hanooman

  3. You are good to go to use the Hanooman GPT

    After successfully logging in, you’ll gain access to Hanooman GPT’s features and functionalities. You can now utilize its services for various tasks like generating text, answering questions, or using any other functionalities it offers. Enjoy using Indian GPT!Hanooman

Comparison: Hanooman GPT Vs. Ola Krutrim

Here is a comparison of Hanooman GPT and Ola’s Krutrim chatbot based on the information provided:

Response Quality

  • Hanooman GPT provides concise but relevant responses to queries based on initial testing. However, it struggles with maintaining context over a longer conversation.
  • Krutrim is reported to fail to respond to many queries frequently. It also tends to “hallucinate” or generate incorrect information.

Knowledge Cutoff

  • Hanooman GPT’s current version has an April 2022 knowledge cutoff date, making its information somewhat dated.
  • Krutrim explicitly states it lacks up-to-date information as an AI model and has a September 2021 knowledge cutoff date.

Language Capabilities

  • Hanooman GPT can converse in 7 Indian languages, with plans to expand to all 22 scheduled languages.
  • Krutrim also supports multiple Indian languages.

Output Lengths

  • Hanooman provides very concise, short-form responses even to more detailed prompts.
  • No specific details on Krutrim’s output lengths.

Closed Source Nature

  • Hanooman GPT is a closed-source model, but there is a plan to make it open-source.
  • Krutrim appears to be a closed-source commercial offering from Ola.

Overall, both models ( Hanooman GPT vs. Ola Krutrim) are still in fairly early stages. The former seems more capable of providing multilingual support and fast, crisp, and great responses. However, its knowledge cutoff and minimal context tracking are limitations.

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Upgradation of Hanooman GPT

The premium plan for Hanooman is still being processed.



India’s entry into this space of large language models symbolizes its ambitions to be a major AI player while prioritizing open access and customization to its unique requirements and demographics. Hanooman GPT’s progress will be closely watched as an ethical, open-source counterweight to big tech’s commercial AI models.

The arrival of Indian GPT marks a significant development in conversational AI, presenting itself as a formidable rival to India’s ChatGPT. With its emergence, users can anticipate a new era of AI-driven interactions empowered by its capabilities. As it steps onto the stage, this GPT promises to offer innovative solutions and enriching experiences, further enriching the landscape of AI technology in India and beyond.

Pankaj Singh 02 May, 2024

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