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Synthetic Keys in Qlikview – simplified!

Before I discuss about Synthetic Keys, let’s look at a typical QV data model (in the diagram on right hand). Here, we can see three …

A tribute to Sachin! Qlikview dashboard for his glorious test career

Sachin has inspired an entire generation of cricketers in India and abroad. He is one of the few “Universal God” in India, i.e. people …


Analytics Vidhya has been a tremendous journey for us. Today, when we look back at the journey we have covered so far – it …

How to implement Incremental Load in QlikView?

In my previous article, we discussed “How to use QVDs to make your QlikView application more efficient?”. In this article, we will go one step …

How to use QVDs (QlikView Data files) to make your Qlikview application efficient?

In June 2013, I had been using QlikView for about a year. During those days, I was working on a QlikView project where I …

Review: Qlik Sense Desktop – Is this the next gen visualization tool you need?

QlikTech recently announced a free version of its next-generation data visualization application – Qlik Sense. According to QlikTech, the product delivers a simple drag-and-drop interface …

How to use “VLOOKUP()” like functionality in QlikView?

Whenever I interact with a Qlikview user, who has migrated from Excel recently – one of the most common queries which comes through is: …


In my previous article, we discussed how to use Qlikview for visualization of tabular information. Now, let’s think of a scenario, where we need to …

Data Visualization for Tabular Information (with Qlikview case)

BI industry has its roots in MIS and spreadsheets have been the most commonly used MIS tool in the last decade. Due to this, …

How to Use AGGR () function in Qlikview?

The main purpose behind creating any dashboard is to summarize and aggregate information in a manner that can be communicated visually and clearly. Traditionally, …

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