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QlikView learning path – the only resource you need to master QlikView

We launched our learning paths last week with Data Science in Python. The Python learning path received awesome response from not only our audience, but data science community world wide. The learning path received more views in a day than what some of our best written articles get in a month!

Today, we launch the second learning path – Data Visualization with QlikView.

The philosophy behind the learning path remains the same – we have taken out confusion from your learning and created a very clear, crisp and structured path.


Data Visualization with QlikView has been designed by Sunil, our QlikView expert and I am hyper excited about what he has penned down. Not only he has collated best articles, videos and trainings on QlikView, he has created a bunch of exercises to make sure you get enough practice.

So, without taking away any more thunder from Sunil’s work, I ask you to go and have a look at this awesome learning path.

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