In the last 2 years, our training related articles have helped numerous data science professionals in deciding the best online/offline business analytics training for themselves. With a benevolent motive of helping the data science community across the world, we also assisted people by suggesting the best training course pertaining to their requirement for without any cost.

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Below are the list of training reviews that you found were helpful:-


1.  How to get the most out of MOOC?

In this article, the tips to get the utmost benefits from massive online open courses(mooc) have been discussed. In addition, we have also discussed the recommended roadmap which will help you to learn more from these courses without investing any cost.


2. Review – Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics from Great Lakes Institute of Management

This article will give you a comprehensive insight on business analytics course at Great Lakes Institute of Management. In this article we have discussed about the campus, faculty, students, course curriculum and our overall verdict for this course. This will not only help you in making such decisions but also will make you aware of the parameters on which you can evaluate these programs.


3. Top 5 Analytics Programs in India(2014 – 2015)

In this article, we have listed the top 5 analytics programs in India of the year 2014-15. These analytics programs have been evaluated on the basis of curriculum and placements untaken.


4. Why most data science trainings fail to deliver? How to overcome these failures?

In this article, we have revealed the reasons which causes the failure in data science trainings. This article was written on our readers demand as a lot of professionals have gone through various data science trainings but have failed to make a mark on their set of skills. Amazing ways to overcome such failures have been listed in this article.


5. How to choose the right data science/analytics/big data training?

There has been an air of confusion surrounding data science professionals when it comes to choosing the best data science training for the upgradation of their skill sets. People tend to compare it, read the reviews and ultimately try to fetch the customer feedback. Cutting this story short, this article features the roadmap which you can follow to select the best data science training for yourself.


6. Analytics Training Recommendations

Here are the recommendations for the analytics trainings to uplift your current status of skills and competencies. These trainings have been recommended for social media analytics, web analytics, tableau, data analysis etc. In this article, we have shared our experience after undertaking these trainings.


7. Top Certifications for R, SAS, Python, Machine Learning, Big Data

This article features the list of certifications that you can undertake to add value to your set of skills. The certifications have been listed for R, SAS, Python, Machine Learning, Big Data. These courses have been ranked on the basis of breadth of coverage, quality of content, industry recognition and value for money.


8. Training Review – Big Data Course at Jigsaw Academy

After undertaking this course, we decided to write a review on it so that all other professionals who are looking forward to taking up this course can get a glimpse of it. If you a big data analytics enthusiast, this is a must read.


We hope our endless efforts devoted towards scripting these articles will continue helping you in making your decisions and choices wisely. Happy Learning!


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