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Analytics training recommendations from last 2 months

One of the best part about being in Analytics industry is the opportunity (and need) to continuously learn new things and upgrade yourself.

I am sharing list of training recommendation which I have undergone recently or am in process of undergoing. Each of these trainings have helped me with my Analytics learning and have helped me become a better analyst.

training recommendations

Computing for Data Analysis – Coursera:

I have used SAS for most of my Analytics career and had wanted to learn R for some time. I had downloaded it multiple times in past, but had struggled to get past initial stages. Finally, this course from John Hopkins University came to rescue.

A great starting course for R, which has left me with confidence of using R more often.


Tableau tutorials:

Another tool which I wanted to learn was Tableau. I have used Qlikview extensively for some time now, and hence I wanted to try out Tableau. While the tool is pretty user friendly and has great visualization capabilities, my favourite feature was how quickly it can perform geo-spatial visualization. The tool comes with in-build capabilities to recognize city and state names (I have been informed that this works till Tehseel level in India – impressive!) and you can map them in a matter of seconds.

Here is the link to tutorials which are provided on Tableau website. I had watched them selectively and found them useful.


Social Network Analysis – Coursera:

While I had used some tools here and had done some amount of reading on social network analysis, this course starts from basics of social networks and leaves you by providing understanding of Facebook and Twitter are using these techniques to understand their users better.

Good first course on Social network, which has left me wanting for more. I am hoping that i’ll be able to join Probabilistic Graphical Models (run on Coursera) as a follow up to this course.


Market Motive:

I plan to sign up for Web Analytics course from Market Motive in next couple of weeks. It comes at a higher cost than the trainings mentioned above. However, I have heard some great reviews about this course from people who have took it.

Will keep you posted on how it comes through.


Have you undergone any training recently and would want to recommend it? Please feel free to add them in comments below.

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