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Freelancing consultant – SAS, India’s leading travel portal

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We are looking at a consultant who would help in setting up & integrating SAS for us. This would be a 2 week role and would encompass the following –

1.       How to administer the SAS environment? (Concept, architecture, installation and basic management)

2.     back up the SAS environment and move metadata

3.     administer users and access to data

4.     understand how client applications interact with metadata

5.     administer SAS content

6.     monitor, log, and troubleshoot SAS servers.

7.     create and use internal accounts

8.       understanding of SAS authentication  mechanism and configuration

9.     secure access to RDBMS data

10.   secure access to information maps

11.   create and apply ACTs

12.   secure access to OLAP data

13.   secure reports

14.   secure users and groups, servers, and ACTs.


Interested candidates can send their CVs to [email protected]