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Advanced Learning Path – Now Learn R with Best Online Resources


This good news is only for (future) R Users!

If you are new to data science, and keen to begin your career, bookmarking this page should be your first step. To be successful in data science, among all other skills, employers pay special attention to programming skills. And, if you have experience in an open-source programming language, you couldn’t ask for a better start.

The two most popular programming languages in data science are Python and R. We launched our learning paths some time back and got tremendous response from our audience. In less than a year, our Learning path on Python and LeaRning path on R have helped tens of thousands of people globally to learn these language.

learning path tutorials on r for beginners and newbies

However, this is a fast moving world and there is a lot of content which gets created by some smart people across the globe. Hence, to keep these learning paths useful, we plan to update them regularly. This time we also got help from our friends at DataCamp to create this awesome learning path.

Analytics Vidhya and DataCamp have created a exclusive learning path on R with updated tutorials, practice questions, exercises etc. We have done all the hard work, you just need to follow this path with discipline. And guess what, this learning path is FREE to access !

This learning path enlists covers the following topics:

  1. Installing R on Machines
  2. Understanding Basics of R
  3. Understanding R Community
  4. Importing and Manipulating Data
  5. Effective Data Visualization (with maps)
  6. Data Mining and Machine Learning
  7. Reporting Results
  8. Time Series Analysis
  9. Becoming a Master – The Roadway!


Visit Here – Learning Path on R


We have added only the best of resources so that you don’t need to waste time on finding alternative resources. In case you have any thoughts / suggestions, feel free to share them in comments section below.

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