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A decade back, organizations across the world have struggled while dealing with enormous amount of data. Worst part was, Data Analysts used to find themselves in a miserable situation when it came to presenting the data. Thanks to the progressing technology, a big pat on the back of ‘data science’ for making our lives simpler. Data Science has enabled businesses to grow and develop like never before. The rapidity in the businesses could be invited simply by making the use of their sales, customer, workforce, finance, IT data in an interesting and  productive manner.


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Why should you attend?

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1. You will be able to understand the importance of data science and its imperative role in your business while overcoming the business challenges.

2. You will be able to achieve your business goals painlessly by understanding the pragmatic impact of data science, big data & advanced analytics.

3. Identification of the unique needs of your business will get easier by getting tailored recommendations based on the analysis so performed.

4. The pedagogy of this event will be case study based. Various case studies pertaining to success, growth & failures in analytics will be discussed in order to give more of a real life view of the impact of data science.

5. You will get the exclusive opportunity to connect with subject matter experts, industry stalwarts and thought leaders.


Who all will be there?

Eminent speaker from organizations such as Oracle, Target, SAP will feature in this event. In addition, alma mater of IIT Madras will also be there to demonstrate their persona of intellect.



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Name says: February 16, 2015 at 7:56 am
"In addition, alma mater of IIT Madras will also be there..." I think you meant to say alumni of IIT Madras will also be there. :) Reply
Analytics Vidhya Content Team
Analytics Vidhya Content Team says: February 16, 2015 at 8:03 am
Yes. Exactly. Thanks Manish Reply

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