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Test your fit as a Data Scientist

While there has been a lot of buzz lately around the demand of data scientists. There are limited resources, which provide a clear answer to following question:

Should / Can I become a Data Scientist?


How do I improve my skills as a data scientist?

So, we have created this app, which helps you answer these questions.



The motivation behind the app:

Analytics Vidhya organized 5 meetups in last 2 months and they were greeted by awesome response. While community building and hackathons are the main themes of these meetups, these meetups provide us another avenue to meet data science aspirants face to face.

One question came back again and again across these meetups. It has been asked on our discussion portals in several ways in past as well. That is when we thought of creating a tool which checks your fit with attributes, which a data scientist requires in his role.


Purpose of the app:

As mentioned, this app is built with an aim to help people who want to understand their fit with data science profession. Please note that this app does not judge you on technical knowledge. We believe that if the fundamentals (attitude and aptitude) are in place, technical skills can be learned / adapted easily.

So find out how well do you fit with the profession of a data scientist? Which are the skills you need to develop and then go ahead use some of the resources, we have provided as well.

Do let us know your experience and feedback with the app.

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  • Shuvayan says:

    This is awesome!!

  • Sudhindra says:

    Sooper and Great to hear that we have an app for learning something new!! Thanks to Kunal and Team of AV for bringing this up! I hope I shall really cherish this new initiative 🙂

  • Suneel says:

    Wow. Got a 71-85 score.

    Ok time to don the data scientist cap 🙂

  • Mohammed Wasim says:

    This is awesome 🙂

    I scored 71-85. Need to improvise on my problem solving skills.

  • Pradeep says:

    Scored 85-100.
    Need to work on problem solving skills and improve structured thinking…

    Now I am thinking, should I switch my career ???

  • siddharth says:

    Hi, thanks for this piece kunal….But there has to be a word of caution to takers of this quiz….scoring highly on the quiz has little to do with predicting whether you will actually get a job as a data scientist. The simple reason being the prior probability of getting hired/shifting into a data scientist role is very very less .
    According to my own research there are only 0.2% data science plus analytics jobs in the market. And if the readers are mislead into believing that they are the future data scientists, then its plain wrong on the part of the author.

    Where I am coming from is that there is a well documented bias amongst researchers , called representativeness bias. which states that if someone looks, behaves, acts like another, human beings believe that there is a good chance that he will become/is the other person. The other person in this case is a data scientist. This high probabilty is attributed without taking into account the very low prior probability …. thus violating the bayes rule.

    This said, Its good to motivate students to learn the necessary tricks of the trade, but making a tool which inadvertently leads people to think they are the upcoming data scientist is just misleading them.

    thanks from an aspiring data scientist.