Knocktober – Machine learning Competition, 21st Oct, Analytics Vidhya

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This friday it gets better than ever. Machine Learning war between Data Nerds only on Analytics Vidhya.

Knocktober – a machine learning competition starting on 21st Oct 2016. Gear up with all your tools and strategies because this time we bet you would plead if you had couple of more hours.

Knocktober is a power-packed and mindboggling competition that will leave you grasping for breath.

Come be part of this competition, that you will give you more reasons to love hackathons.

Date: 21 Oct 2016 to 23 Oct 2016

Mode: Online

Cash Prize: INR 90,000

Register Here


Who should join this competition?

Anyone who is well skilled in machine learning techniques, and want to improve his or her knowledge in data science. Hackathons are the fastest way to improve your machine learning knowledge and excel in your career.


How much is the fee for this competition?

There is NO FEES for participating in this event.  We believe that learning should not be obstructed due to financial commitments. Hence, you are invited.


Why should you participate in this competition?

We have very carefully designed this competition to provide you a competitive and enriching experience. Hackathons are becoming a popular way for individuals to  showcase their machine learning expertise and knowledge. Hackathon mania is a new fever amongst data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts.


For more details about the competition, Visit Here


avcontentteam 19 Oct 2016

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