The Ascend Pro Program is Back! Analytics Vidhya and KPMG’s Popular Data Science Program

Abhiraj Suresh 12 Jul, 2021
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Ascend Pro – Time to Get Industry Ready for Data Science!

Are you looking to land your dream role in data science?

Do you feel you’ve put in the hours but can’t quite clear that dreaded interview round?

You’re at the right place (and the right time!).

Machine Learning Market is growing at a CAGR of 44%, with around 99,000 job listings that post machine learning as a required skill.

That’s a mind-blowing number. We are literally living in the era of data and witnessing how harnessing the power of data can transform your organizations. With close to $100 billion dollars being invested into AI, it is clear that a career as a data scientist is meant to stay for long.

But we have constantly heard people not getting their dream data science job and the reason is the gap between the skill you possess and the skill that the industry requires.

And that gap is precisely what the Ascend Pro Program helps you bridge.

NoteAscend Pro is a 7 month/30-week program and the next batch goes live on 14th August.


Key Features of Ascend Pro

Ascend Pro is a program created by Analytics Vidhya in collaboration with KPMG. Yes!!! You read it right.

The multi-billion company, through its intense research, realized the need and dearth of data scientists and decided to build a program focussing on the right amount of theory, practice, and industry insight.

The features of 30 weeks Ascend Pro include-

  • 160+ Hours of instructor-driven live sessions
  • Industry Vetted Curriculum
  • 8+ Real-World Projects on Industry data sets
  • Hands-on learning with HackConf
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Certified by: KPMG in India & Analytics Vidhya

In the coming sections, let’s explore more about these features.


Who is Ascend Pro for?

With passing time and unlimited access to information, anyone can become anything they want. With that thought, this program in collaboration with KPMG is created for anyone interested in data science. The following encapsulates the people who can pursue this program-

  • Anyone who wants to be a Master Data Scientist
  • Working Professionals who want to transition to a data science career
  • Students aspiring to be industry ready for data science and machine learning jobs


What will you learn?

Ascend Pro was made and launched keeping in mind the current market requirement and dynamics. The following roadmap captures an overview of what will be covered to make you a full-stack, industry-ready data scientist,

Ascend Pro Roadmap

And your learning experience does not stop there. Not only is the above-mentioned topic plainly taught by industry experts, the program includes-

  • 4 HackConfs – This is where the industry experts come to address the batch on the current developments how data is being leveraged in the market
  • Hackathons – Competitions where you solve the given problem using the dataset provided to you
  • 8+ projects – We will be covering 8+ projects including Food Forecasting analysis, Customer Churn Prediction, etc
  • 14+ tools – the tools covered in this course include python, pandas, NumPy, MongoDB, AWS, etc.

You can download the detailed curriculum here.


12 Full-day of HackConfs

Many of you would be wondering by now, what exactly is this HackConf. Well, it is a 3-days live interactive session by experts to build an industry perspective.

Throughout the program, we will be organizing 4 such HackConfs. Some of the things we do in HackConf includes-

  • Hands-On Workshops –  4- Intensive workshops to build your real-world hands-on skills.
  • Full-Day Hackathons – Work on real-world datasets with exciting hackathon problems

  • Assessments – Evaluate your week-long learnings through assessments.


100% Placement Assistance

As mentioned above, the Ascend pro will enrich you with knowledge and industry experience thus making you the perfect fit for any role in Data Science. Bridging the gap between education and what employers want – the ultimate jackpot Analytics Vidhya and KPMG is providing!

The placement assistance program comprises of-

  • Sessions for Resume Building & Interview Preparation
  • Personalized Mock Interviews
  • Career Support with Job Portal Primary Access
  • Get exciting hiring opportunities with Top Companies including KPMG and KPMG Global services*

To excite you more, here is a list of companies that participates regularly in our hiring drives-

Ascend pro hiring


So what are you waiting for? Go on, register, and achieve your dream data science career.

Abhiraj Suresh 12 Jul, 2021

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