Analytics Vidhya Presents JOB-A-THON – Your Dream Data Science Job at your Fingertips!

Ram Dewani 25 May, 2021
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What if I told you that your dream data science role was just around the corner?

How easy would life be if you didn’t have to scroll through job sites and referral sites to find and apply for the data science jobs you wanted? If you could showcase your data science skills and get interviewed based on your performance – wouldn’t that just be an ideal scenario.

Sounds too good to be true? Buckle up – because you are about to go on a dream data science job ride!

Analytics Vidhya is thrilled to present JOB-A-THON!

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That’s right – we are bringing the best data science companies right to your doorstep! No longer do you need to waste time searching and finding the perfect data science job – with JOB-A-THON, you can now browse through your ideal data science roles all in one place and you can earn your right to be interviewed by hiring data science organizations.



What is JOB-A-THON?

JOB-A-THON” is India’s largest Data Science Hackathon, where every data science enthusiast will get the opportunity to showcase their skills and get a chance to interview with top companies for leading job roles in Data Science, Machine Learning & Analytics.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that you simply cannot miss.

In JOB-A-THON, you don’t require any referral or a special college degree. Here, only your data science skills matter! Are you excited? Let’s deep dive into the opportunities that stand ahead of you!


Which Companies are Participating in the JOB-A-THON?


JOB-A-THON offers you a plethora of opportunities with various prestigious and renowned companies. Here are a few organizations that may recruit you on the basis of your performance –

Phew! Those are a lot of organizations waiting for you! Not just that, there are many positions open within each organization. Below is a snippet of the job profiles and their locations. To learn more about the companies and the open positions, you can visit JOB-A-THON.

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How does JOB-A-THON work?

Here’s how it works:

JOB-A-THON connects data science enthusiasts like you with top companies across India who are looking to hire the best talent for data science & machine learning roles. Let’s see how you can get started on this hiring journey –

  1. Sign-up for the hackathon here and fill in the required details.
  2. Participate in the online ML Hackathon from 28th -30th May and achieve a valid rank on the leaderboard.
  3. One of the participating recruiter firms will reach out to you based on your performance and their requirements.
  4. You get hired and start your dream job in the exciting field of data science.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Head over to JOB-A-THON and get started on achieving your dream job!

Ram Dewani 25 May, 2021

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viitorcloud4 03 Dec, 2021

Thank You for sharing this blog. It is very informative. To know more about this topic. Visit our website.

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