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2021 is a year that proved nothing is better than a Proof of Work to evaluate any candidate’s worth, initiative, and skill.

Pursuing any data science project will help you polish your resume. These projects will not only deepen an understanding of the concepts but also, help you gain some practical experience in the data science industry. Moreover, they serve as a great proof of work rather than merely completing courses.

Students and even professionals create their own portfolios or do professional projects that are available on various websites. These projects will give you an opportunity to network with other professionals in the same industry.

Data Scientists Meeting

To develop a professional portfolio, it is important for you to have different projects. Each project should be well-structured and handled professionally. With your delivery skills for a particular project, you could get a job opportunity, as well. Thus, it is important for you to make sure that you develop specific skills via these projects.


As a data scientist, you must have the following skillsets in your portfolio:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • technical competence
  • know the ‘data’ at a deeper level
  • take initiatives and experiment
  • domain expertise


Components that a Data Science Project must entail:

  • Problem statement: This is the prime component of any project. Your project will solve this problem and state various approaches to resolve the issues in the current model.
  • Dataset: This is one of the most important features of your project. It isn’t easy to find genuine, huge data. So, take your time and find datasets from authentic sources.
  • Algorithm: There are different algorithms that could be used to analyze the data and predict the results. Some of these algorithms are Regression Algorithms, Regression Trees, Naive Bayes Algorithm, and Vector Quantization.
  • Training Models: These models will help you to predict accurate outcomes of your project. Thus, it is important for you to use proper training techniques, against various inputs and outputs.

Read this article to understand how you can choose the most appropriate project for yourself.

Add these Projects to your professional journey!

Computer Vision Projects

computer vision | Projects of Data Science 2021


Language: Python

This project aims at developing practical algorithms which will help to restore the damaged images. We know how important it is for us to have crystal clear images, be it our lost photos or uploading images to our blog.

Images, in the end, are a way to tempt people (food, travel, and fashion industry) and attract us which leads to the business generation of various industries. The ESRGAN uses a discriminator that help us to understand what percent of the image is being real or fake. So, do you wish to find out? If someone is misleading you with fake images?


Robust Video Matting (RVM)

Language: Python

RVM is a new branch of art performance. It can perform matting in real-time, uses a recurrent neural network to process the videos.

This project is going to be fun! This one is specially going to be great for people who aspire to become influencers or might like to create videos, recording all your special videos.  Here, you will be able to have a green screen behind or any other background of your choice. So, while sitting at home. You could take some pleasure by feeling the beach or mountains…VIRTUALLY!

Do try this project and share the YouTube link of your video in the comments section with us.



Language: Python

GFPGAN develops a practical algorithm for real-face (or blind) restoration. In this project, you will be able to work on images that aren’t clear in quality and are of blind people. So, you will be required to make their facial features, especially their eyes clear.

Sometimes, it could be challenging because not all features of your face can be restored properly. This project will help you learn the technology where you will be able to restore low-quality face images via semantic aware style transformation.




Read our latest article on Implementing Computer Vision.

Natural Language Processing Projects

Projects of data science 2021 | NLP


Language: Python and DockerFile

Has it happened to you? That you receive a text from someone whom you don’t know and they happen to reveal your personal details, maybe some friends playing a prank on you or someone blackmailing you?

Well, not anymore! Once you pursue, the ‘what’ project, you will be able to know the unknown. Hahaha…sounds mysterious? Jokes apart, this project will help you to find details like emails, IP addresses, and more.

Pursue this project to know more!



Language: Python, MakeFile, and TypeScript

This project is inspired by modern web development. This project uses Rich to render the rich text, so anything that Rich can render could also be done in Textual. Some of the examples: animation, calculator, grid layout, a simple textual app with scrolling markdown view – all of this could be done under this project.


Change Detection

This project will help you learn about making simple changes on the self-hosted sources, open-source websites that help to monitor the changes and provide notifications for each change that takes place. The focus on change type will be text-related changes.

For example: On the government websites, when COVID-19 related news changes, with respect to the number of new cases/ number of people, died/ number of recovered people, and so on.


Machine Learning Projects

machine learning | Projects of Data Science 2021


This project is designed to teach today’s aspiring MI Engineers, the popular machine learning concepts which give an opportunity to use different ways of application. Once you complete this project, you will be able to learn a lot of topics from machine learning via using different algorithms.

SeaLion was developed by Anish Lakkapragada, as a freshman in high school. The library is meant for beginner-level data science enthusiasts who would be interested in solving the standard libraries like iris, breast cancer, swiss roll, etc.


Data Engineering Projects

Data Engineering

Deploy Machine Learning Model using Flask (with Code)

This project is one of the most practical projects you would be doing. This will not only help you learn here, in the process of completion. But also, in every sphere of data science. This project will help you learn how you will be able to put any of your machine learning models into production.

This project will introduce you to Flask which is a web application framework written in Python. The flask has multiple modules and will help web developers to write their applications without having to worry about the details like protocol management, thread management, and so on. It gives you an opportunity to work on different web applications and gives you the necessary tools that help you build a web application.

Read more on using flask for Data Science here.


Time Series Projects

Time series


Time series analysis is a vital component of the Data Science and Engineering industry where important concepts like key statistics and detecting regressions are used to forecast future trends.


Kats is a toolkit where you could analyze the time series data. This is a generalized project which can be used even by new people in the data science industry. The project could have an extensive framework where you could perform time series analysis. This would include understanding different concepts like key statistics and characteristics, detecting change points and anomalies.


Time Series using Merlion

Merlion is a python project which will help you to polish your concepts of machine learning. This is part of the time series intelligence which includes loading and transforming the data. It will help you to learn various time series learning tasks, which include, forecasting, anomaly detection, etc. This project will specifically focus on providing engineers and researchers with, one-stop solution to develop models for multiple time-series datasets.

This project has different modules which makes it easier for the data scientists to pursue. Also, it provides a unique evaluation framework that simulates the live deployment and re-training of a model in production.



Share your views with us in the comments below. How did you like our top suggestions for 2021 projects? And, if you’re worried after reading this article that you didn’t pursue any projects in 2021, frankly, then, don’t be. Promise yourself and add at least five of these courses as goals for 2022. Because learning is always an ongoing process.

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Happy Learning!

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