Analytics Vidhya’s Top 10 Machine Learning Blogs in 2022

Sanjana Rajpal 20 Feb, 2024 • 5 min read


Though machine learning isn’t a relatively new concept, organizations are increasingly switching to big data and ML models to unleash hidden insights from data, scale their operations better, and predict and confront any underlying business challenges. All this positively impacts the ML industry while opening up new career avenues, job roles, a plethora of opportunities to harness this field, and much more.

Machine Learning

In line with our quest for knowledge sharing with the world, here are the top 10 blogs on machine learning published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022. The blogs have been chosen based on how impeccably they are written, the maximum number of views, and engagement. We hope this list will help you get your pressing questions about ML answered and give you an opportunity to connect with those who have the knowledge and experience to use them to a greater benefit.

So, Let’s dive into the concepts of machine learning.

1. Different Types of Regression Models

Ranking right at the first spot amongst the top 10 blogs on machine learning published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022 is a spotless work by author Prashant Sharma. The blog revolves around different types of regression models and is a technically-sound piece of information. 

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2. Diabetes Prediction Using Machine Learning

Written by one of our top guest authors Aman Preet Gulati, this blog on ‘Diabetes Prediction Using Machine Learning’ is at the second spot in the list of top 10 blogs on machine learning published on AV in 2022. The blog talks about an ML model, Pima Indians Diabetes Database, and its features that help ascertain if a person has diabetes.

The article predicts whether the patient has diabetes or not on the basis of the features, we will provide to our machine learning model, and for that, we will be using the famous Pima Indians Diabetes Database. It reads the dataset, which is in the CSV format

3. Complete Guide on Rest API with Python and Flask

At the third spot amongst the list of top 10 blogs on machine learning published on AV in 2022 is a creation by author Raghav Agrawal on the topic “Rest API with Python and Flask.” The article is crafted for advanced machine learning professionals and covers all the doubts about Rest API. The blog is a must-read for those who understand Python and Flask.

Rest API is now growing as the most common method for connecting components in a microservice architecture. APIs will enable you to get or send data to a website and perform some action to get your task done over a web service. Ticket booking apps use a desired single portal API to keep updated data at a familiar interface. The article creates the Hello world API, which says that if you hit a get request on it, you will get a JSON response because it’s universal that API always gives a JSON-type response.

4. Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning

Securing the fourth spot in the list of top 10 blogs on machine learning published on AV in 2022 is a blog about ‘Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning’ coined by author Aman Preet Gulati. The blog is technically-dense and covers everything to know about heart disease prediction. Created by one of our popular guest authors, Aman Preet Gulati, this blog is a must-read for all inclined toward harnessing ML’s power in healthcare to reap powerful outcomes.

In this article, we will be closely working with the heart disease prediction and will look into the heart disease dataset. From that dataset, we will derive various insights that help us know the weightage of each feature and how they are interrelated to each other, but our sole aim this time is to detect the probability of a person being affected by a saviour’s heart problem or not.

5. K-Fold Cross Validation Technique and its Essentials

Yet another well-written and deeply explained blog amongst the list of top 10 blogs on machine learning published on AV in 2022 is about ‘K-Fold Cross Validation Technique and its Essentials’ authored by Shanthababu Pandian. The blog sheds light on K-Fold Cross Validation techniques, model performance, its significance, the accuracy of the model and performance, the life cycle of K-Fold cross-validation, its key rules, model selection, parameter tuning, and K-Fold in visual form.

6. Loan Approval Prediction Machine Learning

Author Vedansh Shrivastava penned down a technically-rich and informative article on “Loan Approval Prediction Machine Learning” wherein he explained a classification problem of whether the loan will be provided or not. If you have doubts about classification problems, this blog is a must-read. The author explained classification as a predictive modeling problem where a class label is predicted for a given example of input data. 

7. Implementing Logistic Regression from Scratch using Python

Loan Approval Prediction Machine Learning” by author Sunil Kumar is yet another one of the best blogs to read on machine learning. The article is apt for beginners just starting out in the field of ML. You’d find the concept of implementing logistic regression explained to the ‘T’ also touching upon subjects as importing libraries for logistic regression, standardization, initializing parameters, sigmoid function, cost function, gradient descent, prediction, F-1 score, and more.

logistic regression | machine learning

If you have already been introduced to the concept of logistic regression and are looking for an informative article to help you implement the same using Python, bookmark this right away.

8. Image Classification Using Machine Learning

If you’re looking for a deeply explained informative article on how to perform image classification using machine learning, this is the right spot for you. Penned by one of our best authors, the article is a comprehensive put-together work that helps explain to readers why Deep Learning is preferred for image classification. The concepts explained and demonstrated in this article will help serve research purposes if one desires to compare their CNN image classifier model with some machine learning algorithms. 

9. Flight Fare Prediction Using Machine Learning

Suppose you’re looking for a wholesome and well-explained write-up on analyzing flight fare prediction using Machine Learning dataset using essential exploratory data analysis techniques. In that case, we suggest you bookmark it right away. Penned by author Aman Preet Gulati, the article explains how to draw some predictions about the price of the flight based on some features such as what type of airline it is, what is the arrival time, what is the departure time, what is the duration of the flight, source, destination and more.

10. Linear Regression with Python Implementation

If you have a basic understanding of linear regression and ML, this article further adds up to your knowledge by explaining all related concepts in a detailed manner. Written by author Shailash M, it is one of the best blogs on ML on Analytics Vidhya in 2022. The article touches upon an introduction to ML, different types of ML algorithms (supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement machine learning), regression, implementation of linear regression, and more.


We hope you have bookmarked the above list of top 10 blogs on machine learning published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022. ML is slowly and gradually paving its way to becoming one of the most viable propositions we have today. If you’re keen to explore the world of machine learning or have already begun this amazing journey, do check out the above blogs to have all-encompassing ML knowledge.

Also, please comment below how did you like our work and what other topic you want us to cover in the next articles. We would love to hear from you!

Sanjana Rajpal 20 Feb 2024

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