AGI Revolution is Comparable to the Invention of the Wheel: AI Godfather Geoffrey Hinton

Yana Khare 10 Apr, 2023 • 4 min read

Geoffrey Hinton: Godfather of AI

Geoffrey Hinton, often considered the “godfather of artificial intelligence,” has been pioneering machine learning since before it became a buzzword. Hinton has made significant contributions to the development of artificial neural networks and machine learning algorithms. Hinton is a professor at the University of Toronto and a researcher at Google Brain. He co-invented backpropagation, which is a fundamental algorithm used for training artificial neural networks. He also played a significant role in the development of Boltzmann machines. These machines are probabilistic generative models that can learn to represent complex data distributions. As the mind behind numerous breakthroughs in AI, his words carry immense weight in the industry. Let’s look at how he compares the revolution of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) with the invention of the wheel and sees the future of AI.

Geoffrey Hinton is the Godfather of AI | Researcher at Google Brain

Source: Toronto Life

A Jaw-Dropping Google AI That Understands Humor

In an interview on March 1st, 2023, Hinton revealed his amazement at a new AI model developed by Google that could explain why a joke is funny. This groundbreaking capability raises the bar for artificial intelligence, and we’re itching to know more. Hinton applauded Google for taking a more careful approach when developing advanced AI models. In his opinion, this cautiousness may prove invaluable as the field of AI continues to evolve and revolutionize our world.

Modern AI vs. The Human Brain: A Surprising Twist

AGI | AI vs Human Brain | Geoffrey Hinton

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Hinton’s perspective differs from the common belief that artificial neural networks operate similarly to the human brain. He suggests that, although modern AI models are excellent at communication, the human brain remains far more advanced in its ability to learn from less data. This intriguing insight shows there’s still much to learn about the complex relationship between AI and human cognition.

Can AI Understand Different Worldviews?

Hinton observed that current AI systems share identical worldviews, meaning they cannot comprehend diverse interpretations of the same physical reality. He envisions a future where machines will be advanced enough to understand different perspectives, opening new doors for AI applications.

The Future of Coding: Is It Worth Learning?

When asked if it still makes sense to teach coding to a vast number of people, Hinton admitted his uncertainty. This revelation could spark a heated debate about the relevance of coding skills amidst rapid advancements in artificial intelligence. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft have already started developing low-code and no-code app-building tools, guiding us toward a world where technological advancements will not rely on coding skills.

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Google vs. Microsoft: A Cautious AI Battle

Google vs Microsoft - who leads the race of AI chatbots?

Source: Tech Talks

Hinton boldly stated that he believes Google will be far more careful than Microsoft in releasing its chatbot, praising the tech giant for its cautiousness. He went on to call Microsoft “extremely brave” for releasing ChatGPT, the powerful AI chatbot. Hinton didn’t shy away from admitting his concerns when asked about the potential dangers of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to humanity. He said, “I do a bit.” This cautious outlook from the godfather of AI himself should be taken seriously by everyone involved in AGI development.

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AI’s Impact on Jobs: Two Sides of the Coin

Hinton provided an insightful perspective on AI’s impact on employment. He suggests that we could either have fewer people performing the tasks of many or maintain current workforce levels to accomplish significantly more work. This thought-provoking take reveals that AI’s effects on the job market could be a double-edged sword.

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AGI Revolution: The Invention of the Wheel Reimagined

AGI revolution compared to the revolution of the wheel

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Hinton went on to compare the AGI revolution to the invention of the wheel, illustrating the profound impact this technology could have on humanity. With AI shaping our lives in unprecedented ways, it’s clear that we’re witnessing history in the making. Don’t miss out on this jaw-dropping news about Google’s AI developments and the future of artificial intelligence, as revealed by the AI godfather himself!

Our Say

As the godfather of artificial intelligence, Geoffrey Hinton’s insights offer a glimpse into the breathtaking future of AI. With groundbreaking developments like Google’s joke-explaining model and the cautious approaches to chatbot releases, we’re witnessing the dawning of a new era in artificial intelligence.

As AI continues to advance and transform our world, understanding different worldviews, revolutionizing the job market, and redefining the relevance of coding, it’s essential for us to stay informed and engage in meaningful discussions. With the AGI revolution likened to the invention of the wheel, we must brace ourselves for the monumental changes that lie ahead.

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Yana Khare 10 Apr 2023

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