Yana Khare — Published On May 3, 2023
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for quite some time now. The hype around AI has hit a fever pitch over the past few months due to excitement about ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot, and the role of AI in the digital economy. While many believe that we’ve entered the fiber optic world of AI, Sachin Duggal, co-founder, and CEO of Builder.ai, thinks we’re only in the AOL phase of AI development. In an interview with CNBC, he said the space needs a reality check.

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Sachin Duggal, co-founder and CEO of Builder.ai, thinks we're only in the AOL phase of AI development.

The Perception Vs. Reality in the World of AI

Sachin Duggal’s comments come as the industry raves about AI, with venture capitalists throwing big money at startups to develop AI tools in the hope that this represents as significant a shift for the digital economy as the invention of the iPhone. ChatGPT, in particular, has amassed over 100 million users since its Nov. 2022 release, according to investment bank UBS, making it one of the fastest-growing consumer apps ever.

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However, Sachin Duggal argues that the perception that we’re in the fiber optic world of AI is far from reality. He compares today’s AI systems to the dial-up internet of yesteryear, saying that we’ve only just begun to imagine what’s possible with AI, and there is a lot of development in AI which will happen soon.

“AOL made the internet easily understandable for folks. BlackBerry made messaging understandable,” said Duggal. “At one point, it was the most popular device, and people were queuing to get the phone. It was the Apple of its era.”

Technology Surrounds by Hype

The co-founder and CEO of Builder.ai believe that AI technology is surrounded by hype. He thinks that it has got people freaked out for no reason. According to Duggal, knowledge graphs are data models that connect relationships between different concepts, entities, and events. They show greater accuracy and understanding of context than large language models like OpenAI’s GPT-4.

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Technology Surrounds by Hype | digital economy | AI Development |

“An LLM is simply telling you what it thinks the next word is with a high degree of probability, whereas a knowledge graph can compose pattern relationships that it knows and how things work out. So it’s not just predicting what’s next,” he said.

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Our Say

The co-founder and CEO of Builder.ai’s perspective on the current state of AI highlight the need for more research and development in the field. While AI has come a long way, much must be learned and explored. As researchers continue to push the limits of what’s possible with AI, we can expect to see more advancements that will help us better understand and utilize this technology.


In conclusion, Duggal’s comments remind us that while AI has come a long way, we’re still in the AOL phase of AI’s development. As the industry continues to invest in and explore this technology, we can expect to see more significant advancements in the future. With knowledge graphs and other cutting-edge technologies already making their mark, we can’t wait to see what’s next for AI.

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