Education Partner Urges for AI Integration in School Curriculum

Yana Khare 04 May, 2023
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Afrelib Academy urges the federal government of Nigeria for AI integration in the school curriculum nationwide. | Education | AI

Afrelib Academy is an education learning solution-providing organization. It has urged the federal government of Nigeria for AI integration in the school curriculum nationwide. The academy believes AI is one of the emerging technologies that should be taught in educational institutions to keep up with global advancements.

Joyce Gomina, the Head of Operations/Program, addressed reporters at a press briefing in Abuja. Additionally, she stated that Afrelib Academy’s initiatives aim to promote literary and technological appreciation for improved education outcomes in West Africa, starting from Nigeria. She explained that AI integration into the school curriculum would save teachers’ time and make learning fun for students.

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Unique Voice of Children

Joyce Gomina emphasized that every child has a unique voice. The academy listens to it as a team of expert educators committed to supporting learners, parents, teachers, and schools to achieve the best educational outcomes. The academy curates innovative Education Technology platforms and successful teaching practices worldwide to deliver better academic results at scale.

Challenges Faced by Schools

While engaging with schools in the FCT region in Nigeria, Afrelib Academy came across an independent school without intelligent devices to access teaching resources on apps or platforms. Although schools operating in such environments do what they can, which is typically not much, COVID-19 disparities have widened the learning gap even further. Afrelib Academy partnered with PAGS Profile, an AI-enabled online assessment, and progress monitoring tool, to bridge this gap.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Learning Outcomes

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Learning Outcomes | Education | Afrelib Academy

The Afrelib Academy team uses PAGS Profile to gain unique insights into how children learn, identify learning and skill gaps, and provide teachers with strategies and resources to close identified learning gaps. Underserved children with additional educational needs are often overlooked or forgotten and sometimes condemned to fail. By using technology and AI, teachers can have all the research done in a short amount of time. For example, a teacher that uses ChatGPT can create a lesson plan in less than 10 minutes. Once the lesson plan has been completed, it can be customized in another 10 minutes or even less.

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Benefits of Integrating AI into School Curriculum

AI integration into the school curriculum would save teachers’ time while making teaching and learning more enjoyable for students. Instead of spending two hours researching and finding different tools required to teach a particular topic, teachers can use technology and AI to access all the necessary resources. With AI, teachers can quickly identify students’ learning gaps and provide personalized learning experiences that cater to their unique needs.

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Preparing for the Future

Afrelib Academy incorporating AI into the school curriculum to increase digital literacy skills.

Afrelib Academy believes in monitoring the trajectory of the future. Furthermore, it wants to ensure they provide the teaching and learning skills required for educators and learners to be ready for that future. They understand that incorporating AI into the school curriculum is essential to improve education and prepare students for the future job market. Thus, increasing the required digital literacy skills.

Our Say

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into the school curriculum will benefit both teachers and students. It will save teachers’ time and make education more enjoyable for students. Afrelib Academy’s advocacy for including AI in the school curriculum is timely and essential to prepare students for the future. The government should consider this proposal and take steps toward integrating AI into the school curriculum.

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Yana Khare 04 May, 2023

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