BYJU’s Uses AI to Tailor Your Educational Journey

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 09 Jun, 2023 • 3 min read

BYJU’s, India’s leading ed-tech company, has recently launched BYJU’s WIZ, an innovative suite of AI models designed to revolutionize the learning experience. Comprising three distinct components—BADRI, MathGPT, and TeacherGPT. This suite aims to provide hyper-personalized learning while emphasizing the continued importance of teachers in education. BYJU’s WIZ harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, offer accurate solutions to complex math challenges, and promote independent problem-solving skills. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking development that promises to reshape education.

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BYJU's, India's leading ed-tech company, has recently launched BYJU's WIZ - an innovative suite of AI models designed to transform education.

Introducing BYJU’s WIZ: The Suite of AI Models

BYJU’s WIZ introduces three remarkable AI models set to redefine the landscape of personalized learning. The suite includes BADRI, an AI model that utilizes personalized “forgetting curves” to analyze a student’s strengths and weaknesses comprehensively. MathGPT employs advanced machine learning algorithms to tackle complex math problems, including challenging trigonometric proofs. Finally, TeacherGPT is an AI-driven assistant that provides personalized guidance and fosters independent problem-solving skills.

BYJU's WIZ has 3 components: MathGPT, TeacherGPT, and BaDRi | AI in education

Personalized Learning Redefined

BYJU’s is proud to announce that its AI models boast an impressive accuracy rate of nearly 90%. By leveraging the company’s vast data repository and utilizing existing models, BYJU’s WIZ creates an immersive and tailored learning experience for each student. Unlike the conventional one-size-fits-all approach, WIZ predicts a student’s knowledge state, identifies misconceptions & learning gaps, and offers personalized learning pathways. This enhances student engagement and effectiveness and optimizes internal systems such as teacher audits.

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A Collaborative Approach: Teachers and AI Together

BYJU’s WIZ results from the collaborative efforts of researchers, data scientists, and educational experts at BYJU’s Labs. The team has taken great care to ensure the AI models are safe, reliable, and closely aligned with the curriculum. While incorporating AI technology aims to enhance efficiency within the organization, it emphatically does not seek to replace teachers. Instead, AI empowers teachers by providing precise feedback on student performance, enabling them to better assist students in their learning journey.

BYJU's WIZ is an innovative suite of AI models designed to help teachers teach better.

Teachers as Irreplaceable Mentors

Divya Gokulnath, the co-founder of BYJU’s, emphasizes that the integration of AI in education is not meant to diminish the role of teachers. On the contrary, AI technology serves as a tool to support and enhance teachers’ effectiveness. Gokulnath firmly asserts that no AI can replicate the human touch and expertise teachers bring to video lessons, live classes, or tuition centers. The goal is to provide teachers with valuable insights & feedback on student progress, allowing them to guide students more effectively.

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Divya Gokulnath, the co-founder of BYJU's believes that AI models in education cannot replace teachers.
Source: Newsdrum

Technology and Teachers: A Collaborative Partnership

Gokulnath underlines that the relationship between technology and teachers is not a competition but a collaboration. By leveraging AI, teachers can be more efficient and better equipped to nurture students’ learning abilities. The presence of teachers in the classroom remains indispensable for the holistic development of students. Gokulnath affirms that teachers’ human touch, care, and guidance are irreplaceable, even in the era of advanced technology.

Our Say

BYJU’s WIZ, the suite of AI models for personalized learning, ushers in a new era in education. With BADRI, MathGPT, and TeacherGPT, BYJU aims to transform the learning experience by offering tailored learning pathways and accurate solutions to complex math problems. Understanding that AI models are designed to support and empower teachers, not replace them, is crucial. Teachers can leverage AI to gain valuable insights and feedback through a collaborative approach, ensuring every student receives the best education possible. With BYJU’s WIZ, the synergy between technology and teachers heralds a future where personalized learning and human mentorship go hand in hand.

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