Top 10 Free AI Apps for Education

Ayushi Trivedi 29 Mar, 2024
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Learning and teaching are being redefined in the rapidly evolving field of education by artificial intelligence (AI). Its influence is increasing. AI-powered apps are transforming traditional approaches to education with their capacity to provide quick access to information, customized learning experiences, and state-of-the-art tools for both teachers and students. This article looks at the top 10 free AI education apps, which offer a range of features like language learning and math problem solving with the goal of enhancing the learning experience.

Key Factors

The top 10 free AI apps for education were selected based on several factors:

  • Popularity and Reputation: Students, teachers, and the education community have come to know and love these apps, which have garnered widespread recognition.
  • Features and Functionality: Every app has its own features and functions that address various learning requirements. These include quizzes, arithmetic problem-solving, language learning, and more.
  • User Reviews and Ratings: Positive user reviews and high ratings on app stores and review platforms were taken into account during the selection process.
  • Educational Value: These apps offer a great deal of educational value in the form of collaboration, progress tracking, individualized learning, and access to excellent educational content.
  • Accessibility: Since all apps are free to download, neither budgetary constraints can prevent students or teachers from using them.
  • Platform Compatibility: The applications are compatible with a variety of devices and may be found on well-known platforms like iOS, Android, and the web.

    The applications that were chosen after taking these factors into account offer a wide variety of instructional resources that use AI to improve user learning.

Now that the factors are clear, let us look into the top 10 free AI apps for education:

Free AI Apps for Education

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a well-known language-learning program that facilitates efficient language learning for users through AI-driven exercises and customized learning paths.



  • Language courses: Learn a number of languages, including German, French, Spanish, and more.
  • Bite-sized Lessons: Learn through brief, interactive classes that make learning a language fun.
  • Speaking Practice: Use AI chatbots and exercises to practice speaking and listening.
  • Progress tracking: Keep track of your development and receive incentives for finishing tasks and lessons.

Platform: Android and iOS

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides individualized learning possibilities with its vast library of educational videos and assignments spanning a wide range of subjects.

Khan Academy


  • Educational Videos: You may watch thousands of videos covering science, math, history, economics, and other topics.
  • Practice Exercises: Complete practice problems and quizzes to help you remember the material.
  • Monitoring progress: Stay informed about advancements with in-depth analysis and recommendations for improvement.
  • Test-Prep: Prepare for national examinations like the SAT and GMAT, among others.

Platforms: iOS and Android

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is an app that helps students learn and remember material by providing flashcards, tests, and study games.



  • Flashcards: Make and review flashcards covering a range of topics.
  • Study Games: Play interactive study games to help you remember what you’ve learned.
  • Quizzes: Take quizzes to gauge your knowledge and monitor your development.
  • Collaborative Study: Join study groups and distribute study materials among peers to engage in collaborative learning.

Platform: Android and iOS

4. Photomath

Using only your device’s camera to scan math problems, Photomath is an app that solves math problems step-by-step using artificial intelligence.



  • Math Problem Solver: Quickly scan and resolve mathematical difficulties.
  • Method by Method Solutions: Obtain thorough justifications for every stage of the issue.
  • Graphing: Use interactive graphs to visualize mathematical difficulties.
  • Handwriting Recognition: Identify math problems written by hand and use them for solutions.

Platform: Android and iOS

5. Google Classroom

Described as a free tool, Google Classroom helps professors and students collaborate, communicate, and distribute assignments more efficiently.

Google Classroom


  • Distribution of Assignments: Teachers can easily design, assign, and grade homework.
  • Class Communication: Inform students of upcoming events, available materials, and their comments in class.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: In real time, work together on presentations, documents, and projects.
  • Connectivity to Google Apps: Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, and other apps are easily integrated.

Platform: Web, iOS, Android

6. Socratic by Google

Using videos, step-by-step answers, and explanations, Socratic is an AI-powered Google app that assists students with their homework.

Socratic by Google


  • Homework Help: For help with math, physics, history, and other subjects, get prompt explanations and solutions.
  • In Detail Solutions: Follow thorough, sequential instructions to comprehend the procedure.
  • AI Support: Scan homework problems and easily solve them with the aid of AI.
  • Subject Coverage: Broad coverage of a variety of topics, including literature and algebra.

Platform: iOS, Android

7. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is an online learning platform featuring free lectures, workshops, and cartoons selected by global educators and animators.



  • Educational Videos: Watch excellent animated lessons covering a variety of topics with our educational videos.
  • Lesson Customization: Customize your courses with discussion topics, quizzes, and other elements.
  • Explore Topics: Learn about science, literature, history, and other subjects.
  • TED Talks: Watch motivational speeches by professionals and thinking leaders on TED Talks.

Platform: Android and iOS

8. EdX

The online learning portal EdX provides free courses from prestigious universities and organizations across the globe. It addresses many different topics.



  • Free Courses: Thousands of free courses are available to you through MIT, Harvard, and other colleges.
  • Verified credentials: Get certifications for the courses you’ve completed to show your proficiency.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Learn at your own pace with customizable course dates.
  • Expert Instructors: Your teachers will be professors and renowned experts in a range of fields.

Platform: Android, iOS, and Web

9. Coursera

With an emphasis on job improvement, Coursera is another well-known online learning platform that provides free courses from universities and organizations across the world.



  • Free Courses: Take advantage of free courses offered by prominent universities such as Stanford, Yale, and others.
  • Specialization: Look into specialist courses in technology, business, data science, and other fields.
  • Practical Skills: Acquire practical skills by means of tasks and projects that need hands-on work.
  • Flexible Learning: Use on-demand video lectures to study at your own speed.

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web

10. Babbel

Babbel is an AI-driven language-learning app that provides beginners with free lessons in a number of different languages.



  • Classes for beginners: Start your language education with classes for beginners.
  • Develop Your Lexicon: Learn the essential words and phrases from daily life.
  • Exercises for Active Listening: Use these audio recordings to improve your pronunciation and your ability to listen.
  • Recognition of Language: Pronounce words out loud and receive pronunciation corrections.

Platforms: Android and iOS

These top 10 free AI apps for education stand out as effective resources for teachers and students alike as the digital age continues to change the face of education. These applications provide a wide range of features intended to improve learning experiences, from language learning to arithmetic problem-solving and access to free courses from prestigious universities. Students may easily explore new topics, study at their own pace, and receive individualized feedback thanks to the simplicity of use of mobile platforms and AI algorithms. Using these AI-powered apps opens up new educational opportunities and improves the accessibility, effectiveness, and engagement of learning.

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Ayushi Trivedi 29 Mar, 2024

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