Khan Academy X Microsoft: Khanmigo AI For Teachers is Now 100% Free

Pankaj Singh 23 May, 2024 • 3 min read

AI is bridging the gap between human knowledge and human understanding. Likewise, various AI tools personalize teaching and help make learning fun for both teachers and students. 

After the release of GPT 4o, which features Sal Khan solving math problems, it became clear that the education sector is ready to take a giant leap in educating students through AI. 

In a recent update, Khan Academy partnered with Microsoft to provide free Khanmigo access to all teachers in the United States. Khanmigo is an AI platform that assists teachers with differentiation, rubric development, exit ticket writing, standards-aligned lesson plan creation, and more.

Khan Academy X Microsoft

Khan Academy and Khanmigo: An Overview 

Founded in 2006 by Sal Khan, Khan Academy is an American nonprofit educational organization committed to creating online tools that facilitate student learning. Known for its extensive library of short video lessons, the organization also provides supplementary practice exercises and resources for educators, aiming to deliver accessible, high-quality educational content.

Now, teachers can join the millions who trust Khan Academy and start using the pilot version of Khanmigo for Teachers, developed in partnership with Microsoft. The IEP Assistant allows teachers to quickly create summer learning plans for students needing targeted support, while the Report Card Comments tool helps wrap up the school year efficiently. Additionally, the Leveler tool enables teachers to adjust text complexity to suit various student reading levels, providing a head start for the next academic year. Achieving differentiation from day one? That’s a true advantage!

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What Teachers Get From: Khan Academy With Microsoft

As per Khan Academy, Khanmigo will greatly reduce the time teachers spend on prep work, over 50% of their working hours.

It’s a new day, and thanks to this partnership between Microsoft and Khan Academy, the effort applied by teachers and students is where it needs to be. Khanmigo empowers educators to manage multiple tasks, such as easily

Generating rubrics, Writing quizzes, and exercise questions, flashcards, poetry\glazing the idea in art (This is not a complete list. Let your imagination go wild!). Crafting exit tickets, Writing interactive introductions that grab students’ interests and hook them from the first line Individual Education Plan (IEP) support

And that’s just the beginning! Khanmigo offers over 20 different task capabilities, with more to come.

Khanmigo makes AI for teachers as easy as Don’t Tell Me to Do It! It has enabled teachers to eliminate unproductive lesson preparation and invest more time in their students.

Our Say

The partnership of Khan Academy and Microsoft, as shown in the Harmony AI tool has been an education game changer. Because I reduce the amount of time it takes to prep by over fifty per cent, instead of spending time on creating content or practice problems. Teachers can spend more time really interacting with students and providing more focused support, too!

Khanmigo’s capabilities extend even further with its differentiators, rubric builders, IEP assistance, and text-level analyzing tools that make all students’ needs easily achievable. which improves the quality and engagement of education; thus, learning becomes much more open…

By offering free access to Khanmigo at no cost to all U.S. teachers, we are democratizing education so that each and every teacher can now use advanced AI tools for teaching as they relate to students. The partnership showcases how technology can close gaps in education to ensure that learning is personalized, efficient, and engaging.

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Pankaj Singh 23 May 2024

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