Meet Instagram’s AI Chatbot – Your New Best Friend

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 08 Jun, 2023 • 3 min read

Helpful friends are always there to answer questions, give advice, and support us in expressing ourselves better. Now, Instagram is taking friendship to a whole new level by building an AI friend just for you. This clever chatbot, similar to ChatGPT, not only promises to provide answers and guidance but also allows you to choose from an impressive array of 30 different personalities. Let’s dive deeper into this exciting development!

Instagram brings you a new best friend in the form of an AI chatbot with 30 different personalities to choose from!

Instagram’s AI Chatbot: Your New Virtual Friend

Instagram is working on an innovative chatbot feature that will enhance your messaging experience. A renowned mobile developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, recently made a fascinating discovery while reverse-engineering Instagram’s code. He revealed that Instagram’s AI chatbot can answer questions, offer advice, and even assist with writing messages. Imagine having a friendly AI companion to rely on whenever you need help or guidance.

Choose Your AI Friend’s Personality

One of the most intriguing aspects of this AI chatbot is the option to select from 30 different personalities. Whether you prefer a witty and sarcastic chatbot or a calm and empathetic one, Instagram aims to provide a wide range of virtual friends to suit everyone’s preferences. This personalized touch adds a unique and exciting element to your interactions.

Instagram's AI chatbot wants to be your new best friend!

The Leak and Confirmation

Alessandro Paluzzi shared his findings with the world through a tweet. Paluzzi expressed his excitement about Instagram’s plan to introduce AI Agents (Bots) to enhance chat in his tweet. He mentioned that these AI Agents will be capable of answering questions and providing advice. Paluzzi’s leaked screenshot from Instagram’s code showcases the platform’s message: “Bring AI to your chats for a more fun and engaging experience.” This leak has generated significant buzz and anticipation among Instagram users.

Instagram brings you a new best friend in the form of an AI chatbot with 30 different personalities to choose from, says Paluzzi's tweet!

Learning from Snapchat’s Experience

Snapchat, another popular social media platform, introduced its own version of a chatbot called My AI. While My AI offered unique features like writing haikus, planning trips and suggesting birthday gifts, some users found it intrusive and disruptive to their Snapchat experience. Concerns about the chatbot’s access to personal information, such as users’ locations, were raised. While developing its AI chatbot, Instagram will likely consider these concerns, ensuring a more seamless integration into the platform.

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Meta’s Exploration of AI

As the parent company of Instagram, Meta has been actively exploring the potential of AI across its platforms. Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has expressed interest in creating AI personalities that can assist users in various ways. They have already implemented AI technologies to enhance filters and ads on Instagram. With Meta’s vast resources and commitment to innovation, introducing an AI chatbot on Instagram seems like a natural progression.

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Unlocking New Advertising Opportunities

In addition to enhancing user experiences, Meta also empowers advertisers through AI-driven tools. Meta’s Advantage+ provides advertisers with tools to identify the right target audiences and automate ad placements across their platforms. Moreover, they are developing a way for advertisers to create and test AI ads. This advancement in advertising technology opens up exciting opportunities for businesses to reach their desired audiences effectively.

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Our Say

Get ready to meet your new AI friend on Instagram! With Instagram’s forthcoming AI chatbot, you’ll have a virtual companion capable of answering questions, providing advice, and even helping you craft messages. The option to choose from 30 different personalities adds an element of personalization to this exciting development. As Meta continues to explore the potential of AI across its platforms, we can expect even more innovative features in the future. So, get ready to embrace the future of social media with your very own AI friend on Instagram!

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