Red Cat & Athena AI Make Intelligent Military Drones with Night Vision

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 22 Jun, 2023 • 4 min read

Red Cat Holdings, Inc., a leading military technology company, has achieved a milestone in its partnership with Athena AI. The collaboration has resulted in remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer-vision capabilities for the Teal 2 military-grade drone. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Red Cat and Athena AI empower commanders with unprecedented decision-making support on the battlefield, particularly during night-time. This breakthrough development promises to revolutionize military drone operations, ensuring enhanced situational awareness and an unfair advantage for warfighters.

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Military tech leader, Red Cat, has developed the Teal 2 military-grade drone with advanced computer-vision capabilities powered by Athena AI.

Phase Two Success: Night-time Target Recognition and Battle Tracking

Red Cat initially announced its partnership with Athena AI in March, specifically for the Teal 2 military-grade drone. In the recently completed second phase, Athena AI’s advanced technology has successfully processed video recorded by the Teal 2’s thermal-imaging sensor during a nighttime test flight. The outcome is an impressive capability for target recognition and battle tracking. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, commanders can now make rapid and well-informed decisions in the heat of combat, gaining a significant edge on the battlefield.

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Red Cat's AI-powered military drone comes with advanced computer-vision and night vision capabilities.

Teal 2’s Nighttime Computer-Vision Capability: A Game-Changer

George Matus, Founder & CEO of Red Cat subsidiary Teal Drones, expresses his enthusiasm for the new Teal 2 add-on that supports nighttime computer-vision capability. This feature is designed for users requiring critical data during nocturnal missions. Matus commends Athena AI’s technology for delivering exceptional images and insights. The combination of Athena’s battle-tracking capabilities, AI prowess, and Teal’s outstanding drone platform bestows warfighters with an unfair advantage in combat scenarios.

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The Teal 2 military-grade drone can take clear pictures with night vision and advanced computer vision abilities.

Athena AI’s Cutting-Edge Computer-Vision Architecture

Athena, an AI-enabled military decision-support company based in Australia, has licensed its proprietary computer-vision architecture to Red Cat. This technology enables high-speed object tracking and detailed data exploitation at slower speeds. Athena’s solution identifies weapons, humans, and various targets at night. Moreover, it can accurately recognize Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) markers, such as Cyalume HALOs and IR beacons. These capabilities make the Teal 2 an invaluable asset for military operations in low-light environments.

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Unlocking the Full Potential: Teal 2’s MISB-Compliant Metadata

Unlike many other drones in the small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) quad space, the Teal 2 boasts Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) compliance. This compliance allows the Teal 2’s Key-Length-Value (KLV) metadata to fully unlock the decision-suite support of Athena AI. Combining the Teal 2’s nighttime capabilities with real-time vehicle metadata offers unparalleled situational awareness, supporting battle tracking, a common operational picture (COP) at higher command echelons, and precise targeting. The synergy between the Teal 2 and Athena AI sets a new standard for operational effectiveness.

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Dominate the Night™: Teal 2’s Unrivaled Features

Launched officially in April, the Teal 2 represents a giant leap forward in sUAS technology, particularly for nighttime operations. Equipped with Teledyne FLIR’s cutting-edge Hadron 640R sensor, the Teal 2 offers the highest-resolution thermal imaging in a compact form factor. This advancement enables end users to gather time-critical information and make smarter decisions. The Teal 2’s open platform design allows for incorporating additional software features such as Athena AI, further enhancing Red Cat’s overall profitability.

Red Cat & Athena AI are set to launch the Teal 2 military-grade drone at the Modern-Day Marine Expo.
Source: Teal Drone on Twitter

Modern-Day Marine Expo: Showcasing the Teal 2’s Revolutionary Capabilities

Red Cat is proud to exhibit the Teal 2 and its game-changing advancements at the prestigious Modern Day Marine expo in Washington, D.C., from June 27-29. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the Teal 2’s state-of-the-art technology and experience the unmatched potential it brings to military drone operations. This expo is a testament to Red Cat’s dedication to equipping warfighters with the most advanced tools available.

Our Say

Red Cat’s collaboration with Athena AI has resulted in a breakthrough in artificial intelligence and computer-vision capabilities for military drones. The Teal 2’s exceptional nighttime performance and Athena AI’s cutting-edge technology give warfighters an unprecedented battlefield advantage. With enhanced target recognition, battle tracking, and real-time situational awareness, commanders can make rapid and well-informed decisions, ensuring the safety and success of their missions. The Teal 2’s revolutionary features will undoubtedly reshape military drone operations, setting a new standard for effectiveness and efficiency.

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