Apple Joins Generative AI Race with ‘AppleGPT’ Chatbot

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 27 Jul, 2023 • 3 min read

Apple is forging ahead with its highly anticipated AI-powered chatbot, tentatively named “AppleGPT.” This project, which utilizes the “Ajax” large language model (LLM) framework powered by Google JAX, has remained a closely guarded secret within the company. However, sources reveal that Apple is diligently working on this cutting-edge technology and is gearing up for a significant AI-related announcement in the near future. Let’s find out more about Apple’s significant step into generative AI.

The Rise of AppleGPT: An AI Marvel in the Making

Apple has been making strides in integrating AI technology into its software for quite some time. However, it has yet to step into the generative AI arena. Codenamed “AppleGPT,” the chatbot is set to change the game with its advanced language model and impressive capabilities.

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Tech giant Apple has stepped into the world of generative AI with its new chatbot, AppleGPT, that uses Ajax LLM powered by Google JAX.

Ajax: The Powerhouse behind AppleGPT’s Intelligence

At the core of AppleGPT lies the “Ajax” framework, a powerful language model built with Google JAX aimed at expediting machine learning research. This cutting-edge framework runs on Google Cloud and has been harnessed by multiple teams at Apple. While the company is cautious about privacy implications, engineers have been exploring the technology internally to fine-tune its performance.

Apple’s Silent Pursuit: Standing Out in a Crowd

While other tech giants like Meta, Microsoft, and Google have quickly released their generative AI products to the public, Apple has remained somewhat elusive in this space. Interestingly, the company has forbidden its employees from utilizing ChatGPT, demonstrating a high level of secrecy surrounding its own AI endeavors.

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Siri’s Legacy and Beyond: Apple’s AI Journey

Apple’s journey into AI began with its iconic voice assistant, Siri. Although Siri has played a significant role in popularizing AI voice technology, critics argue it still has room for improvement. In light of this, Apple hired John Giannandrea, formerly of Google, to lead its AI and machine learning teams, signaling a firm commitment to advancing its AI capabilities.

Apple is also using its generative AI capabilities in Siri.

Tim Cook’s Vision: Apple’s Take on AI

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has expressed keen interest in the potential of AI technology. In recent interviews and earnings calls, Cook emphasized that AI is a focal point for the company’s future development. However, he also acknowledged the need to address certain challenges and concerns associated with AI products.

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At WWDC23, Tim Cook had announced Apple's focus on incorporating generative AI into all its devices.

Collaborative Efforts: LLMs for All

In a bid to enhance accessibility to AI advancements, companies like Meta and Microsoft have collaborated to offer their LLMs to startups and researchers. For example, Meta’s LLM LLaMA 2 will be available on Microsoft’s Azure platform, while Microsoft has integrated OpenAI GPT models into its Bing search product.

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The Enigmatic Future of AppleGPT

As of now, Apple’s precise plans regarding AppleGPT remain shrouded in mystery. However, reliable sources hint at a significant AI-related announcement on the horizon, slated to be unveiled in the coming year. This revelation is expected to reshape the landscape of AI technology and elevate Apple’s position in the AI race.

AppleGPT chatbot, powered by Google JAX, has a promising future.

Our Say

With the “AppleGPT” chatbot poised to take the world by storm, Apple’s foray into generative AI has sparked excitement and anticipation across the tech industry. As the company keeps its plans under wraps, techies and users anticipate the forthcoming AI-related announcement. It promises to be a milestone that will shape the future of AI technology and solidify Apple’s place as a trailblazer in this rapidly evolving field. Stay tuned for more updates as Apple continues to push the boundaries of innovation with “AppleGPT”!

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