How AI is Helping Customers Shop Better on Amazon

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 23 Aug, 2023 • 3 min read

Customer reviews have become the cornerstone of online shopping, empowering buyers with valuable insights before purchasing. Amazon, the e-commerce trailblazer, has consistently evolved its customer reviews experience. From introducing the concept of product opinions in 1995 to implementing advanced AI techniques, Amazon’s commitment to enhancing the shopping journey continues to shape the way we make online choices.

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Popular e-commerce platform Amazon uses AI to summarize online customer reviews to help buyers easily make better-informed shopping choices.

A Journey of Empowering Customers

Amazon’s journey with customer reviews started in 1995, introducing a revolutionary concept of letting customers voice their honest opinions on products. While met with skepticism initially, this feature eventually became a fundamental pillar of online shopping. It allowed customers to learn from each other’s experiences and make informed decisions based on authentic feedback.

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AI summarizes customer reviews to help customers shop better on Amazon.

Continuous Evolution of Reviews

Over the years, Amazon has made significant improvements to its review system. It introduced features like review titles, photos, and videos to understand products comprehensively. A star rating system was added in 2019 to engage a wider range of reviewers. The goal was to simplify the process and make sharing opinions more accessible.

The Power of AI in Reviews

Recently, Amazon has harnessed the potential of generative AI to enhance the customer reviews experience further. With advancements in AI technology, Amazon has developed an AI-generated review highlights feature. This feature distills the essence of customer reviews into concise paragraphs that reflect common themes and sentiments, allowing shoppers to grasp a product’s attributes quickly.

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Understanding AI-Generated Review Highlights

The AI-generated review highlights feature offers quick insights for customers seeking information before delving into detailed reviews. This feature is available to a subset of mobile shoppers in the U.S. It extracts key attributes and sentiments frequently mentioned in reviews and presents them easily. For instance, if customers are curious about a product’s ease of use, they can tap on that specific attribute to access relevant reviews.

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Maintaining Authenticity and Trust

While innovation is vital, Amazon remains steadfast in maintaining the authenticity and integrity of its review ecosystem. The e-commerce platform enforces Community Guidelines to ensure genuine and relevant reviews. Amazon’s machine learning models and human moderators work in tandem to uphold these guidelines and prevent fake reviews from misleading customers.

A Glimpse into the Future

As Amazon’s AI models evolve and learn, the AI-generated review highlights feature is poised to expand to additional categories and customers. The company’s dedication to enhancing the shopping experience through technology is an ongoing commitment that shapes the retail landscape.

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Our Say

Amazon’s journey from introducing customer reviews to harnessing the power of AI-generated review highlights showcases its relentless pursuit of enhancing the shopping journey for millions of customers. By leveraging the potential of AI, Amazon is making strides in simplifying product evaluation and empowering customers to make confident purchase decisions. As the e-commerce giant continues to evolve, it’s evident that customer-centric innovation remains at the core of its mission.

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