Video of India’s First AI Robot Teacher Goes Viral

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 06 Mar, 2024
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In a groundbreaking move, Kerala’s education sector takes a leap forward with the introduction of Iris, India’s first AI teacher humanoid robot. Developed by Makerlabs Edutech in collaboration with KTCT Higher Secondary School, Iris heralds a new era in personalized and interactive learning experiences.

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Unveiling Iris: A Leap in Education Technology

Kerala’s KTCT Higher Secondary School, in partnership with Makerlabs Edutech, unveils Iris, a humanoid AI teacher. Iris marks a significant milestone in education technology, offering personalized voice assistance and interactive learning experiences. Equipped with advanced features, Iris is set to redefine the traditional classroom dynamic.

Iris: Redefining the Learning Landscape

With the integration of AI technology, Iris transcends conventional teaching methods by catering to diverse learning styles and providing tailored educational support. Its ability to answer complex questions across various subjects makes learning more accessible and engaging for students. Moreover, Iris’ mobility, facilitated by wheels, enhances its adaptability within the classroom environment.

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The Makerlabs Vision: Pushing Boundaries in Education

Makerlabs Edutech envisions Iris as a versatile teaching tool that empowers educators to deliver dynamic and effective lessons. By harnessing Robotics and Generative AI technologies, Iris offers seamless performance and responsiveness. Makerlabs’ commitment to innovation underscores its dedication to shaping the future of education through groundbreaking advancements like Iris.

India's first AI humanoid teacher 'Iris', developed by Makerlabs Edutech

Iris: A Glimpse into the Future of Education

As Iris makes its debut in Kerala’s classrooms, it sparks curiosity and excitement among students and educators alike. While the long-term impact of AI in education remains to be seen, Iris represents a promising glimpse into the future of learning. By blending human expertise with technological innovation, Iris exemplifies the transformative potential of AI in fostering a dynamic and student-centric educational environment.

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Our Say

The introduction of India’s first AI teacher, Iris, marks a watershed moment in Kerala’s educational landscape. It showcases the state’s commitment to embracing innovation in education. As Iris takes its place alongside human educators, it symbolizes not a replacement but a complement to traditional teaching methodologies. Kerala’s bold step towards integrating AI in education sets a precedent for other regions to follow, ushering in a new era of personalized and interactive learning experiences.

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