Meet Malar, India’s First Autonomous AI Professor

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 25 Apr, 2024
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Two months after Kerala got its first AI teacher, Chennai researchers have developed the country’s first AI Professor! “Malar Teacher,” as she is named, is said to be the world’s first autonomous AI university professor. Malar is fully trained on the complete engineering syllabus of Anna University, ushering in a new era of teaching. This innovative creation represents a significant stride in integrating advanced AI into educational landscapes, particularly within the Indian EdTech sector.

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Meet ‘Malar Teacher’: India’s First Autonomous AI Professor

Malar’s Unveiling and Features

Malar’s introduction marks a significant milestone in education technology, boasting unparalleled capabilities. This autonomous AI professor comes with an exhaustive comprehension of Anna University’s engineering curriculum, spanning all disciplines. Moreover, Malar’s unique ability to simplify complex subjects to the comprehension level of a 10-year-old sets it apart as a transformative force in education.

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Innovative Teaching Methodology

Unlike conventional educational platforms, Malar utilizes WhatsApp as its primary teaching medium. This strategic decision stems from insights gathered from interviews with 100 students, highlighting the importance of accessibility and affordability in the mobile space. By leveraging WhatsApp, Malar ensures seamless accessibility for students, eliminating concerns regarding space constraints.

Malar on WhatsApp

Financial Sustainability and User Engagement

Keenly aware of its operational costs, Malar offers a complimentary service, addressing up to 20 daily inquiries per user. Beyond this limit, users will need to access additional features that can be paid for, using UPI. Malar also offers other premium services, such as mock interviews and assessments, fostering the sustained development of students.

Development and Scalability

Malar Teacher was developed by HaiVE, a Chennai-based AI startup studio founded by Arjun Reddy and Deepika Loganathan. The development team behind Malar prioritizes accessibility and scalability in its approach. Malar is hosted on a heterogeneous architecture comprising GPUs and LPUs, supplemented by advanced AI technologies. This robust infrastructure ensures optimal performance and scalability, enabling Malar to seamlessly accommodate its massive user base of over 150,000 students.

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Our Say

Malar Teacher’s rapid ascent and widespread adoption underscore a growing readiness within the Indian EdTech sector for disruptive AI innovations. Her resounding success heralds a promising future for the integration of advanced technologies in education, paving the way for transformative learning experiences. As India embraces innovative solutions like Malar, the horizon of possibilities in education expands, promising a brighter future fueled by technology.

You can converse with Malar Teacher and clear your engineering doubts through this WhatsApp link.

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