24 GenAI Conferences that you can’t MISS in 2024

Pankaj Singh 21 Mar, 2024
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Conferences, bootcamps, and events with thousands of gatherings might sound overwhelming, but they are beneficial for connecting with like-minded individuals. These gatherings provide networking opportunities, learning from experts, and gaining new perspectives. Participating in these events can lead to valuable collaborations, friendships, and personal growth. The knowledge exchange in these conferences led to unprecedented research and innovations in different niches. If you are looking for GenAI Conferences 2024 to enhance your understanding and involvement in the evolving field of artificial intelligence, you’re on the right track. There are several prominent events to consider. Various GenAI Conferences are organized by leading companies such as Gartner, Nvidia, Analytics Vidhya, and more.

These GenAI Conferences in 2024 are vital platforms for researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, present cutting-edge research findings, and more. They are crucial for tackling various challenges, utilizing a wide spectrum of viewpoints, and guaranteeing responsible and inclusive development of productive technologies. So, don’t let the scale intimidate you— participate, engage, and discover the benefits of being part of a vibrant community of peers in GenAI Conferences 2024.

List of Top GenAI Conferences That You Must Attend in 2024

Top GenAI Conferences 2024 Worldwide

The tech world buzzed with excitement following Nvidia’s conference and the eagerly awaited release of the B200 Blackwell chip by CEO Jensen Huang. Similarly, there are many GenAI Conferences in 2024 lined up that you must know to stay updated and experience the new releases and ideas. Thus, for your ease, I’ve compiled a selection of GenAI Conferences for your consideration in 2024 and beyond:

Data Hack Summit 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: 20,000 for the Conference and 32,000 for the Conference plus workshop ( for more details, please explore the website)
  • Size: 1500+ Attendees
  • Date: 7th August, 2024
  • Location: Bangalore, India

The Data Hack Summit 2024, organized by Analytics Vidhya, is your ultimate destination for immersing yourself in real-world data science applications. With the theme – Generative AI: Defining The New World Order, this practitioner’s conference offers hands-on experiences in solving data science challenges through hack sessions and workshops tailored exclusively for AI and ML practitioners attending the event. With a special focus on Generative AI (GenAI), the summit highlights various key areas such as ML, DL, Cloud Computing, NLP, Data Visualization, Responsible AI, and Large Language Models.

With over 50+ sessions and 1500 attendees, forge connections with industry experts and leaders across different sectors, fostering valuable discussions and idea exchanges throughout the conference. Participate in celebrating the achievements of data and GenAI scientists at the awards ceremony, providing a platform for attendees to nominate and honor innovative talents in the field. So, what are you waiting for?

Get your tickets today!

GenAI Summit San Francisco 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $179 – $9,999
  • Size: 30,000+ attendees from around the globe
  • Date: 29th – 31st May, 2024
  • Location: San Francisco

The GenAI Summit San Francisco 2024 brings together professionals from the AI industry to explore the latest advancements and use cases of generative AI. With a diverse lineup of speakers and exhibitors, this event offers a comprehensive look at the future of generative AI technologies. 

Experience the forefront of AI innovation at this event, redefining tech boundaries. Connect with global leaders, explore emerging startups, and stay updated on AI trends. Foster collaborations, launch products, and deepen expertise in an inspiring environment. Seize career opportunities and join the community shaping the AI revolution. Don’t miss this immersive journey into the future of artificial intelligence.

Generative AI Applications Summit 2024!

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $1,400 – $4,100
  • Size: 1000+ attendees
  • Date: 4th -7th June, 2024
  • Location: Sheraton Downtown Phoenix, AZ

The Generative AI Applications Summit 2024 showcases practical applications of generative AI across various industries. Attendees can learn from real-world case studies and gain insights into leveraging generative AI for business growth and innovation.

Generative AI has become highly popular, capturing public excitement and intriguing futurists with its humanlike capabilities, and it has attracted industry leaders due to its vast potential applications. The Generative AI Applications Summit aims to turn this hype into tangible value by showcasing the latest innovations, discussing use cases that deliver business value, and addressing practicalities such as deployment and governance.

The GenAI conferences brings together executives, data scientists, and AI experts from various sectors for keynotes, case studies, and workshops over four days. Attendees will have the chance to share success stories, gain insights, engage in expert discussions, and network with peers, making it an invaluable opportunity for those interested in the field.

ODSC 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link 
  • Cost: $699 – $$1,929+
  • Size: 30000 attendees
  • Date: 23rd – 26th Apr, 2024
  • Location: Boston, MA

The Leading AI Conference offers attendees a chance to engage with experts from leading AI companies and startups at the AI Expo and Demo Hall. Live demos provide insights into Build vs. buy decisions and showcase the latest advancements in AI for enterprises. Hands-on training sessions led by top instructors cover various topics, including LLMs, ML, DL, and NLP, certifying AI practitioners at all levels. Attendees can choose from multiple pass options tailored to their schedules, offering immersive training and inspirational talks. Renowned expert speakers share cutting-edge insights and strategies, while networking opportunities enable professionals to forge valuable connections within the AI industry.

Note: You can also check other events by ODSC on their website.

2nd Annual Generative AI Summit London

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: £999 + – £2,496 +
  • Size: 200+ attendees
  • Date: 20th – 22nd May, 2024
  • Location: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, UK

The 2nd Annual Generative AI Summit London is a premier event shaping the trajectory of the Generative AI revolution within modern enterprises. The conference serves as the central nexus for leaders in AI, Data, Technology, and Innovation, offering a strategic platform to explore the evolution from experimental AI endeavors to scalable, impactful applications driving tangible business outcomes.

Following the success of its inaugural summit in May 2023, the organizers are thrilled to announce the event’s return with an expanded program featuring new perspectives, in-depth case studies, and strategic dialogues, all situated in the heart of enterprise-focused Generative AI discussions!

Generative AI Expo 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $79 – $1599+
  • Size: 500+ attendees
  • Date: 11th -13 th Feb, 2025 
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

The Generative AI Expo, organized by TMC and part of the ITEXPO, offers a platform for enterprise IT executives, app developers, CX professionals, data analysts, and marketers to delve into the ecosystem of generative AI and its diverse applications across various industries and verticals. Attendees can expect to gain insights, share experiences, and broaden their understanding of generative AI’s capabilities and business potential. 

The event covers generative models and techniques, industry-specific use cases, ethics, deployment strategies, regulatory considerations, and business impact. The expo aims to demonstrate how generative AI actively shapes businesses, enhances operations, and fosters growth opportunities by focusing on real-world use cases and practical insights.

Additionally, the event includes a dedicated exhibition area where companies showcase their latest generative AI products and services, allowing attendees to explore cutting-edge technologies and solutions relevant to their business needs.

3rd GenAI Summit 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $99 – $700+
  • Size: 500+ attendees
  • Date: Coming in October 2024( date yet to be announced)

The 3rd GenAI Summit continues the tradition of bringing together experts and enthusiasts in generative AI. Attendees can expect insightful discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities with industry leaders and innovators. In the current landscape of technological advancement, integrating generative AI capabilities into everyday workflows and research and development (R&D) operations is not a distant vision—it’s the present reality. Explore how Greece and Southeastern Europe’s businesses, universities, and schools actively embrace and sustain this evolution. 

The 2nd GenAI Summit digs deep into the applications of generative AI across education, healthcare, marketing, legal, finance, product development, public policy, food and nutrition, and beyond. Attendees gleaned invaluable insights from top experts and practitioners in generative AI, discovering its potential to revolutionize their respective industries and society. We are hoping for a better version of this in the next event.

Generative AI Middle East Summit 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $399 – $999+
  • Size: 200+ attendees
  • Date: 5th – 6th June 2024
  • Location – Dubai

The Generative AI Middle East Summit 2024 focuses on the impact and applications of generative AI in the region. This event provides a platform for professionals to explore the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in generative AI.

You can gain insights from technology pioneers regarding Generative AI as they assess risks within the Middle East’s regulatory framework. Explore how this innovative technology could potentially revolutionize industries, drawing parallels to the transformative impact of internet and mobile technology. Understand the intricacies of calculating ROI in Generative AI, focusing on speed and accuracy.

Additionally, examines methodologies for evaluating ROI and determining optimal implementation timelines. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse applications of Generative AI, ranging from enhancing back-office operations and marketing strategies to redefining industry design.

AI Engineer World’s Fair

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $199 – $1499+
  • Size: 1000+ attendees
  • Date: 25th – 27th June, 2024
  • Location: San Francisco, CA USA

The AI Engineer World’s Fair is a pivotal gathering, bringing together leading companies, founders, AI engineers, and software engineers seeking to delve into AI Engineering. With an Expo Arena hosting over 60 companies, this event offers a prime opportunity to connect with and glean insights from trailblazing entities pioneering cutting-edge infrastructure for AI engineers.

GenAI DACH 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: €1,999 – €3999
  • Size: 1000+ attendees
  • Date: 18th – 20th March, 2024
  • Location: Steigenberger Airport Hotel Berlin, Germany

Generative AI DACH 2024 offers the premier conference experience in the German-speaking realm, focusing on generative AI’s revolutionary capabilities. The event will explore pivotal topics such as the EU AI Act, data privacy, versatile applications across industries, trustworthy AI, conversational AI, hallucinations, training data, risk mitigation, and video and image generation biases.

Cerebral Valley

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: It depends on the event you are registering for
  • Size: 1000+ attendees (for each event)
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Cerebral Valley is a central figure in the thriving AI scene in the Bay Area, fostering a dynamic community where innovators come together to collaborate and share ideas. Through various events and an active online presence, they provide a platform for builders and founders to connect and exchange knowledge. In addition to events, they offer resources like newsletters and job boards to unite visionaries and support the growth of AI and startup ventures.

Data Science SALON ATX 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $295 (On-Demand), $695 (General Admission Pass)
  • Size: 3000+ Attendees
  • Date: 20th -21st March, 2024
  • Locations: Austin, TX + Virtual

The Data Science Salon is back in Austin, TX, on March 20-21, hosting a two-day conference with 250 attendees. It focuses on curated data science sessions with industry leaders and specialists exploring innovative solutions in generative AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, and best practices. The event offers a mix of use cases, technical talks, and workshops, delivering actionable insights from frontline machine learning experts. All sessions are recorded and available on demand within two hours.

Additionally, the event features “The Future of ML & AI Startups + Showcase” on the second day. This includes VC panels sharing funding insights, startup panels discussing real-world challenges and successes, and a startup showcase with a prize of monetary credit to support GTM and marketing strategies. Attendees have the opportunity to meet the founders of showcased startups.

Apply(): The ML Data Engineering Community Conference Series

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: Free of Cost
  • Size: 25000+
  • Date: 3rd April, 2024
  • Locations: Virtual Conference

apply() unites the engineering community to excel in implementing AI and ML in real-world settings. Delve into hands-on workshops and technical sessions to acquire top-notch strategies for moving from experimental models to robust, scalable applications. Gain insights from leading engineers shaping the landscape of applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Data Council Austin 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $499 – $1999
  • Size: 1000+
  • Date: 26th – 28th March, 2024
  • Location: Austin, TX

The Data Council US 2024 conference, set in Austin, TX, serves as the epicenter where the most impactful creators, practitioners, and thought leaders in the data sphere converge to sculpt the trajectory of data innovation across all strata of the technological landscape. This event is an indispensable forum for technical professionals eager to delve into the latest tools, architectural paradigms, and optimal methodologies for constructing and operationalizing data systems.

Google Cloud Next 2024

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $999 to $1499
  • Size: TBA
  • Date: 9th – 11th April, 2024
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

Next ’24 is a global event showcasing inspiration, innovation, and education. It offers visionary keynotes, the latest tech innovations, and live sessions covering topics from generative AI to security. Attendees will learn from thought leaders, gain perspectives from Google Cloud customers and partners, and participate in interactive experiences focusing on security and cloud operations. Deep-dive programs on generative AI are also available and tailored for IT and business leaders, security professionals, and developers seeking to leverage this rapidly evolving technology.

AI Expo Austin

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $29 –$75
  • Size: 2500+
  • Date: 12th April, 2024
  • Location: Austin, TX

The AI EXPO provides attendees with opportunities to glean insights from industry experts, delve into state-of-the-art products and services, and engage in networking. Its program encompasses keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive sessions spotlighting the latest strides in artificial intelligence. Moreover, the event hosts a trade show, where vendors showcase the latest AI innovations alongside startups unveiling pioneering technologies.

DevIntersection & Microsoft Azure + AI Conference

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: Free–$1000+
  • Size: 600+ attendees
  • Date: 7th – 9th May, 2024
  • Location: Orlando, FL

The upcoming DevIntersection & Microsoft Azure + AI Conference is essential for anyone interested in cutting-edge technology. Led by Microsoft leaders and partners, the event boasts a lineup of over 60 speakers and 100 sessions, covering topics ranging from .NET 8 to Visual Studio 2022, C# 12, .NET MAUI, and the latest advancements in AI, Azure, web technologies, and Power Platform. Attendees can also benefit from 20 workshops and engage with 20 exhibitors. This year, particular emphasis will be placed on LLMs and Generative AI.


GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: $25–$175
  • Size: 20,000+
  • Date: 9th – 15th Dec, 2024
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada

NeurIPS 2024, the Thirty-eighth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, will occur at the Vancouver Convention Center. Organized by leading researchers from prominent universities, Google Research, DeepMind, and others, NeurIPS has established itself as a premier event in machine learning (ML). While ML and neuroscience are the primary disciplines, the conference also encompasses cognitive science, psychology, computer vision, and linguistics. Attendees can expect keynotes, poster sessions, competitions, a journal showcase, an expo, and the chance to engage with cutting-edge research and top experts in ML, artificial intelligence (AI), and neural information processing.

The AI Summit New York

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: Free–$1000+
  • Size: 5000+
  • Date: 11th – 12th Dec, 2024
  • Location: New York, NY

The AI Summit in New York convenes professionals from expertise, policy, and business leadership to explore AI’s impact. It strives to unite technical leaders across diverse industries to examine AI’s implications for ethics, culture, and advancement while weighing its return on investment.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (North America)

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: Check the website
  • Size: 14,000+
  • Date: November 12–15
  • Location: Chicago, IL

This conference, hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, serves as a premier gathering for members of the open source and cloud native communities, encompassing adopters and technologists. It covers various topics such as machine learning, research, I/O networking, storage, observability, security, and beyond.

World Summit AI

GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: €419 – €1,099
  • Size: 2000+
  • Date: 9th – 10th Oct, 2024
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

World Summit AI convenes a diverse community comprising enterprises, startups, investors, and researchers to address key AI topics and shape the international AI landscape. Sessions cover various subjects, from AI ethics to practical applications, including interactive workshops. The event offers ample networking opportunities, featuring prominent plenary sessions, curated panels, and intimate boardroom meetings.

Attendees can arrange one-on-one meetings through an AI-driven matchmaking platform. Virtual attendance is available at reduced rates for academics and startups, supplemented by an AI-enabled networking tool.


GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: Free (Virtual)–$850
  • Size: 5000+
  • Date: 7-10 October, 2024
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

The Coalesce conference, organized annually by dbt Labs, stands out as a leading data analytics and transformation event. It is a hub for data professionals, analysts, engineers, and industry pioneers to delve into cutting-edge trends, top-notch practices, and groundbreaking innovations in analytics engineering. The event promises a vibrant agenda, spotlighting captivating keynote speakers, engaging workshops, and interactive sessions focused on showcasing the impactful role of DBT (Data Build Tool) in streamlining and amplifying data workflows.


GenAI Conferences 2024
  • Event Link
  • Cost: Free–$1695 (Also check the website for more information on this)
  • Size: 5000+
  • Date: 12th – 14th August, 2024
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

Ai4 is a premier platform that unites industry titans and data experts to champion the ethical integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into businesses. Recognized as the foremost global assembly of AI thought leaders, it attracts multitudes of executives and tech pioneers annually. Attendees gain exclusive access to a personalized networking app and enjoy amenities like breakfast, lunch, and daily happy hours. With an anticipated roster of 350 speakers from 75 nations, Ai4 promises to be an unparalleled event in the AI community.

10th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada

  • Event Link
  • Cost: $1095 – $1,495
  • Size: 5000+ attendees
  • Date: 5th-6th, June 2024
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario

About: The 10th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada is a pivotal event driving data growth, innovation, and evolution. It offers an opportunity to share valuable knowledge and network with prominent big data & analytics leaders. Attendees can stay abreast of emerging trends and gain actionable insights to stay in the field. Moreover, participants can access unparalleled market intelligence to understand their competition better.

The summit also provides a platform to test drive the latest technology and seek advice from industry experts. Furthermore, it facilitates the creation of enduring relationships with top data professionals from across North America. Through collaborative sessions, attendees can generate fresh ideas, compare processes, and brainstorm with peers, fostering innovation and progress in the industry.


The top GenAI Conferences 2024 outlined present unparalleled opportunities for individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence. These GenAI Conferences 2024 offer a convergence of expertise, innovation, and networking, providing attendees with invaluable insights, practical knowledge, and connections within the AI community. Whether it’s the Data Hack Summit’s focus on real-world data science applications, the GenAI Summit San Francisco’s exploration of the latest advancements, or any other GenAI Conference 2024 showcasing practical industry applications, each conference promises a unique and enriching experience.

By participating in these top GenAI Conferences 2024, individuals can stay at the forefront of AI trends, expand their skill sets, and contribute to shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of these transformative gatherings that are driving the GenAI revolution forward to grow personally and professionally!

Pankaj Singh 21 Mar, 2024

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