AI Event of the Year: DataHack Summit 2023

Swati Sharma 07 Jun, 2023 • 7 min read

Embark on a journey of infinite possibilities at DataHack Summit 2023, India’s premier AI conference. DataHack Summit is back with a big bang as this year we’re taking the discussions around Generative AI to the next level because ‘GenAI is the Path to Gen-ius Solutions’. 
Join us in Bengaluru from August 02,2023 – August 05,2023  at NIMHANS Convention Centre to witness the future of AI, gain invaluable knowledge, expand your network, and stay updated with the latest insights. With its practical learning approach and comprehensive AI coverage, DataHack Summit stands out from the rest. It’s the perfect platform for professionals eager to explore the diverse applications of AI in their domains.

Why Attend DataHack Summit 2023?

The DataHack Summit 2023 is an upcoming event focused on data and analytics, bringing together industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts. The summit aims to explore the latest trends, advancements, and applications in the field of data science and AI.

The event will feature keynote sessions from industry leaders, providing insights into future trends in data science and AI. Join us for captivating sessions and discussions that delve into cutting-edge topics, including Generative AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, NLP, Data Engineering, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, ML Ops, Diffusion Model, Responsible AI, Large Language Model, and much more. 

DataHack Summit 2023 | AI

Spotlight on Generative AI

Imagine a future where machines possess an uncanny ability to generate, innovate, and create like never before. Welcome to the world of GenAI, where artificial intelligence takes a giant leap forward. At this year’s summit, we delve into the realm of GenAI. We explore its fascinating potential, cutting-edge applications, and the incredible impact it’s poised to have on industries worldwide. From revolutionary advancements in deep learning to mind-boggling generative models, join us on a captivating journey as we unlock the limitless possibilities of GenAI and its transformative role in shaping our future.

Level Up With Our Practitioner’s Approach

Forget about those run-of-the-mill AI conferences that focus solely on business. The DataHack Summit is where the real action happens for data science and AI enthusiasts like you! Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting AI landscape, discover cutting-edge tools and techniques, rub shoulders with industry experts, and soak up wisdom from renowned speakers who know their stuff. It’s your chance to dive deep, expand your knowledge, and make valuable connections that will take your AI journey to new heights. Don’t miss out on this epic summit designed exclusively for true AI practitioners and leaders.


Get ready to be inspired by the industry’s leading AI pioneers at DataHack Summit 2023! Join us as we bring together top minds such as Srikanth Velamakanni (CEO of Fractal), Dr. Sarabjot Singh (Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at Tatras Data), and Anand S (CEO of Gramener). 

Hear from experts at Google, Microsoft, and AWS, including Ishan Tiwari, Anmol Krishan Sachdeva, Abhishek Sanwaliya, and Premkumar Rangarajan, who will share their invaluable insights. 

Don’t miss the chance to learn from world-renowned Kaggle Grandmasters Dr. Kiran R and Sudalai Rajkumar- SRK. These visionaries will unravel the mysteries of data science, providing you with a transformative experience that can shape your career and propel you towards success.

Speakers at AI DataHack Summit 2023


This section covers all the sessions to look out for at the DataHack Summit 2023.

DataHack Summit 2023 | AI

Hack Sessions

Get ready to level up your AI skills like never before at the conference! We’ve got something truly special in store for you – a whole day dedicated to live hack sessions, complementing the hack sessions held throughout the conference. Led by renowned data scientists and grandmasters, these interactive sessions will take you on an exhilarating ride through the latest case studies and applications in various AI domains. Brace yourself for an immersive experience where you’ll roll up your sleeves and craft AI models and solutions in real time. It’s your chance to dive headfirst into the action and unleash your inner AI genius. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to sharpen your skills and ignite your passion for AI! 

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Format: An expert will solve a problem using a live dataset in an interactive manner, with the aid of presentations, Python notebooks, or other formats.
  • Purpose: To provide a quick and engaging demonstration of how data-driven solutions can be developed and applied to real-world challenges.
  • Interaction Level: Low, as the session is primarily focused on showcasing a solution by the expert.
  • Hands-on Work: Participants generally do not work on their laptops during the session.

Venue: Nimhans Convention Center

Seating Arrangement: No table and chair setup, allowing for a more casual and interactive environment.

GenAI Sessions

Generative AI is not just a technological marvel; it is a catalyst for innovation, a muse for artists, and a source of endless fascination. Shine a spotlight on the mind-blowing world of Generative AI!Join us on this journey as we unravel the potential of generative AI and its profound impact on the way we create, imagine, and perceive the world around us. Be at the forefront of the AI revolution and witness the magic of Generative AI unfold before your eyes. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to be part of the future!

GenAI sessions for DataHack Summit 2023-

  1. Creating Realistic Avatars in the Metaverse Using Generative AI
  2. Democratizing Diffusion Models with Diffusers

Power Talks

DataHack Summit 2023 is set to host an extraordinary lineup of speakers who are true pioneers in the field of Data Science and AI. These esteemed individuals have made significant contributions to the industry, driving innovation and shaping the future of data-driven technologies. Each speaker brings a unique perspective and unparalleled expertise garnered through years of experience and groundbreaking research. Their contributions have not only advanced the boundaries of Data Science and AI but have also paved the way for new possibilities and applications. 

Their presence at DataHack Summit 2023 signifies an exceptional opportunity to learn directly from the best minds in the industry. The sessions certainly promise to offer unparalleled insights, inspiration, and networking opportunities. Attending these sessions is a golden opportunity to learn from the best, stay informed about the latest innovations, and establish connections with industry leaders. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this transformative experience at DataHack Summit 2023.

Panel Discussion

The event will include a panel discussion from industry leaders who will be discussing the AI landscape. Panel discussions bring together experts and industry leaders who possess deep knowledge and experience in the field of Data Science and AI. 

By attending these discussions, you gain access to their valuable insights, perspectives, and real-world experiences. Experts may share their thoughts on the future trajectory of the industry, potential disruptions, and areas of growth. It exposes you to different approaches, methodologies, and strategies, enabling you to broaden your understanding of the subject and make more informed decisions. This can also help you stay updated with the latest trends, advancements, and best practices in the industry.

The interactive Q&A session that is to follow would provide you with a platform to ask specific questions, seek clarifications, and gain deeper insights into specific topics of interest. The opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with industry experts can greatly enhance your understanding and address any queries or challenges you may have.


While you may have attended summits before, this one goes beyond just talks and presentations. Get ready for immersive hands-on workshops that will take your AI knowledge to new heights. These workshops aren’t your typical snooze-fest lectures. Oh no! You’ll be rolling up your sleeves and diving headfirst into the world of advanced AI technologies. It’s all about learning by doing! So get ready to actively participate, apply your skills, and solidify your expertise in the exciting field of AI. It’s time to level up and become a true AI champ!

  • Duration: 8+ hours
  • Format: The instructor helps break down a real-world problem statement and guides the learner through the process of solving the problem statement in an interactive session using Python notebooks or other hands-on tools.
  • Purpose: To provide a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience for attendees, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to tackle complex data-driven problems.
  • Interaction Level: High, as the session aims to create a highly engaging and collaborative environment, with a limited number of participants to ensure individual attention and support. The number of participants is limited to 50.
  • Hands-on Work: Participants are required to bring their laptops and are expected to work on datasets, code, build models, etc.

Venue: Please check the website for the latest updates.

All About Networking

Connect, collaborate, and conquer: Unlock endless possibilities through the power of networking! 

The summit will provide ample networking opportunities for participants to connect with industry experts, peers, and professionals. Networking is crucial as it opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and knowledge sharing. It allows professionals to build connections with experts, discover innovative ideas, and stay updated with the latest trends. Networking can lead to valuable partnerships, career growth, and a strong support system within the industry.

Characters of people and their social network illustration

Awards Evening

Get ready to honor the pioneers of the data science and GenAI world!  We welcome you to the DataHack Summit to recognize the outstanding contributions of the Top 30 Data Scientists, Top 10 GenAI Scientists, and Top 30 AI Leaders. Don’t miss this opportunity to honor their remarkable achievements!

Join us as we honor their outstanding contributions in a truly memorable event. Plus, you have the power to nominate and uplift the innovative minds shaping the future of data science. It’s a celebration of talent, innovation, and limitless possibilities!

Join Us at the DataHack Summit 2023

Get ready for an extraordinary journey at DataHack Summit 2023! It’s not just a conference but an immersive adventure where you’ll dive deep into the future of AI. We can’t wait to have you on board for this exhilarating event. Get ready to be inspired, learn, and make incredible connections. 

Join us and let the AI excitement begin!

Swati Sharma 07 Jun 2023

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