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Swati Sharma 30 May, 2024
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Imagine a day full of energy and possibilities! Attendees eagerly await the start of an immersive, hands-on workshop at the DataHack Summit 2024, India’s largest GenAI Conference. On the 4th day, dedicated entirely to workshops, you’ll take your knowledge of Generative AI to the next level with cutting-edge technology and practical applications. In this article, you can explore the diverse workshops available at DataHack Summit 2024!

Workshops at DataHack Summit 2024

Hands-On Learning in Generative AI

In the rapidly evolving world of AI, staying ahead of the curve needs more than just theoretical knowledge.With Generative AI emerging as a transformative force, hands-on training is critical. Why? Because technology is best understood when put into practice. Learn to navigate the complexities behind AI models, the data management, and the limitations of real-world applications.

Generative AI is still in its nascent stages, yet the rate at which it is growing is unprecedented. And because of this rapid growth, the skills and knowledge required to excel are constantly evolving. Hands-on learning not only helps to reinforce theoretical concepts but also prepares you to tackle the challenges head-on.

Why choose DataHack Summit 2024?

At DHS 2024, you’ll dive deep into the world of Generative AI. This event is the epicenter of all the buzz, innovation, brainstorming, and exciting discussions surrounding the technology. This year, we’ve curated over 10 immersive workshops on cutting-edge topics to provide you with maximum value.

While many summits offer talks and presentations, the DataHack Summit goes way beyond that. Our workshops are not just lectures but interactive sessions where you actively participate, apply your skills and level up your expertise. These workshops aim to transform you from a passive learner to an active practitioner in just a day. This is the maximum value for a day’s worth that one can get so you know you wouldn’t want to miss it. Last year, our workshops were sold out months in advance, a testament to the quality and demand for these sessions.

Why Attend our Workshops?

Our workshops in AI, ML, and Generative AI are carefully designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Duration: 8+ hours
  • Format: Instructors will break down real-world problem statements and guide you through the process of solving them. Interactive sessions using Python notebooks and other hands-on tools will ensure you get practical experience.
  • Purpose: Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge required to tackle complex data-driven problems within a day’s time.
  • Interaction Level: High! With a very limited number of participants (50 per workshop), you will have individual attention and support, promoting a collaborative learning environment.
  • Hands-On Work: Bring your laptops, as you will be working on datasets, codes, building models, and more.
  • Venue: Visit our website for the latest updates on workshop venues.

Sneak Peek into Workshops at DataHack Summit 2024

Workshops at DataHack Summit 2024

Mastering Language Models: From Concepts to Code in PyTorch

In this workshop, learn the working behind ChatGPT and get hands-on with coding, training, and fine-tuning your own language models using PyTorch. This workshop will be conducted in a unique “StatQuest Style,” ensuring every detail is clearly explained.

  • Workshop Modules
    • Module 1: Introduction to Neural Networks and Transformers
    • Module 2: (BAM!): Essential Matrix Algebra for Coding Transformers
    • Module 3: (DOUBLE BAM!!): Coding a Language Model from Scratch
    • Module 4: (TRIPLE BAM!!!): Fine-tuning a Production Grade Large Language Model
  • Speaker: Joshua Starmer PhD, Founder & CEO at StatQuest

LLMOps – Productionalizing Real-world Applications with LLMs

Dive into the complexities of operationalizing large language models, including collaboration, training, scaling, and monitoring. Gain actionable insights and hands-on skills to manage LLMs effectively.

  • Workshop Modules:
    • Module 1: MLOps vs LLMOps
    • Module 2: Solving Real-world Problems with Foundation Models and Prompt Engineering
    • Module 3: LLM Fine-Tuning, Optimization, and Serving on AWS
    • Module 4: End-to-End Training and Feedback Pipeline on AWS Sagemaker
    • Module 5: Scaling LLMs using Kubernetes
    • Module 6: Advanced RAG Pipelines at Scale
    • Module 7: Content Moderation, Privacy, Security, and Guardrails
  • Speaker: Kartik Nighania, MLOps Engineer at Typewise

Building GenAI Applications using RAGs

Explore the transformative technology of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). This workshop will guide you from foundational concepts to building sophisticated RAG systems, ensuring tangible outcomes and solid takeaways.

  • Workshop Modules:
    • Module 1: Getting Started with Gen AI
    • Module 2: Gen AI Approaches in Building Business Applications
    • Module 3: Foundations to Understand RAG Better
    • Module 4: Building RAG Applications from Scratch
    • Module 5: Spice up your RAG Game with Advanced RAG Strategies
  • Speaker: Arun Prakash Asokan, Associate Director Data Science at Novartis

Training Stable Diffusion Models with Industry Best Practices

Uncover the secrets behind powerful diffusion models that drive modern computer vision technologies. This workshop will provide a deep dive into how these models work and their practical applications.

  • Workshop Modules:
    • Module 1: Embark on an Exciting Journey with Generative AI
    • Module 2: Fundamentals of Diffusion Models
    • Module 3: Understanding Deepest Levels Needed for Diffusion Models
    • Module 4: Stable Diffusion in Practice, Industrial Methods
    • Module 5: Methods, Jobs and Tools of Stable Diffusion
    • Module 6: Stable Diffusion Task to Achieve Purpose at Hand
    • Module 7: State of Art and Cutting Edge of Stable Diffusion
    • Module 8: Way Forward for Stable Diffusion
  • Speaker: Sandeep Singh, Head of Applied AI/Computer Vision at

Mastering LLMs: Training, Fine-tuning, and Best Practices

Gain a comprehensive introduction to training and fine-tuning large language models. This LLM workshop covers essential methodologies and hands-on sessions with tools like the HuggingFace ecosystem.

  • Workshop Modules:
    • Module 1: LLM and Generative AI Essentials
    • Module 2: Training and Fine-tuning LLMs
    • Module 3: Parameter-efficient Fine-tuning LLMs
    • Module 4: Instruction-based Fine-tuning LLMs using Reinforcement Learning
    • Module 5: Wrap-up and Best Practices
  • Speaker: Dipanjan Sarkar, Head of Community and Principal AI Scientist at Analytics Vidhya

GenAI for Business Leaders

With this workshop on Generative AI for business leaders, the focus is on identifying and working on AI projects drive business and create business value, understand the core AI technologies and its applications, alongwith developing an AI strategy that is aligned with your business goals. The emphasis is on the best practices for AI implementation which includes data handling, model training, and deployment, in addition to building and retaining a competent AI team. You will be leveraging AI’s potential while ensuring scalability, sustainability, and ethical considerations.

  • Workshop Modules:
    • Module 1: Understanding AI and its Business Applications
    • Module 2: Developing a Strategic AI Roadmap
    • Module 3: Building and Scaling an AI Team
    • Module 4: Deep Dive into Generative AI, NLP, and Computer Vision
  • Speaker: To Be Announced

Pioneering Applied Machine Learning with Generative AI

Gain practical insights into Generative AI principles and applications, including implementing and fine-tuning models for tasks like image generation and creative content creation. Explore advanced topics like conditional generation and style transfer, and examine real-world case studies to understand industry applications. Develop integration plans to foster innovation in your organization’s workflows.

  • Workshop Modules:
    • Module 1: Understanding AI and its Business Applications
    • Module 2: Developing a Strategic AI Roadmap
    • Module 3: Building and Scaling an AI Team
    • Module 4: Deep Dive into Generative AI, NLP, and Computer Vision
  • Speaker: To Be Announced

GenAI for Finance: Applications & Responsible Use

With this workshop on Generative AI in Finance, participants will work on cutting-edge AI tools to bring in innovation the finance sector. The focus here is on developing the GenAI applications to analyze financial reports and connect with open-source APIs for trading insights. There is also an emphasis on the responsible use of AI, balancing technical skills with ethical considerations. The focus will be on learning about Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAGs) and AI Agents, aiming to apply AI responsibly in making data-driven decisions and ensuring conscientious advancements in financial AI technology.

  • Workshop Modules:
    • Module 1: Building Applications using RAGs and AI Agents 
    • Module 2: Building LLMOps Pipelines using Langsmith
    • Module 3: Responsible Use of LLM Applications
    • Module 4: Deploying and Hosting the App on Streamlit
  • Speaker: Bhaskarjit Sarmah, Senior Data Scientist at BlackRock

End Note

This is the chance where you can learn, engage, and grow. Our intensive GenAI workshops will help you in improving your AI skills and also network with like-minded individuals. Secure your place at DataHack Summit 2024 today – because these workshops are bound to sell out fast, just like last year! Yes, our workshops were a total hit and sold out months before the event.

The DataHack Summit is a flagship for AI and Data Science enthusiasts. This is not just any other business-focused event but a practical conference for the practitioners of AI. You will get a 360 degree view of the Generative AI  technology here with the top experts to brainstorm with. You will be exploring the cutting edge techniques and tools, and gaining insights with industry experts.

Visit our website for more details and to register. Get ready to transform your AI journey with hands-on learning that actually counts.

Swati Sharma 30 May, 2024

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