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Swati Sharma 04 Jun, 2024
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As we prepare for another revolutionary edition of the DataHack Summit (DHS) 2024, we want to highlight the remarkable individuals who will guide us through a variety of transforming sessions. This year’s summit features an impressive lineup of industry leaders. Their thoughts and expertise are prepared to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. DHS 2024 offers you a rare lens to view the evolving world of AI, directly through the experiences and innovations of these leaders. Gear up to expand your network and gain invaluable perspectives that could shape your approach to the ever-growing field of generative AI.

Pioneering Sessions at the DataHack Summit 2024

Let’s have a glimpse into the sessions that make DataHack Summit (DHS 2024) not just an event but a pivotal learning journey in the AI landscape.

1. Coding a ChatGPT-style Language Model from Scratch in PyTorch with Joshua Starmer

Imagine building a ChatGPT-style language model from the ground up. Joshua Starmer, PhD, and CEO, invites you to a hands-on exploration into the world of language models with PyTorch. This session will traverse the coding of positional encodings. It will also explore the crafting of attention mechanisms and the seamless integration of various model components.

Joshua Starmer | DataHack Summit 2024 Speaker

Attendees will get essential insights on fine-tuning language models to ensure they are adapted for specific applications while maintaining reliability. Whether you’re an aspiring data scientist or an experienced developer, this will help you master the complexity of language models.

2. Mathematical Insights into Temperature Scaling & Hallucination in LLMs with Danny Butvinik

Delve into the intricacies of large language models (LLMs) with Danny Butvinik, the Chief Data Scientist at NICE Actimize, as he explores the pivotal role of temperature scaling in managing the balance between creativity and accuracy in AI outputs.

Danny Butvinik | DataHack Summit 2024 Speaker | AI

This session will provide a deep dive into the phenomenon of hallucination in LLMs. It will offer a clear categorization and understanding of the implications of the issue. Join us to uncover strategic insights that enhance the performance and application diversity of AI systems.

3. Navigating Techniques for Optimal Speed, Cost, Scale, and Accuracy with Kartik Nighania

Kartik Nighania, an MLOps Engineer at Typewise, brings to the fore the art of optimizing large language models for speed, cost, scale, and accuracy. This session will arm you with strategies to navigate the complex tradeoffs in deploying LLMs.

Kartik Nighania | DHS 2024

Through real-world case studies, learn about the innovative approaches organizations are adopting to enhance model performance and efficiency. This talk is an essential pitstop for those looking to make informed, impactful decisions in the AI domain.

4. Agentic AI: The Rise of Autonomous AI Agents and LangGraph with Arun Prakash Asokan

Step into the future with Arun Prakash Asokan, Associate Director of Data Science at Novartis, as he introduces the concept of agentic AI. This session will explore the defining features and operational frameworks of autonomous AI agents capable of acting independently.

Arun Prakash Asokan | DHS 2024 | AI

Discover the advanced techniques and architectures like Supervisor and Human Reflection that underpin these sophisticated systems. The introduction of LangGraph in this session will offer a practical approach to implementing these concepts, making it a must-attend for forward-thinking professionals.

5. Applied to Quantitative Finance with Sidharth Kumar

Join Sidharth Kumar, Principal Machine Learning Scientist at Intuit, as he navigates the critical role of generative AI in quantitative finance. This session will highlight the importance of imposing robust controls and metrics to produce meaningful and trustworthy results.

Sidharth Kumar | DataHack Summit 2024 Speaker

Learn how these approaches are used in the high-stakes world of finance to develop dependable, high-performing trading strategies. This talk promises to equip attendees with the tools to implement stringent quality controls in any domain requiring precision & reliability.

Top Speakers at The DataHack Summit 2024

The DataHack Summit 2024 is more than just sharing knowledge. It’s about establishing an atmosphere in which the best in the field can collaborate to influence the future of AI. Each speaker brings their experience, a distinct viewpoint, and deep expertise. DHS 2024 aims to provide participants with an unrivaled opportunity to interact with the top brains in the industry. There is an opportunity to be inspired, learn, and get insights that may change your perspective of what AI can accomplish.

AI and GenAI speakers

Here are brief introductions to the top speakers of the DataHack Summit 2024:

Joshua Starmer, PhD: Co-founder and CEO of Statsquest and former lead AI educator at Lightning AI, Dr. Joshua Starmer is a venerated figure in data science. With a Ph.D. in Biomathematics, his career spans academia and industry, making his sessions a treasure trove of knowledge and actionable insights.

Ines Montani: Ines Montani is at the forefront of AI and NLP technology as co-founder and CEO of Explosion, and a core developer of spaCy and Prodigy. Her expertise in developing tools that enhance natural language processing is pivotal for those looking to delve into AI-driven text analysis.

Manish Gupta, PhD: Dr. Manish Gupta is a luminary in AI research, directing teams at Google across three continents. With a rich history at IBM and Xerox, and numerous accolades to his name, Dr. Gupta’s insights are invaluable for anyone interested in the future of AI and machine learning.

Danny Butvinik: As the Chief Data Scientist at NICE Actimize, Danny Butvinik’s extensive background in AI and data science shapes innovative strategies for harnessing data insights. Recognized widely, his leadership in AI fosters a culture that values data-driven decision-making.

Dipanjan Sarkar: Dipanjan Sarkar, Head of Community and Principal AI Scientist, is a celebrated figure in ML and Generative AI. Known for his leadership and extensive publications, his sessions are essential for those eager to engage with cutting-edge AI technologies.

Sandeep Singh: Head of Applied AI/Computer Vision at, Sandeep Singh’s expertise in deep learning and AI is transformative. His dedication to mentoring and innovation in AI makes his talks a source of inspiration for up-and-coming AI professionals.

Sayak Paul: A specialist in diffusion models at Hugging Face, Sayak Paul excels in implementing complex research concepts into user-friendly applications. His involvement in key open-source projects and multiple awards underscore his commitment to advancing AI technology.

Rohan Rao: Principal Data Scientist at, Rohan Rao is known for his innovative approaches in machine learning and AI. His work across various industries showcases his ability to leverage data for strategic advantages, making his presentations highly anticipated. Why should you be excited about this lineup of speakers?

End Note

DataHack Summit (DHS) 2024 proudly presents a speaker lineup that stands at the apex of AI innovation. These are the influential minds crafting the technology that powers our future. They represent some of the most prestigious firms in the tech world. Attendees will gain the unique opportunity to view cutting-edge AI through the perspectives of its most celebrated creators. They will also get to network with these industry leaders. Most of all, they will gather insights into navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of Generative AI.

Swati Sharma 04 Jun, 2024

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