Top 7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Internships for Freshers

Yana Khare 16 May, 2024 • 8 min read


The art of artificial intelligence is one of the most rapidly developing technologies today; hence, the era of innovation is forever transforming the future, and therefore, internship is the main gateway into future careers. These bespoke learning activities empower with a wealth of know-how, skills, and networking to meet enterprise standards. The nudge can help to fill a void between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. At this point, more competition and more much-needed AI talent are coming up, and vast numbers of companies are looking for AI skills; therefore, there is more competition trying to get AI jobs as of now.

Hereafter, this article will discuss the significance of AI internships, cover the requirements, explore the duties and responsibilities, uncover the required abilities, and demonstrate the best ways to know these highly sought-after positions. Let us take you with us as we guide you through AI internships’ exciting and developing landscape, leading towards countless doors of limitless possibilities. Also, We have talked about the how to get Gen ai Internships and how it will value you.

ai internships for freshers

Top 7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Internships for Freshers

Certainly! Here’s more information about the companies and their respective AI internships:


  • Internship Duration: 3 months
  • Stipend: $1,000 per month
  • Focus Area: Machine learning and natural language processing (NLP)
  • Details: offers a remote AI internship where you’ll delve into cutting-edge technologies related to ML and NLP. If you’re passionate about language understanding, this could be an exciting opportunity for you.
  • Checkout latest AI internships by Turing here.

Analytics Vidhya

  • Internship Duration: 6 months (full-time, in-office)
  • Stipend: ₹ 20,000 per month
  • Location: Gurugram
  • Details: Analytics Vidhya’s AI internship provides hands-on experience solving real-world problems related. You’ll work on and develop, maintain content, and support MOOCs at AVs training platform on various topics such as data science, computer vision, machine learning, NLP, etc.
  • Checkout latest AI internships by Analytics Vidhya here.

Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd.

  • Internship Duration: 6 months
  • Stipend: ₹8,000 to 15,000 per month
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Focus Area: AI research projects
  • Details: As an AI Intern, you will work closely with our AI research and development team to support various projects aimed at advancing the application of artificial intelligence in [specific field or industry]. This internship will provide valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge AI initiatives.
  • Checkout the latest AI internships by Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. here.

Uboard India Limited JindalX

  • Internship Duration: 3 months
  • Stipend Range: ₹7,000 to ₹10,000 per month
  • Location: Delhi
  • Focus Area: AI Art Generation (Graphics)
  • Details: Uboard India Limited’s internship focuses on creating artistic content using AI. If you have a flair for creativity and want to explore the intersection of art and technology, this internship might be a great fit.
  • Checkout the latest AI internships by Uboard India Limited here.


  • Location: Work-from-home (remote)
  • Internship Duration: 6 months
  • Stipend: ₹5,500 per month
  • Details: DueToHQ offers a work-from-home AI internship. During this six-month program, you’ll work remotely on AI-related projects. It’s a great chance to gain practical experience while maintaining flexibility.
  • Click here to explore this AI intenrship.

Buddha Education Association Incorporation

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Stipend: ₹15,000 per month
  • Focus Area: General AI concepts and applications.
  • Details: The 1-month AI internship focuses on providing you with a condensed learning experience. You’ll dive into AI concepts and applications.
  • Click here to apply for this AI internship.


  • Duration: 2 months
  • Stipend: ₹25,000 per month
  • Focus Area: Practical AI applications.
  • Details: MentorBoxx’s part-time AI internship allows you to balance learning with other commitments. You’ll explore AI concepts and apply them practically.
  • Checkout this AI internship here.


  • Location: Delhi (on-site)
  • Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Details: As an AI/ML Intern, you will be part of a dynamic team that explores and implements state-of-the-art AI/ML solutions to solve complex problems. This internship will provide you with hands-on experience in the development, implementation, and evaluation of AI/ML models while working on real-world applications.
  • Checkout this AI internship here.

Why is Doing an Internship Important?

Internships are a fantastic opportunity for freshers recent graduates with little to no work experience for several reasons:

  • Experience and Skills: Internships provide practical experience in the field you want to work in. This is important because employers favor practical experience over academic knowledge. You’ll acquire technical abilities pertinent to your area and discover how to apply what you’ve studied in the classroom to real-world scenarios.
  • Career Exploration: During an internship, you can investigate other career options in your area of interest. Perhaps you’re curious about AI but don’t know which field to focus on. Finding out whether you want to work in software engineering, data analysis, or research might be aided by an internship.
  • Networking: Through internships, you may connect with industry experts. You will establish ties with mentors who will be able to advise you and offer recommendations for positions in the future.
  • Resume Booster: An internship increases your employability as a full-time applicant. It exhibits your initiative, curiosity about the subject, and learning capacity.
  • Confidence Builder: An internship may significantly increase your self-assurance. A professional sense of achievement will come from finishing duties and assignments.

Eligibility Criteria for an AI Internship

  • Educational Background: Candidates who have completed or are seeking a degree in mathematics, computer science, engineering, or a similar discipline are usually given preference.
  • Programming Skills: Proficiency in programming languages like Python, Java, or C++ is frequently necessary.
  • Knowledge of AI Concepts: It’s crucial to comprehend deep learning, neural networks, machine learning algorithms, and other AI ideas.
  • Relevant Experience: It might be helpful to have completed projects, internships, or courses in artificial intelligence or machine learning in the past.
  • Strong Analytical Skills: Capacity to examine data, spot trends, and use AI to solve issues.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is necessary for teamwork, research presentation, and explaining difficult ideas.

Roles and Responsibilities of an AI Intern

  • Data Preparation: Collect, clean, and preprocess data for training AI models.
  • Model Development: Help impart instructions for construction and refining machine learning and deep learning models.
  • Experimentation: Conduct experiments to gauge the effectiveness of AI models and algorithms.
  • Documentation: Explicate the development roadmap, experiment results, and results transparently.
  • Collaboration: Work together as a team with your colleagues to solve problems and meet your project targets.
  • Research: Ensure that AI research grows, help analyze new findings, and work on the team.

Skills Required for an AI Internship

  • Programming Skills: Proficiency in Python, Java, or C++.
  • Machine Learning: Understanding of machine learning algorithms and techniques.
  • Deep Learning: Knowledge of neural networks, convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), etc.
  • Data Analysis: Ability to analyze and visualize data using libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.
  • Problem-Solving: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to tackle AI-related challenges.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills to collaborate with team members and present findings.

How to Find an AI Internship?

  • Job Posting Sites: For AI internship positions, check out some of the popular job posting websites among students, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and
  • Company Websites: Start with companies’ career pages in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.
  • University Career Services: Use university career services that will provide you with internship vacancies and resources.
  • Networking: Stay abreast of cutting-edge AI trends via Linkedin, AI-related events, and industry conferences.
  • Online Platforms: You can also look into AI-specific platforms such as Kaggle, GitHub, and AI-oriented forums, where AI companies usually post about internships.
  • Professional organizations: Several professional groups have been founded around intercourse AI, for example, but they are not restricted to the Association for the Progress of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Non-profit organizations mostly do this; they post internship opportunities on their websites.
  • Cold Outreach: Directly email the companies by sending your employer inquiry. Send the inquiry even if the company has not yet advertised for the internship opportunity.

Tips to Get into an AI Internship

  • Build a Strong Foundation: First, learn AI principles and techniques through online courses, videos, and projects.
  • Work on Projects: Complete AI-related projects as a student or a project leader to demonstrate your management skills.
  • Networking: Workshops, seminars, and AI-related events offer excellent networking opportunities with professionals from your area of specialization.
  • Tailor Your Resume: Set your resume according to the specific coursework, projects, and AI skills that are crucial.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Brush up on popular AI interview questions to include concepts of algorithms and projects you have done.
  • Showcase Your Skills: Develop a portfolio that showcases your AI projects, code repositories, and publications or presentations.

Advantages of Internships for Artificial Intelligence

Internships offer a valuable path for those interested in artificial intelligence (AI). Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Hands-on experience: AI internships provide a chance to apply classroom knowledge to real-world projects. You’ll gain practical skills in areas like machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing by working on tasks alongside experienced professionals.
  • Skill development: Internships can significantly enhance your skillset. You’ll learn to use industry-standard tools and techniques for developing and deploying AI models. Additionally, you’ll develop essential soft skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving that are crucial in the AI field.
  • Career exploration: AI is a vast field with many specializations. Internships allow you to explore different areas of AI to discover which ones align best with your interests and strengths. This can help you focus your academic studies and career path.
  • Professional network: Internships provide opportunities to build relationships with mentors and colleagues in the AI industry. These connections can be invaluable for future job opportunities and career advice.
  • Potential for full-time employment: Sometimes, internships can lead to full-time positions. By demonstrating your skills and work ethic during the internship, you can make a strong impression and position yourself for a permanent role after graduation.

How to get Gen AI Internships?

Here’s how you can increase your chances of landing a generative AI internship:

Build your skills:

  • Technical skills: A strong foundation in programming, particularly Python, is crucial. Familiarity with machine learning libraries like TensorFlow or PyTorch is a plus. Deep learning concepts and natural language processing (NLP) techniques are valuable assets. Some internships might look for experience with specific generative AI tools.
  • Soft skills: Problem-solving, critical thinking, excellent communication, and the ability to collaborate effectively are essential for any internship.

Highlight your passion and knowledge:

  • Cultivate a online presence: A well-crafted LinkedIn profile showcasing your skills, projects, and interest in generative AI can grab attention. Participating in discussions and engaging with AI influencers demonstrate your knowledge and initiative. Consider a personal website or portfolio to delve deeper into your accomplishments.
  • Complete relevant projects: Showcase your understanding by working on personal projects that utilize generative AI techniques. This could involve building a creative text generator, an image editing tool, or anything that interests you.

Target your applications strategically:

  • Research companies: Identify companies working on generative AI that align with your interests. Look for internships on their career websites, job boards, or specialized AI platforms.
  • Network: Reach out to professionals in the field through LinkedIn or attend industry events. Your network might uncover hidden internship opportunities.
  • Craft compelling applications: Tailor your resume and cover letter to each specific internship. Highlight the skills and experiences mentioned in the job description and showcase your passion for generative AI.

Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful:


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In the AI world, internships act as a gateway and a building block for career growth. Giving workplace exposure and forging connections is an added feature that combines theory with practical orientation. Putting AI skills into practice in demand, more people benefit from the internship program while making progress on the collective development of industries. Whether experimenting with job preparation, skills refinement, or interacting with industry personalities, an AI internship is a most promising journey where an individual discovers a lot of things. Orientate to the other side of internships, for they are a pillar to stability and prosperity in the shifting AI atmosphere.

Yana Khare 16 May 2024

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